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Boho Bathroom Goals: How to Achieve the Perfect Free-Spirited Oasis

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A Boho Bathroom for a Free-Spirited Vibe

You can create a Boho bathroom that looks like it’s straight from Pinterest or Instagram using Mod Daily design ideas. Keep reading to find out how to make your bath feel like an inviting oasis. Boho bathrooms are trendy these days. They are characterized by a free-spirited vibe, creating an inviting environment that helps you relax before bedtime or catch up on your reading with the help of natural lighting and beautiful décor. But, achieving the Boho bathroom of your dreams can be hard to do if you don’t know where to start. [Download Mod Daily Free Room Planners]

So, if you’re ready to create the ultimate free-spirited oasis, here are some tips and ideas to help you go from zero to boho-chic in no time. Boho is a free-spirited approach, not just to style but also to life. It’s about being more unapologetically you, which can include adding a few more patterns or colors than usual. Rather than less is more, Boho embraces more is more with an emphasis on textures and shapes. To achieve a bohemian style bathroom, you’ll want bold prints and patterns, fringed elements such as curtains and rugs, natural materials like wood and stone in organic shapes. That’s how you add tons of visual interest without weighing down your space with clutter! Consider using luxe linens or bath towels in vibrant shades of red or gold that are modern twist on traditional Boho tones. [Read: Stunning Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor (Urban Boho) | How to Get the Look]

Your Style – Boho Bathroom Décor

Fabrics and textures are also important aspects when it comes to Boho home décor. Consider choosing accessories made of leather, fur, suede, or burlap; these materials add a rich touch that perfectly complements your décor. In addition to the earthy tones of Bohemian-inspired bathrooms, black, white, and even bright colors make lovely additions.

Patterns take center stage in Bohemian design, so don’t be afraid to pile them on! Whether it’s ethnic-inspired wall art or embroidered pillows—adding one pattern can instantly elevate your room. On the other hand, two complementary patterns will produce the most significant impact when paired together. The general rule of thumb is that If you love something because of its craftsmanship and attention to detail, chances are it will work well in your bathroom. 

A Boho Bathroom may embody the ethereal, uplifting qualities of a Bohemian aesthetic: interesting, mystical, and edgy.

Boho Style is Dreamy

It’s true; most things that follow in a boho style are dreamy, individual, and your own. A bohemian is a free spirit and can not be contained by trends. Your home is a free-spirited oasis you will likely stay in for extended periods due to your comfort. You can think of these goals as statements about who you are as an individual, but they can also say something about what you want from your home. Bohemian style includes playful shapes, earthy colors, feminine, flowing materials, and an aesthetic of more is more.

Inspiring bohemian style icons like Jane Birkin and Bonnie Cashin guide people who embrace boho fashion and accessories. Using everyday items with a bit of their own twist is an essential element of the boho style. The Bohemian woman has historically been associated with wearing a floral dress paired with gladiator sandals. You can call the overall look simply bohemian. Bohemian personality types are often described as free-spirited, artsy, or eccentric.

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Mood Boosting Boho Bathroom Inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere – from movies to your favorite song.

A woman on the beach collects shells and pebbles that will inspire her Boho Bathroom.
A Moroccan lantern and candle holder might inspire boho ambiance while seashells give off coastal vibes—use these examples as jumping-off points to create your own free-spirited oasis. And now, you can turn your favorite item or photo into inspiration for your free-spirited bathroom design. There are plenty of ways to enhance your mood with a Boho Bathroom.


Inspiration is All Around Us!

When deciding how to decorate your Boho bathroom, you can start with inspiration anywhere. It’s likely that you have a strong sense of your personality and style, but for those who are feeling stuck, have a hard time defining their style or just want to try something new, setting a theme can be an easy place to start. To achieve free-spirited boho style in your bathroom, pick out one or two key elements that inspire you and start there.

