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5 Relaxing Backyard Ideas for Easy Breezy Coastal Outdoor Living

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Coastal Outdoor Living: 5 Relaxing Backyard Ideas for Your Oasis

Find inspiration for your oasis by reading Mod Daily’srelaxing backyard ideas for easy coastal outdoor living. It all starts right outside your door!

Imagine yourself enjoying a stroll through a blooming rose garden. You take a few more steps and pass by a hanging basket filled with sweet Alyssum. And as you do, the scent of warm honey fills the air. You spot a pizza oven in your friend’s outdoor kitchen at that moment. And to your surprise, the oven is filled with your favorite heirloom tomato and basil pizza. Topping off this memorable scene is a homegrown floral arrangement perched on a candlelit dining table. Looks like your enchanting al fresco dinner is about to be served.

Now imagine this scene unfolding in your own backyard…

Get the Most Out of Your Staycation with These Relaxing Backyard Ideas

As a starting point, let’s look at a coastal-style home renovation. As well, we share the decorating journey of one of our home improvement projects in six articles. With our design team’s advice, we bring a residence up-to-date, modernize it, and make it look welcoming. And next, we focus on remodeling challenges and design solutions.

Optimize your life with relaxing backyard ideas for easy breezy coastal living. Photograph on the left includes a couple immersed in biophilic design. Image top right is the quintessential coastal table top. The photograph on the bottom right shows a person enjoying a swim in a custom pool.

To learn more about this project, see the related articles. Visit the entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bath, and this post all about relaxing backyard ideas to get a better sense of the home. Our clients have called their freshly remodeled house the ultimate staycation (and their forever home). Now they enjoy an indoor-outdoor lifestyle inspired by a California coastal vibe.

Nature Fills Your Senses and Optimizes Your Quality of Life

By engaging your senses in the garden and at home, you can optimize your quality of life. That said, we often think of indoors and outdoors as two separate entities. Yet, it’s time for a different approach. Let’s make the most of outdoor living by letting the elements of nature fill your senses. In that way, you can extend your enjoyment of the great outdoors year-round.

The Mod Daily’s list of 5 Relaxing Backyard Ideas for Easy Breezy Outdoor Living

1 Relaxing Backyard Ideas and the Five Senses – Sight

  • Privacy Hedges: We recommend investing in a privacy hedge for a more private backyard. By doing so, your home will feel more like a coastal retreat. Next, layer in plants that produce scents and flowers to further activate the senses. The alluring combination will make your backyard even more enticing and cozy. I am especially drawn to hydrangeas to elevate your home’s coastal vibe for those reasons. Hydrangeas are considered the quintessential coastal flower and can be used as hedges to create privacy in your yard.
  • Hydrangeas: It’s not just that Hydrangeas are available in gorgeous hues, but some change color according to the soil pH level. Now that’s what I’d call a designer’s dream plant. You can create a landscape that fits seamlessly with your interior furnishings. Take the time to plan your backyard project, and you will enjoy your very own coastal paradise.

Mirror Your Home’s Interior, Outdoors and Extend Your Living Space

  • Furnishings: Style your outdoor living area by taking inspiration from your home. We’re featuring Seasonal Living® outdoor furniture on our vision board. Here’s why. The furnishings are stylish and comfortable. Plus, many pieces could be used seamlessly in our clients’ living room or dining room. Seasonal Living® blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces chic and artfully.

Relaxing Backyard Ideas for Easy Breezy Lighting

  • Outdoor Lighting: Lighting and lighting placement are essential relaxing backyard ideas. Luckily, lighting options are easy to find, no matter what your coastal outdoor living style may be. Take time to consider the features you want to showcase, like your home’s architecture. You can extend the day or evening by hanging recessed and pendant lights on outdoor ceilings.
  • LED Solar Lighting: Add drama in places that do not typically attract attention. Install focal lighting to highlight plants and trees for a wow factor. And brighten walkways with LED solar lighting to ensure safety.
  • Decorative Lanterns: Give your garden a coastal glow by adding romantic wood and rope lanterns and mood-setting tree pendants.
  • String Lights: Wrapping string lights around a garden makes it a relaxing place to unwind.

2Coastal Outdoor Living and The Five Senses – Touch

  • Texture: Create a serene and peaceful ambiance by using textures. Notably, you can use highly textured materials along garden paths. Crushed granite and pea gravel are low-maintenance options that emit a positive energy by touch and sound.
  • Outdoor Fire Features: Cozy nights around the fire are enchanting. A fire feature can rejuvenate your spirit by bringing calm and beauty to your surroundings. You notice tension floating away, clenched shoulders drop, breathing changes, and the day’s challenges seem more manageable.

3 The Five Senses – Sound

  • Soothing Soundscapes: A beautiful water feature provides soothing soundscapes. In addition to being a focal point, it can be used as a subtle complement to the surroundings. Many of us like the sound of trickling water, while others prefer the calm of a still pond or pool. You can add the sound of gentle waves and a waterfall to amp up the coastal vibe.
  • Design Tip: A landscape architect can help you control the level of sound created by your water feature. You’ll feel more energized or tranquil depending on the distance and volume of the feature’s water drop.

4 The Five Senses – Smell

  • Take Time to Smell the Roses & Biophilic Design: We’re meant to be in nature, so plants will make us feel more at home. The next time you are surrounded by nature, close your eyes and take a deep, cleansing breath. Take a moment to identify the feeling attached to what you smell. Take another deep breath. But this time, do so in your own backyard. This quick practice will help you identify the scents you may want to infuse in your home and garden.

5 The Five Senses – Taste

  • We invite you to read about the dining room remodeling project. Here we discuss the advantages of increasing the size of the French doors. The result is a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor activities. In addition, the new and improved outdoor dining table fits right in with the trend of harvest-to-table dining. Also, add a small patio herb garden that is biophilic and can boost your health. For many individuals, gardening is therapeutic. As a form of self-love, gardening, working in raised garden beds, and using edible landscaping are meaningful.
  • Maybe it’s time to add an outdoor pizza oven if you and your family love cooking, dining, and relaxing in your yard. Pizza is a nearly universal crowd-pleaser. And with your own pizza oven, it’s easy and fun to make.


Making a home feel like home starts with addressing your senses for memories that last a lifetime. It’s all about connecting with nature, and the outcome is a lifestyle full of self-care benefits. You can create an indoor/outdoor vibe with outdoor furniture that mirrors your home’s furnishings.

People are reconnecting with their patios, balconies, and backyards. In fact, the backyard is the place to be. The easiest thing you can do to make your home even more enjoyable is to add a pool or hot tub, a new deck, or upgrade your gardens.

We hope these 5 relaxing backyard ideas help you decide whether or not coastal outdoor living is for you. We think you will enjoy reading Air Fryer for Beginners (Ultimate Guide + 21 Air Fryer Appliance Tips)

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