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DIY Decorating Planning | How to Organize a Useful Project Planner

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Setting Up Your DIY Project Planner to Enhance Your Decorating Planning

The typical question people ask at the start of a DIY design project is, “How do I plan my decorating?” And most pros would respond with, “create a plan.”

Make decorating planning easier and more enjoyable by organizing a useful project planner and project management system. Being organized and having the right tools are the keys to creating a uniquely you space.

Funny quote about the importance of planning by John Gielgud, “I adore spontaneity, provided it is carefully planned.”
Quote about planning by John Gielgud

What is Decorating Planning, and Why Does it Matter?

Decorating planning is a framework for completing a home décor project successfully. It includes strategies for communicating, managing risks and staying within your budget. 

Taking the time to organize a home improvement tool kit matters. Here’s why. 

Your planner will prove useful in keeping your budget in check, communicating with vendors, and developing a timeline based on your research. Most likely the seemingly endless list of details you must remember will surprise you!

Furthermore, with proper planning, you are investing your resources wisely. 

When you take the time to plan like an expert, the result will be a room that aligns beautifully with your personal style [Read: 9 Home Decorating Tips to Design Your NEW Favorite Room]

And the icing on the cake? 

Your Planner will serve as an easy reference guide down the road. It will include information on paint colors, where your furnishings were purchased, and so much more.

Ready to get started? Let’s organize your DIY project planner in SIX easy steps.

Decorating planning collage with products to create a project planner including 3 ring binder, room planners, tape measure, and tote bag.
A useful project planner to organize decorating planning includes a 3 ring binder, free Mod Daily room planners, tape measure, laser measure tool, tote bag, label maker, paint and fabric samples.

Step 1: Decorating Planning – Select a Heavy Duty 3 Ring Binder 

Organize Your 3 Ring Project Binder – You’ll want the following items

  • A 3 ring heavy-duty binder
  • Size: 1.5″ or 2″ is ideal for most single room projects
  • Two-pocket plastic dividers with tabs
  • 3-hole clear, heavy-duty zipper binder pocket inserts placed at the back of the binder
  • Page protectors – optional but recommended to easily place quotes and other documents when you are in meetings or shopping
  • Notebook – 5×7 is an ideal size and can be kept readily available to jot down meeting notes, vendor calls, etc.
  • Datebook planner
  • Hole punch
  • Obtain copies of all labor and product quotes, such as contractor proposals, trades proposals, furnishings, and home décor. Keeping a printed copy on hand and a digital backup is helpful.

Keep in mind that the items above will be stored in your Project Planner Tote Bag – Step 4. 

Step 2: Download Your DIY Free Room Planning Guide and Place it in Your Binder

Mod Daily is offering free DIY room planning guides. Each printable is designed to help you gather information for the successful completion of your decorating project. 

Visit our Free Resources menu on our home page and download your printable room planning guide to add to your project binder. 

Here’s a List of Available Decorating Planning Room Guides + Room Decorating Ideas

  • Living Room
  • Master Bedroom
  • Child’s Bedroom
  • Baby Nursery
  • Meditation Room Decorating Ideas

Step 3: Purchase a Tape Measure

A high-quality tape measure is an essential tool in decorating planning. Look for a comfortable case design and durable blade coating. The best tape measures are sturdy yet flexible with measuring markings.

  • Tape Measure: An excellent example of an easy-to-read tape measure is the 25-foot Stanley PowerLock, which comes with measurements on both sides of the tape. It’s one of the most readable tape measures available.
  • Laser Measure Tool: Laser measures are convenient if you plan on working on a few projects that require precise measurements. Although not a necessary tool, they are handy.
    • A Laser measure tool uses a laser and an optical sensor to measure distances between two surfaces. There are many choices and several key features to consider before buying, including ease of use.
    • The average laser distance measure has an accuracy level of 1/8-inch at 50 feet, but some can reach 320 feet and offer greater accuracy levels.

Step 4: Select your Project Planner Tote Bag | Shoulder Bag

Select a project planner tote bag large enough to accommodate your 3-ring binder, tape measure, and project samples. There are many options for tote bags. Here are a few things to consider when selecting one.