I find that I really enjoy learning what inspiration my design clients have when it comes to their projects. Items such as a handmade, one-of-a-kind tea cup, a treasured article of clothing, and a photo from a favorite vacation are at the top of the list.

Here are a Few Inspirational Ideas to Help You Get Started:

  • Moroccan lanterns and light fixtures will add a touch of romance to any space.
  • Feel like bringing your inner child out? Fringed curtains or rugs will give your home an instant dose of fun.
  • You can never go wrong with candles and candle holders; just make sure you buy flameless candles (for safety) with a remote. Some brands integrate an oil diffuser feature – think Meyer Lemon, Lavender, or Rosemary Mint!
  • Inspiration artwork: To create a warm and inviting ambiance, fill your walls with beautiful artwork. Find artwork that speaks to you and represents what inspires you most. For example, if nature is one of your sources of inspiration, look for paintings or prints featuring landscapes or animals.

Boho Bathroom Décor – Plan Like a Decorator

Save time and money by planning your home improvement.

You can start by painting your bathroom walls in a creamy white or soft gray color. Then add colorful elements like rugs, towels, and candles to create your own unique space. Don’t forget wall stencils or Boho bathroom wallpaper for even more interest and pizzazz. You can achieve a boho vibe with just some creativity and paint!


How to Decorate a Room

Colorful, eclectic boho décor is a great way to express individuality and appreciation for other cultures. Also, because Bohemian style is all about breaking design rules, it is tempting to purchase bath products as you go. The problem is you will most likely be unhappy with the outcome. Alternatively, many decorating professionals recommend starting with a neutral base. And then layer on items that speak to you to achieve an eclectic and cohesive effect. For example, a deep sea blue, pink or soft yellow will give your bathroom walls an earthy and beachy feel. And also, take time to plan like the professionals! I promise you will be happier with the end result and save on your investment of time and money.

Create a Boho Bathroom Plan

Make a Plan – Before you get too far into your dream, take time to plan your design. Not only does it help clarify things in your head but taking a few minutes to sit down and actually map out your bathroom will help you avoid project overwhelm. To get started, gather some photos that represent what you’d like to achieve (be it Moroccan lanterns, striped tiled walls, or fringed curtains). The more visual references, the better! Use Project Management Tools including a project binder, planning guide and software that makes creating a project plan much easier. Use an app like Trello or Asana to break up different aspects of your design—such as inspiration boards for each area of interest—and add new tasks as they come up. This way, you’ll have one place where all your important information is collected together instead of scattered across multiple documents.

boho bathroom includes a mood board with a gorgeous soaking tub.
With all of the interest in Boho Bathroom decor ideas, I put together this vision board for you. As a designer it’s far easier to develop bathroom decorating concept than write an article about it:)

Boho Bathroom Wall Décor and Finishes

Give your Boho bathroom a sense of identity by choosing materials that reflect your individual style.


Light and Airy?

If you want your bathroom to feel light and airy, for example, opt for white or brightly colored walls, flooring, and ceiling surfaces. If you prefer a textured, more organic look, consider natural materials like stone or wood in tones that contrast with brighter features like mirrors or lighting fixtures. Soothing greenery on walls is an excellent way to bring natural elements into a bathroom without overwhelming it; try using air plants instead of living plants, which are especially easy to maintain (just mist them occasionally). Boho bathrooms often include cool tile finishes—think tiles with unique shapes or pastel colors.

Check out these photos of gorgeous boho inspos from Instagram users @happynestinthetropics @iamhayleystuart and @raveinteriordesign for more inspiration. Schumacher’s “Waves” wallpaper (left) is similar to the wainscotting (hang it vertically) in the photo on the right. Photograph: Anthropologie – Newport Beach, CA.

Boho Bathroom Inspo – A More is More Aesthetic!

