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17 Charming Guest Room Ideas to Make Your Visitors Feel at Home

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How to Create a Charming Guest Room for Your Visitors

During this time of year, we can get creative with guest room ideas that will make your visitors feel welcome and at home. Plus, there are many ways to add a personal touch to make this a lasting memory for everyone. You can decorate a quiet and peaceful atmosphere using soothing colors and gentle lighting. Or, you can create a more exciting environment for young guests by adding an element of fun with bolder colors and pop art prints on walls. To help you design the best guest room possible, we’ve compiled 17 of our favorite guest room ideas that will make your visitors feel right at home in any size space. [Here’s another article that will help with planning a home decor project using Blake Lively’s project management ideas.]

A Guest Room with a Five-Star Hotel Room Feel

Give your guests the comfort or a five-star hotel with lovely touches that enliven the senses.


Guest Room Ideas – First Impressions

A welcome mat will be one of the first things your guests will see as they enter your home. Be sure to choose a style that fits your decor and personality. It can make all the difference in setting the tone for a memorable visit.

Flower Baskets

In addition to a welcome mat, hang flower baskets and potted plants on the porch or place them throughout the home to enhance the look! The smell of flowers and greenery will have your guests feeling right at home. Also, flowers offer a colorful touch to an otherwise dull doorway or hallway. Read Mod Daily’s Welcoming Front Doors for a Beautiful Entrance for more inspiration.

Wonderful guest room ideas include hanging flower baskets at the entrance to welcome friends and family.
Guest room ideas include creating an eye-catching effect. Try hanging different types of baskets in different shapes and sizes! Hang the flower baskets over a door or inside your entranceway if you don’t have a porch or patio area.

Enliven the Senses with Fragrance

A scent can create a feeling and ambiance, soothing or reinvigorating.

Important guest room ideas include Scents of lavender and Meyer lemon to send a message that you care.
A lovely scent will set the tone for your bedroom, much like a well-designed stage sets the tone for a play. Choose your favorite fragrance (or, use it in multiple ways throughout your room) to help turn that stage into a place of serenity and calmness.


Create a Welcoming Ambiance

The smell of cookies baking in your oven makes you feel warm and welcome. Freshly-cut grass creates an air of freshness that is inviting to guests arriving for an afternoon picnic.

Alluring Home Fragrances

Not sure which scent to choose? Consider three fragrances that we associate with home: vanilla, amber, and lavender. All warm notes evoke feelings of comfort, security, and relaxation. They’re often used in sprays or diffusers because they provide a comforting backdrop for your guests’ stay.

Help Guests Unwind

When people are tired from travel and long-distance driving, they appreciate a little downtime to relax before heading to dinner. Placing scented flameless candles in your guest room can help guests unwind. Offering different scents that correspond with seasonal offerings is an easy way to provide variety. For example, lemon-scented candles would be lovely in the summer. Alternatively, spices like cinnamon and cloves would be cozy in autumn/winter.

How Can I Decorate My Guest Room?

Clean Home Happy Home

To get a guest room ready for houseguests, you have to think like one!


Guest Room Ideas – Welcoming Feeling

You’ll want to thoroughly clean the guest room for any new visitors you have. The cleaner your guest room is, the more welcoming it will feel for your new houseguests. Also, consider scheduling time for weekly house cleanings to ensure your place stays tidy between visits. This way, you’ll be ready when friends or family drop by.

Keep cleaning supplies on hand to wipe down surfaces and mop the floor whenever necessary. And, don’t forget to organize your refrigerator! Keeping your house as clean as possible will not only make you more likely to get repeat visitors, but will also earn you compliments from friends who may be traveling through town!

Guest room ideas surely include having your home clean. A broom and cleaning supplies are on hand.
A clean home is one of a welcoming home—so even if you don’t have a guest room per se, it’s worth deep cleaning every corner of your space. Take a deep breath, start by opening the windows and any doors. This will clear out stale air, keep the smells of cleaning products away, and help the room feel fresh. Guest room ideas include tidying up, and you will benefit too!

Multipurpose Room

Invite your family to help choose and decorate your guest room so they feel like part of the experience.

