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Gigi Day, designer, decorator and founder of the MOD Daily.

Thanks for stopping by the Mod Daily blog. It’s great to have you here. My name is Gigi. I’m a mom, a warm-weather lover, and a designer with a passion for creating beautiful spaces for my clients.

After years of designing creative shortcuts for my clients’ futures, I am sharing what I have learned as a lifestyle expert and designer with you. If this is your first time visiting the Mod Daily, I invite you to read two significant blog posts to get acquainted.

Life Improving Home Décor Projects

#1: How a Home Décor Project Radically Improved the Life of a Successful Doctor. It includes a 4-minute video that will take you on a remarkable lifestyle reset.

#2: 41 Home Décor Ideas and a Life Extending Home Improvement includes a video that journeys through a project completed in just 13 weeks. Our team worked hard to help an elderly woman live safely in the home her husband built for her 50 years ago.

At the Mod Daily, we are harnessing the power of lessons learned through motherhood and the lens of an interior designer. Our specialty is identifying creative solutions to lifestyle and home décor challenges at home.

The Mod Daily blog brings together true stories of home remodeling projects and the behind-the-scenes design strategies that will work to help you sidestep costly mistakes.

Some of our favorite topics include home décor ideas, work from home and home technology, meditation room décor, baby nursery ideas, and children’s bedrooms. Gigi’s Guide awards people, products, and services that make this a better world to live in. Stay tuned. The Mod Daily is the modern guide to optimize your health and wellness at home. Let’s make something beautiful together.