As your project progresses, consider the random cohesiveness of nature when choosing the finishes that will make up the framework of your bathroom (walls, floor and ceiling). For instance, if you’re planning on adding bright patterns elsewhere in your home, go bolder than usual with tile patterns—it will help unify all those different pieces into one cohesive whole. Consider adding texture as well; use real wood planks rather than laminate sheets on floors or mix concrete surfaces with ceramic tiles for a dramatic effect.

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Boho Bathroom Lighting

Add Moroccan lanterns or let natural light in with skylights when possible.

Lamps with fringed shades will bring in rich patterns that are totally boho chic. Metal lanterns in deep rich reds, or greens, gorgeous embroidered detailing, and carved wood give a vintage look. The image on the right showcases Currey & Company Tangiers Pendant. Another lighting option to consider are paper shades. The rustic shades will make you feel like you’re inside an old Parisian flea market stall. Alternatively, glass shades, or even Moroccan, keep your Boho bathroom modern, depending on your chosen lamp style.


Natural Woven Materials

Lighting in the Bohemian style is fun and casual, often incorporating materials like stone, metal, wood, and glass. You can hang an eclectic collection of candles on an exposed-brick wall and add a splash of color using natural materials such as baskets, dried plants, and rugs.

Boho bathrooms are all about natural woven materials, perforated brass, Moroccan-style lamps, ceramics, cane, rattan, Capiz beaded shades, and macrame. Do select muted colors and textures for your color palettes and materials. For those who prefer a modern approach but still crave a bit of warmth, choose lighting made from natural fibers like hemp, which retain earthy tones without looking too rustic.

Choosing Textures for Your Boho Bathroom

Natural materials are key in creating a space that feels free, Boho and cozily rustic.


Free-Spirited Oasis

Choosing textures will be easier once you select your focal point and project inspiration. Boho bathrooms focus on natural materials, rich tones, and a more is more vibe. Choosing rich textures like bamboo wood accents, clay pottery, and fabrics will instantly bring your bathroom into boho territory. Artwork or folk objects infused with your authentic style will create a joyous atmosphere in your home. Incorporating rustic elements can help you achieve that free-spirited oasis feel. Creating a truly unique space has never been easier than it is now. The possibilities are endless with concrete candle holders, organic cotton rugs, wooden storage boxes, and metal hardware.

Boho bathroom texture inspiration at Anthropologie. It's a stunning runner in yellow.
Adding interest and texture to your bathroom is easier than you might think. Choose an element or focal point, such as a ceramic shower tile design, and add color by contrasting it with several textured accessories.

Recipe: Crispy Air Fryer Chickpeas Salad with Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing

Choosing a color scheme for your space is as important as choosing colors for your wardrobe. Gigi Day 

Personal Touches for Energy, Creativity and Zen

Add personal touches for a unique Boho bathroom.

If the space permits, add a carved wood storage cabinet or a console table. Add a little flair to your room with tapestries and art from your travels; that way, you’ll remember that trip every time you see it. You can also use bathmats made of woven fabric instead of traditional bathmats. Patterned or geometric wallpaper in soothing tones like light blues or greens would complement a Boho bathroom. A Bagot stool combined with a Sari pouf would complete the look.


Uniquely Yours

Those looking for a unique space with a sense of energy and creativity can benefit from enriching aesthetic of a Boho bathroom. Add your favorite artworks and accents like Moroccan accessories and textiles. And don’t forget those fringed curtains! Personal touches can help give your bathroom a true Bohemian feel. Try adding photos of family and friends, candles, plants, and unique artwork.

A boho-inspired vanity mirror works nicely (think: Moroccan mirror with carved details) and create even more atmosphere in your relaxing escape. And then add in personal touches of color or texture. To add texture to your room, hang Turkish towels with rich colors on a natural eucalyptus ladder.

Best Plants for Bathroom

Add greenery for the health of it. Biophilic design is a trend that is here to stay!