Guest room ideas include converting an office into a multifunctional space.
You don’t have to spend a lot on a separate guest room bed. Convertible sofas and daybeds are affordable and allow you to adjust your seating arrangement based on your needs for each occasion. For example, when entertaining, you can use one oversized sectional for guests to lounge on or place small tables and chairs throughout for dining.


Guest Room Ideas

If your home is too small to accommodate an additional guest room, try utilizing one of the other rooms in the house for this purpose. For example, one corner of the family room could be ideal for a comfy daybed with extra throw pillows and blankets.

Office Guest Room Ideas

Or, if you have a spare bedroom that isn’t being used as a guest room, consider turning it into a comfortable office space that can double as a guest room when needed. Having a designated guest room means that visitors won’t be shuffled around depending on where they are staying.

Guest Room Decor That Blends Seamlessly

Keeping your guest room in sync with the rest of your home is key to happiness.


Guest Room Ideas – Keep it Simple

A welcoming guest room doesn’t need a complete décor overhaul. It can be as simple as adding throw pillows, art and other decorative touches that match your home and style. In any case, you may be happier with a guest room with home décor that blends seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Display a Photo of You and Your Guests

A space that is excessively decorated can appear cluttered and overwhelming to the eye, so keep it stylish and simple with a few memorable touches here and there. For example, place a couple of photos of you and your guests on their dresser or nightstand.

Adding a flameless candle or scented oil that will help create a welcoming ambiance as soon as they enter the room. Have an air freshener placed somewhere near their bed, so they smell fresh sheets and cleanliness when they lay down for bed. Here’s a helpful article about designing a meditation space for more helpful guest room ideas.

Or, Create a Creative Fashion Statement

Having a creative way of making your guest bedroom stylish can help ensure that your guests have a pleasant stay.

Guest room ideas – by using color and style choices in clever ways, you can create a fun space for your guests. From unique bedding choices and window treatments to creative lighting ideas, there are many little touches that can make your houseguests feel more comfortable.


Guest Room Ideas – Make a Statement

Why settle for a standard, boring headboard? Instead, opt for something unexpected and unique that brings a bit of flair to your space. The options are endless, ranging from colorful wall art panels and stylish built-in lighting options to statement headboards with bold textures and patterned wood.

Whatever your style, it’s easy enough to find accessories that will provide a nice complement to existing décor. For convenience in bedtime reading or nighttime bathroom trips, place a bedside lamp on either side of your mattress. If you love to travel, read about creating a bedroom with a tropical paradise theme.

How to choose a guest room wall color?

Go neutral or bold!


Guest Room Ideas – Color Schemes

When choosing a guest room wall color, there are several things to consider. You could think about colors you like, whether you want a neutral or bold room, or if you want art on your walls.

What is the Focal Point?

When assessing the guest room space, determine which home décor furnishing serves as the room’s focal point. A fresh coat of paint can create an inviting space while brightening up any room. You can even paint it on old walls—including walls with texture—for instant character and charm!

Guest room ideas – cheerful colors, like a pale turquoise hue or a honey yellow will set a happy mood.

Guest Room Color Palette Ideas

When choosing a guest room wall color, think about how you’ll use your space. Neutral tones make great background colors that won’t distract from your other design elements. However, if you’re looking for something more vibrant and colorful, go ahead and paint over those neutral with something fun.

Let the Sunshine In

Natural light, bedside sconces, and lamps are great ways to make a room seem more inviting.

One of my favorite additions to guest rooms is easy-to-reach bedside lighting that is a snap to adjust. Bedside lamps are an essential tool for hospitality; you can read by them, set them on your guests’ bedside tables, or turn them up when it’s time for bed. Additionally, adjustable desk lamps make getting ready in the morning (or even doing work) comfortable and easy.


Guest Room Ideas – Brighten Up

You can convert almost any room in your house into a guest room, but the easiest way to make sure it’s comfortable and welcoming is to make it feel like a part of your home. Natural light always helps—even in dark months when there are fewer hours of sunlight—and adding layers of interior lighting with lamps, sconces, and overhead fixtures will also help keep your guests warm and cozy.