Find the Perfect Tote with These Tips

  • Comfort: Select a tote or shoulder bag with comfortable straps. If you are working on a project with an abundance of heavy samples, consider purchasing a shopping bag with wheels. Consider buying a shopping bag with wheels if your project will include numerous heavy samples.
  • Heavy Duty: Samples can get heavy. Choose a bag made from solid materials with stitched handles because samples can get heavy. Choose leather, canvas, or high-grade nylon.
  • Zippers & Closures: Choose a tote with zippers for ease of access and secure closures to prevent valuables from falling out. 
  • Multiple Compartments and Pockets: Ideally, it will include various compartments to store your binder, iPad, notebook, and datebook. You’ll keep them safe from measuring tools and samples that way.
  • Climate: You may also want a weather-resistant bag, depending on where you live. For example, a canvas tote may not be ideal in rainy weather.
  • Add: Heavy-duty clear pouches with zippers or closures to securely store fabric, metal, tile, and wood samples.

Step 5: Decorating Planning – Select Your Storage Case

Once your DIY project is finished, your storage case will store your project binder and samples.

  • Choosing the ideal decorating planning storage case involves a few factors. Are you planning to access your project information a few times next year? If so, you might find it useful to keep your project planner handy.
  • Take advantage of the time you spent curating your home décor project. To guide your selection, consider the following questions.

Will there be multiple decorating projects?

  • If yes, buy the same case for each project space. When stacked together, your planners will look great, and you will save time when searching for information.
  • Do you prefer decorative or durable storage?
  • Your decision will inform your selection.
  • Would you like to store your documents on shelving that is visible?
    • The Bigso desktop file storage box is available in various colors and may be ideal for storing your project planner content once your project is completed. 
    • How much storage is needed to accommodate all your samples? What is the minimum case size required?
    • As a reminder, whenever possible, keep physical samples. The range of materials includes countertop and flooring samples, paint boards, fabric swatches, carpet samples, tiles, and hardware.

Step 6: Label Everything! 

As you wrap up your decorating project (yay!), be sure to include the manufacturer’s name, product, and colorway SKU and name on all project samples. Be sure to include where you bought it.

A variety of samples may require different types of labeling. Here are three ideas:

  • Adhesive Labels using a label maker such as Brother P-touch Labelmaker
    • Adhesive labels are great for fabrics, some metals, and adding an elegant touch to the label placed on your storage case
  • Permanent Marker Permanent markers are great for adding necessary information on the back of tile and wood samples
  • Acrylic Tags with Natural Jute Twine
    • Perfect for organizing samples that are bundled. You’ll find that acrylic tags are also a great way to add a touch of flair to your storage case.

Congratulations! You’re ready to set up your project planner to enhance your decorating planning. 

Designers and Decorators Create Beautiful Spaces with Decorating Planning

Organize Like an Expert

  • By acting on the six steps above, you will be amazed by the pace you will make your way through your DIY home improvement. 
  • The commitment to store all relevant documents and samples will save you time and ensure the finished room is cohesive. Otherwise, you may overlook critical details when tracking information from memory rather than a central location. 
  • It’s easier to reference all the details of your project years from now or to begin a new decorating project.

Designers and Decorators Create Beautiful Spaces with Decorating Planning

  • The secret behind those beautiful spaces you love to look at is decorating planning. 
  • Designers and decorators follow a defined process and a project plan to ensure a smooth and timely finish. A little planning and organization can help prevent delays and unwanted events in many cases.

As we wrap up this article, I will leave you with one final and significant motivation for taking action on your decorating plans:

Your Planner paves the way to communicate effectively with your general contractor or tradespeople.

Therefore, your project planner will be a significant asset to your design vision. With a binder filled with the most essential details of your project, you will have a solid list of goals that you can share efficiently. By using a planner, your contractor can give you an accurate estimate, and you can determine whether you are within your budget.

Thank you for reading all about DIY Decorating Planning and How to Organize a Useful Project Planner.

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