5 Modern Coffee Station Ideas for a Healthy Morning Routine

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We’re Brewing Up 5 Modern Coffee Station Ideas to Energize Your Healthy Morning Routine

Take your healthy morning routine to the next level with 5 modern coffee station ideas. We’ll get you energized in less time with a few bells and whistles!

The experts have spoken. Having a healthy morning routine is key to having a happy and productive day. For most of us, that morning routine starts with one thing – a hot cup of coffee.

A good morning can depend on where you brew your coffee as much as how you brew it. When you wake up to a cluttered kitchen, you’re not starting your day in the best way.

For a Healthy Morning Routine, Start Your Day Peacefully

The experts at Very Well Mind offer sound advice for a healthy morning routine.

“Creating a morning routine is not focused on who can accomplish the most or check off more boxes than everyone else. Instead, it is about allowing yourself to begin your day with confidence, peace, and a positive attitude.” – verywellmind.com

You can reinvent how you start your day with Mod Daily’s five modern coffee station ideas.

Modern coffee station ideas include placing coffee makers and accessories on decorative trays to declutter a kitchen. Vases are added for a nice touch.
Left: Modern coffee station ideas include a large serving tray that stores a coffee maker, accessories and a pretty vase with peonies. Right: a serving tray may be placed on the kitchen island (center image) to declutter for a healthy morning routine. When not in use, remove the power cord from the electrical outlet and place on the tray.

Modern Coffee Station Ideas #1: A Pretty Serving Tray

Invest in a large decorative tray (heat resistant) to store your coffee maker. You may already have the perfect serving tray, or you can purchase it from your favorite home décor retailer.

The tray is a stylish way to display your favorite coffee cups, containers, a pretty vase, or a mason jar. Plus, the tray can be home to your favorite coffee accessories. Voilà! You have an instant modern coffee station.

An Inviting Kitchen

I love how a curated collection of coffee and accessories can transform your kitchen to make it feel more inviting. Now, take it a step or two further by adding a beautiful ceramic sugar pot and place something green, fresh, or faux, nearby.

If there is extra space, add a lamp for a gentle morning glow. The modern coffee tray is a simple and small area where your home décor skills can shine.

Modern coffee station ideas include a large, beautiful tray like this floral printed platter. Pink carnations add ambiance to a healthy morning routine.
The nature-inspired Christian Lacroix Primavera Rectangular Platter (16 1/2″ x 10″ ) is an ideal choice to include in your healthy morning routine. The ceramic platter features magenta dahlias, crimson poppies, buttercup-yellow pansies, and lush greenery.

Modern Coffee Station Ideas #2: Create a Morning Space in the Kitchen

Is your coffee maker just one of many countertop appliances? If so, maybe it’s time to reorganize. Let’s prepare your kitchen to serve multiple purposes in the morning. The kitchen coffee bar is a great place to start.

The trick to making it work is to relocate the coffee station away from morning tasks, including preparing breakfast and packing lunches.

Your Healthy Morning Routine = A Relaxing Ritual

By de-cluttering your counter space, the coffee-making process now becomes part of a relaxing ritual.

Consider, for example, this espresso machine located in a butler’s pantry. In addition, lattes are prepared near the kitchen (not IN the kitchen) creating ample space morning rush.

Design Tip

If you are on the fence about adding a butler’s pantry, I recommend doing it. In my career, I have had many clients say that they dislike many things about their homes, but never once has a client removed a pantry. Most of all, your kitchen pantry will be a lovely gift that keeps on giving year in and year out!

Modern Coffee Station Ideas for a Healthy Morning Routine: This incredible butler’s pantry is the design work of the talented crew over at Homeontheedge.com. We have been generously allowed to re-imagine this glorious modern coffee station as if it were located in Orange County, California. We chose Hazy, a muted blue-gray from the California Collection by Kelly Wearstler and Farrow & Ball, for our pantry walls. A gleaming Lelit Bianca espresso machine takes center stage. Well placed shelving works from morning to night, along with the bar sink and Newport Brass faucet. Tucked conveniently under the countertop: Sub Zero Wine storage and refrigeration. The kitchen is outfitted in stunning Sub Zero and Wolf appliances.

Home Décor Design Tip

When selecting cabinetry, appliances and paint colors, consider the color palette of the scenery outside. (Read related article: Home Decorating | The Ultimate Guide to Get the Results You Want). The first image in this post, Home on the Edge’ Modern Coffee Station, includes a prominent view of a neighbor’s home. We selected Palm, California Collection’s paint color to anchor the greenery. (See the entire photograph of this Newport Beach home in Mod Daily’s Front Entry Door Ideas post.)

Kitchen Pantry – Take the Extra Steps to Create a Room Plan

Similarly, in the pantry above, a blue-gray wall frames the endless view of the sky and ocean. And notice how the shelving and wood accents on the Lelit Bianca Espresso Machine coordinate with the color scheme of the neighboring home’s exterior.