Consider a skylight if you’re looking for an inexpensive yet functional way to add some natural light and space. They’re more expensive than most options, but they offer better quality natural light that makes your guests feel as if they’re truly at home in your space.

Biophilic Design – Nature at Home

An arrangement of fresh flowers is always a good idea!


Guest Room Ideas – Mother Nature

Consider bringing nature indoors if you’re seeking to create a calming and inviting atmosphere for your guests. Bringing in plants, flowers, or any other type of greenery will help create a lively and balanced environment.

Keep in mind that placing an abundance of vegetation indoors can help brighten up a room with minimal investment. The advantage of using fresh flowers is that they immediately create a relaxing ambiance through their scent and beauty. In addition, remember that if you don’t have a green thumb, it doesn’t mean you should leave your guest room bare.

Bring in plenty of greenery for a balanced, lively environment. Take inspiration from nature by using accent pieces such as wall art and mirrors that reflect different textures and shades. These little touches will go a long way toward creating an inviting environment without making too much of an investment.

Bedroom Bench

Having somewhere to sit helps keep sheets, blankets, and pillows clean by preventing food spillage.

The beautiful floral pillow on the bed is an Eastern Accents creation called Tresco Bloom With Ball Trim. The pop of color placed on the comfy bench is Scalamandre’s Bubblegum Pink Leaping Cheetah Decorative Throw Pillow.


Guest Room Ideas – An End of Bed Bench

You don’t need a five-star hotel room to make your guests feel pampered and comfortable.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish that is by including a bench at one end of your bed. Your guests will appreciate having a place to sit while putting on their shoes or doing other tasks while they’re here. A bench is also a great multifunctional furniture piece and is the perfect way to give guests somewhere to sit other than the bed. Add a thick rug under the bench that can be easily cleaned or replaced. This will also help absorb any spillages from food or drinks.

Bedding Ideas for Guest Room

Give your guests the comfort or a five-star hotel with multipurpose furnishings that are stylish and pampering.


Guest Room Ideas – Bedding

Bedding is a huge part of making a room feel like home. Consider adding comfortable and cozy bedding, such as down-alternative comforters and pillows with high thread counts.

Bright colors that match well with your home décor can make visitors feel even more welcome in your guest room. Warm tones, such as beige and maroon, work especially well because they’re so warm and inviting. Throw in a plush rug and nightstands that you can decorate with ornaments or books for a personal touch. Consider using a bedside table instead of placing all décor on top of your dresser to avoid cluttering up your guest room and adding too much stuff on one surface.

Consider making your bed even more inviting. Adding fresh sheets, fluffy pillows, and crisp linens to a bed already makes it inviting enough for guests. However, you can take things one step further by investing in luxurious mattress pads or high-quality comforters or duvets that give your guests all of the comforts they need while away from their own beds.

Guest Bedroom Closet Ideas

Having a walk-in closet in your bedroom is nice, but having a closet designated for guests is also very nice!

Guest room ideas include making room in your closet for your guests to hang their items.
Guest room ideas – It’s not a typical focus for most people, but your closet space can make or break a guest bedroom. A cramped or disorganized closet that’s overflowing with clothes and shoes sends a pretty clear message. At a glance, guest bedrooms might seem like they need very little in terms of design ideas. However, with just a few creative touches and small investments, you can make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.


Guest Room Ideas – Closet Space

Guest bedrooms are often about function over fashion. That’s okay! It’s perfectly normal for a guest bedroom to have less closet space than your master bedroom does. But it doesn’t have to be bare bones and lifeless. You can make your guests feel like they have enough room by using creative storage solutions.

Creative Storage Solutions

For example, you can use tension rods on hooks or even pegboard on a wall (or just any regular closet door). This is especially important if you host frequent out-of-town visitors who need some extra wardrobe space, or simply have company overnight from time to time.

Closet Systems: DIY and Fully Custom

There are several brands of closets, ranging from fully customized to low-budget projects that one can undertake by oneself. Options include The Container Store, Ikea, Home Depot, and Amazon. If you want to create a custom closet system, California Closets, The Closet Factory, and The Container Store are just a few resources available.