Indoor Plants

An indoor plant is a great way to add greenery and improve the air quality in the bathroom. When choosing plants for your Boho bathroom, select those that thrive in humid environments. In addition, they must be tolerant of low lighting conditions. Plants like Monstera, Sedum, Moth Orchids, Maidenhair ferns, spider plants, Dragon Tree, and Peace Lilies have long been favorites for bathrooms. If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to make your home eco-friendlier, consider adding houseplants. The best place to put them is near a window or skylight where they can get sunlight throughout most of the day. They also need plenty of water and humidity, so keep them away from heat sources like radiators or fireplaces.

A Boho bathroom is not complete without indoor plants!
Plants are natural air purifiers because they remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. You’ll find VOCs in many cleaning products you use on a daily basis, so don’t be surprised if your plants drop leaves!

Bathroom Color Schemes

Choosing a color scheme for your space is as important as choosing colors for your wardrobe.

When it comes to mixing and matching, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider balancing complementary colors or choosing a backdrop that compliments your color choices. For example, if you choose a deep red for towels and window coverings, add white linens for a lighter feel. All three of the images above would provide beautiful color palette inspiration.


Mix & Match

Mixing and matching complementary colors can create a relaxing, organic feel in your bathroom. Consider balancing complementary colors or choosing a backdrop that compliments your color choices.

If you prefer a neutral background and don’t mind mixing different hues, consider purchasing something like an oversized rug to create cohesion. The key is balance; if all four walls are two different shades of blue, it can look like an optical illusion. You want something that makes sense — and complements each other or will make your color choices stand out if they’re bold or bright!

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Boho Bathroom Accessories

Layer textiles, color palettes, shapes, and textures to accessorize.


Boho Bath Accessories

No two bohemian bathroom designs are alike. That’s what makes them so interesting to design and decorate—you can go wild (or not) with color, texture, and unique accessories in your boho bathroom! Each one is sure to add personality to your design style, from boho wall art and framed posters to candle holders for a relaxing feel and Moroccan lanterns. We love fluffy, oversized towels, meaningful tapestries, and fringed window treatments for that same effect. Think about decorating with a more is more attitude! Go for rich blue, red, green, and yellow hues—anything goes here. Grab some burlap or gauze and toss it over an empty shelf to make your own DIY wall art; feel free to stencil something on there for good measure if you feel inclined!

Boho bathroom accessories should be chosen carefully and as part of your overall project plan. Boho bathrooms are often colorful and eclectic; think natural materials like wood, stone, metal, and earthy tones like browns, greens, blues, etc. Remember, a little goes a long way!

When shopping around, look for pieces that have plenty of character and interest without being too overwhelming. What’s bohemian design? It’s a diverse style that runs throughout interior design, fashion, music and art. Some people may think bohemian décor is all about tie-dye shirts and headbands. That isn’t at all what it means. A true bohemian lifestyle is free and dreamy (and sometimes messy), but also has its own specific design styles within every aspect of life. So what makes a bathroom bohemian? The key elements to focus on when thinking about how to make your bathroom bohemian are textiles, color palettes, shapes and textures.

Boho Bathroom Goals: How to Achieve the Perfect Free-Spirited Oasis – Takeaways

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to read our blog post, Boho Bathroom Goals: How to Achieve a Free-Spirited Oasis. And, please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions about home décor that you would like us to cover in future articles!

Our favorite social media channels are listed below, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn (we’ll launch our TikTok account soon!)

To close out our article, here are the top 5 boho bathroom takeaways:

  1. Remember, the key to achieving a boho look begins with a neutral base layer.
  2. Afterward, you can focus on whimsical pieces and—most importantly—coordinate everything for a cohesive yet free-spirited feel.
  3. You might not know where to start; it’s completely understandable, especially considering how much there is to do. Use our project planning guide as a starting point.
  4. Find pieces you love and want to show off without worrying about whether they belong in your space or not!
  5. Most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable. After all, if your home feels welcoming, then it’s well on its way to being beautiful! And who knows?





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