Decorators and designers take the extra steps to include assessing views. When tackling a DIY project, do what the experts do – create a room plan. Take a look at Mod Daily free resources to help you with your home décor projects.

Modern Coffee Station Ideas #3: Create a Coffee Bar Away from the Kitchen

Who says coffee has to be brewed in the kitchen at all? Plenty of spaces in your home can be repurposed into a coffee bar, allowing you to design an entirely new way to enjoy your home.

Turn a small closet into an impressive coffee bar. You’ll feel that morning jolt when you see floating shelves filled with your favorite things and perhaps an eye-catching wallpaper.

An Organized Pantry Offers Two Zen-Filled Advantages

Today’s most coveted home trend is a beautifully organized pantry thanks to Instagram influencers turned organizers. Consider placing your modern kitchen coffee station in your pantry to add more functionality (and ensure you have a power outlet for your coffee pot and accessories).

It has two distinct advantages. With more usable space for making coffee in the pantry, your kitchen is less cluttered. As a bonus, having your beautiful pantry coffee station means you’ll be motivated to keep it organized. And organization leads to a healthy morning routine! (Read, How to Design a Meditation Room as Peaceful as a Morning Sunrise)

Morning Coffee Benefits | Your Morning Routine Is Making You Healthier

Modern Coffee Station Ideas #4: Coffee till Cocktails

Bar carts shouldn’t get to have all the fun. A beautiful coffee cart can be stunning when you have gorgeous, functional pieces to display, like a designer French Press or a trendy Chemex.

And like the other Mod Daily tips, a coffee cart emphasizes having a designated space all its own. But here, you have the opportunity to upgrade your hosting skills by gathering everything you need to serve friends and family. No more trips back and forth to the kitchen for a second or third cup.

Multipurpose Bar Cart – The Ultimate Hosting Hack

Speaking of a third cup, “According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, it’s safe for most women to drink three to five cups of coffee a day with a maximum intake of 400 milligrams of caffeine.” hopkinsmedicine.org

Creating a dual-purpose coffee and cocktail cart for the ultimate hosting hack means you’ll be ready to serve your friends any time of day, and it also means you can wow them with trendy coffee-infused cocktails.

If you plan on a kitchen renovation soon, consider a built-in appliance and weigh the pros and cons. On the plus side, built-ins offer the convenience of easy access. Also, built-in coffee makers are designed to blend seamlessly into any kitchen, allowing for more counter space.

DIY Decorating Planning | How to Organize a Useful Project Planner

Clutter Reduction = A Healthy Morning Routine

And you guessed it – a reduction in the clutter on your counters and your home becomes part of a healthy morning routine (Read, Morning Coffee Benefits | Your Morning Routine is Making You Healthier).

A Final Note About Built-in Espresso Machines

It is essential to remember that mindset is key. Seems like some owners of built-in espresso machines have voiced their concerns. They will need a plan B if their coffee maker requires repairs.

The mindset shift here is that the same may be said about any other appliance that breaks down, such as your refrigerator.

Modern Coffee Station Ideas – Bonus

Make a modern coffee station that you can hide throughout the day. You can hide a coffee station in your appliance garage with pull-down cabinet doors.

Think about rearranging a cabinet to have a spot for all your coffee-making supplies.

DIY Room Planner | Quick Guide to 9 Free Floor Planner Apps

Time to Start Your Day

And now the time has come. Even though we enjoy our morning coffee, eventually, it’s time to put our beloved coffee cup down. So, let’s close that cabinet door and get going!

Thank you for reading our entire post about 5 Modern Coffee Station Ideas for a Healthy Morning Routine.

We hope you will create a space you enjoy spending time in and that you make your morning routine more mindful and enjoyable. Beautiful and modern coffee stations do so much more than provide hot coffee; they can set the mood for the rest of your day!

FAQs – Lelit Espresso Machines

People ask if Lelit is a good espresso machine?

Many people who own a Lelit rave about the brand and strongly believe that they have invested in a good espresso machine. The fusion of style and value has created a large fan base.

Why is the Lelit Bianca Espresso Machine so popular?

The release of Lelit Bianca Espresso Machine in 2018 caused a stir in the specialty coffee industry. That’s because it offers excellent performance at an affordable price. And by releasing the Bianca V2 in 2020, they improved an already excellent product.

Lelit’s Bianca is the most advanced model in the company’s offerings. And it is a fan favorite thanks to the richly appointed wood accents, walnut flow control paddle, and high-performing machinery.

Moreover, the steam and hot water boilers are separate from the coffee boilers. And the dual boilers lend to a coffee and steam system that reduces heating time and maximizes thermal stability. Source: Home Grounds

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