Closet Shelving

You may want to consider adding additional storage, such as shelving. Shelves will make it easier for guests to find what they need without going through drawers or cupboards. Extra shelves will make things more accessible when traveling from room to room. Just think about how annoying it is trying not to trip over a suitcase! You might want an umbrella stand and umbrella, coat hooks, and hangers so that visitors aren’t tripping over coats everywhere.

Good Morning Sunshine

The best way to make someone feel comfortable is to try and accommodate their needs as much as possible.


Guest Room Ideas – Morning Routine

While hotels and guest houses provide their guests with coffee, a guest room in your home should go one step further. A well-stocked guest room has everything they need to get ready in the morning. Having a morning routine makes visitors happy. Be sure to have toothpaste, toothbrush, comb or brush, hair dryer, shower cap, and body wash.

Also, give them something to eat when they wake up or leave and something to read while they eat or drink. Have plenty of books handy for nighttime entertainment on rainy days or when it’s too hot outside for outdoor activities. By providing your guests with everything they need to start their day off right, you’ll make them feel right at home in your home.

Guest room ideas include adding a small refrigerator and microwave for convenience.
Guest room ideas – If your visitor is staying overnight, try adding a small fridge or microwave into their room so that they can grab anything they may want when they wake up without having to trek down the hall. If your guest stays for more than one night, put out a few snacks like crackers and nuts and some juices.

How to Get a Good Nights Sleep? Ensure Your Guests Have One!

You want your guests to be happy, and that means giving them a comfortable place to sleep.

Guest room ideas include a restful night's sleep including a sleep mask, comfy bedding and blackout drapes.
Guest room ideas – Providing guests with a comfortable bed will make them happier. Noise-canceling earphones could also be a great option if more than one traveler needs silence to sleep. And if someone can’t get some shut-eye, it would be best if they had somewhere else they could crash—like on an air mattress or bed on the living room floor.


Guest Room Ideas – Sweet Dreams

Having the perfect balance between design and ambiance makes a guest room remarkable. There is nothing better than white noise, blackout curtains, a sleep mask and fluffed pillows to help guests get a better night’s sleep. Providing extra pillows and blankets to your guests will earn you bonus points as a host.

Remember that visitors who don’t have their own space will be more appreciative of any extra effort you put in—so use your imagination to make them feel like they’re sleeping in a five-star hotel. Be sure to set out an extra toothbrush for those last-minute overnight guests as well.

Guest Bathroom Ideas

Get creative! Your guests will thank you for it!


Guest Room Ideas – Bath

A guest bathroom that can match the five-star standard is a beautiful idea that is worth considering. By providing guests with their own private bathroom, they’ll feel they have space to themselves and a clean place to freshen up while they’re visiting.

There are many different ways to turn a simple bathroom into a luxurious 5-star guest suite, such as providing new and personalized towels and basic toiletries such as body lotion, shampoo, and shower gel. Also, If your shower looks dated, consider inexpensive updates to make it feel fresh. Simple caulking can make all of the difference.

Guest bathroom ideas include luxury vibes like luxury towels and toiletries.
Guest bathroom ideas – For an easy way to add some luxury vibes, look into getting linens made from 100% Consider installing a heated floor and a high-end shower head for a truly luxurious bathroom. Choose ultra-plush towels and a towel warmer for a finishing touch.

Blend Luxury Vibes with Bath Safety for the Ultimate Guest Bathroom

Be sure to include extra hooks and a bar to hang towels close to the shower. And don’t forget the fluffy bath mat. Consider adding safety grab bars in the shower to keep guests from falling and injuring themselves if renovating. For an easy way to add some luxury vibes, look into getting linens made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Also, consider adding luxurious finishes like marble or onyx countertops and decorative mirrors with ornate gold frames. And an absolute must? An LED wall-mounted makeup mirror round double-sided 1X/10X magnifying vanity mirror with lights 360 Degree Swivel.

Coffee Station Ideas

Get creative! Your guests will thank you for it!

It’s likely that your visitors will spend time relaxing in your guest room. Create a small table or shelf just outside of your guest room with snacks, teas, coffees, sugar cubes, creamer packets and other items so guests can help themselves whenever they like. This can also be used as an area where you leave notes for your guests as well!


Guest Room Ideas – Food & Beverages -Yum!

A tea and coffee station is a great idea for guests who enjoy these beverages and can help them feel more at home while staying with you. Why not create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for them?

If you have a designated coffee and tea station, your visitors can make themselves more comfortable. And, if you have the space, add a small refrigerator. Depending upon your décor, retro Smeg USA mini fridge, available in a wide array of colors, is a lovely way to keep creamers, beverages and other snacks, chilled. Also, guests may have medications that must be kept cool.

Create an Alluring Mini Bar for Your Guests

Here are a few ideas for creating an alluring mini bar. Serve an assortment of teas, coffees, or herbal teas with fragrant scents, like lavender or chamomile. Gather sugar cubes, dishes of cream, cups, saucers, spoons, and napkins. Some ideas for snack food include roasted nuts and pumpkin seeds, biscotti cookies, gourmet chocolates, and freshly baked muffins.

Little Things Can Make a Big Impression!

A welcome basket for houseguests.


Guest Room Ideas – Welcome Basket!

The first thing your guests will see when they open the door to their room is a little something you left for them. Try a welcome basket filled with a few items like fruit, granola bars, or chocolates, and include a hand-written note telling them that you are so happy they are spending time with you. Include your wifi passcode and a quick list about your home and noteworthy updates. Invite your visitors to help themselves to food and beverages in your kitchen. These thoughtful details go a long way toward making your guests feel right at home. If it’s hot out, leave chilled water bottles by their bedside so they’ll wake up refreshed after sleeping under fresh sheets!

Surprise them with cozy pajamas, a fuzzy throw and matching bathrobes and slippers—to make them feel most comfortable.

Guest room ideas – The point of a guest room is for it to feel like home. This means comfy pajamas, a cozy throw, and matching robes. It’s nice to add these types of items as little surprises for your guests, especially if they have traveled far away from their homes. Be thoughtful and generous, remembering that sometimes all people need is a hot shower or warm bed after a long day of traveling.
Guest room ideas – It’s worth taking a few minutes to consider how you can add small touches so that it really makes your visitors feel at home. Add in your guests’ favorite floral arrangement, or scent.

A Well-Designed Living Space

When it comes to making a lasting impression, nothing makes quite as big an impact as well-designed living spaces. Especially, when creating a cozy atmosphere while still preserving privacy. Your houseguests should feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves while also being given plenty of personal space. With some careful planning, you can give them exactly what they need without wasting any money on expensive upgrades. The key is taking advantage of items you already have on hand; just because something isn’t designed specifically for hosting doesn’t mean it won’t work perfectly fine in its new role!

Optimize Your Guest Room Planning

When it comes to making a lasting impression on your guests, nothing makes quite as big an impact as well-designed living spaces that create a cozy atmosphere while still preserving privacy.

Guest Room Ideas – Shop Your Home and Repurpose Your Treasures

Your houseguests should feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves while also being given plenty of personal space. With some careful planning, you can give them exactly what they need without wasting any money on expensive upgrades. The key is taking advantage of items you already have on hand; just because something isn’t designed specifically for hosting doesn’t mean it won’t work perfectly fine in its new role!

A collage with Guest room ideas to add energy and positivity with the use of color.
A collage with Guest room ideas to add energy and positivity with the use of color. If your guests include children be sure to include a child safety check and consider toy storage ideas for greater peace of mind.

Guests Will Feel Right at Home with Mod Daily’s 17 Charming Guest Room Ideas

Thank you for reading our 17 Charming Guest Room Ideas Make Your Visitors Feel at Home. We hope you found new ideas to make your guest room inviting and cozy and welcoming. Be sure to read about the hottest design trend, Coastal Grandmother Style or Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic – think Diane Keaton. Also the Hamptons and Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated. 

The next time someone comes to visit you, there will be many wonderful opportunities to create fond new memories! If you’d like to share your experiences decorating a guest room write to us in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you! 


Scalamandre’s Leaping Cheetah Pillow in Dune. Scalamandre’s bolster pillow in Clementine is shown in the background.


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