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10 Coastal Kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Want to Move to the Beach

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Coastal Kitchen Ideas that will Transform Your Home

If you’re like us, you dream of living by the sea. Though we can’t all live on the coast, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a bit of the beach to our kitchens! From coastal style cabinets to decor that channels the ocean, here are 10 coastal kitchen ideas to enhance your lifestyle. So pack your bags and move into your dream home by the sea – even if it’s just in your kitchen! With these ideas, you’ll be feeling those salty breezes in no time. Enjoy! [Read: Heart of the Home: Your Nancy Meyers Kitchen]

Kitchen Renovation Before and After

Beachy white cabinetry, a warm, welcoming glow, and a functional layout make this kitchen the heart of this home. The clients’ well-designed workflow lends to their comfortable California coastal lifestyle. Even now, it is impossible to imagine this kitchen in its previous state, but this idyllic space was once dark, cramped, and filled with unattractive focal points just a few short months ago. If you’re craving inspiration for your dream kitchen, join us on a quick tour as we share some of the ways this couple transformed their dated house into their forever home. [Read: Home Decorating | The Ultimate Guide to Get the Results You Want]

Coastal Kitchen Ideas Include Project Planning

Properly assessing the design challenges of your home from the beginning as part of the planning process is vital for designing a kitchen you love to live in. Homeowners that have navigated a kitchen remodel can relate to the vast amount of decision-making necessary to create a gorgeous coastal kitchen. So when it comes to renovations, just like anything else, making productive choices is more straightforward with proper planning. Let’s walk through ten kitchen remodeling challenges and solutions that turn a dark, drab kitchen into a bright and beautiful space.

Beachy white cabinetry, a warm, welcoming glow, and a functional layout make this kitchen the heart of this home. The clients’ well-designed workflow lends to their comfortable California coastal lifestyle. Even now, it is impossible to imagine this kitchen in its previous state, but this idyllic space was once dark, cramped, and filled with unattractive focal points just a few short months ago. [Read: How to Use Coastal Living Room Ideas to Create a Beautiful Home]

“How can I make my small kitchen beautiful?” is a question people often ask. Coastal kitchen ideas and options are endless, so homeowners benefit by consulting with a professional. And just a few highlights to consider, for example, a prepping station such as a peninsula, installing cabinet and pantry organization and taking advantage of appliance innovation. Keep reading to learn more about the opportunities to make a lifestyle change!

Kitchen Design – Brighten Up a Dark Kitchen

Is there an app that lets me design my kitchen?


Coastal Kitchen Ideas & a Project Planner

It can be challenging to envision home improvements. That’s why it is crucial to allocate time in the beginning phase to set up a project planner and consult with a kitchen professional. And that’s the secret to those insta-worthy lifestyle photos that inspire you to take on a kitchen reno! The home was dark, and the layout did not flow well throughout the first level. Several significant enhancements were made; however, removing a wall is my favorite design idea for this home. 

Biophilic Design

Incorporating biophilic design into a coastal kitchen requires a major kitchen remodel. Removing a load-bearing wall shared by the dining room creates more natural light; now, both rooms seem much more significant. The new layout adds visual interest, and the open concept kitchen amplifies a sense of serenity and wellness.

The Mod Daily photo is all about coastal kitchen ideas that include removing a bearing wall between a kitchen and dining room.
People also ask, “Is there an app that let’s me design my kitchen?” Read: Mod Daily’s DIY Room Planner and Quick Guide to 9 Free (and almost free) Floor Planner Apps. The homeowners of the project we are featuring today had a vision for their future. They travel frequently and have experienced the alignment of rooms that look phenomenal and function well. However, they did not know how to renovate their kitchen to capture the essence of the memorable spaces they enjoyed. They solved this roadblock and consulted with our design group. Once we completed their home remodel they share that their “new home” is their permanent staycation and forever home. This is huge because they had planned to sell their home due to the previous condition of the space.

Kitchen Before and After

After replacing the old, dark kitchen with a space flooded with natural light from the dining area, a sense of calm has been created. The kitchen’s light and spacious design, including a warm white ceiling and cabinetry, contrasts beautifully with the dark-hued flooring. [Read: A Small Bath Remodel Becomes a Stunning Coastal Powder Room]

Open Floor Plan

Remove wall between kitchen and living room before and after photos.


Coastal Kitchen Ideas – Storage

Challenge: What is the best kitchen design solution to replace storage that is eliminated when removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room? In its place, we built a gorgeous, multifunctional peninsula.

Home Decorating Ideas

The new cabinetry plan is well-suited for the couple’s lifestyle and restores over 50% of the usable storage identified in the previous layout. It visually expands the kitchen, making it much more enjoyable to spend time in.

Visually Expand the Kitchen

As a result of taking down a wall, storage space was eliminated. To fix this problem, we used the wall removal as an opportunity to build a working peninsula that serves several purposes. The new cabinetry plan is well-suited for the couple’s lifestyle and replaces over 50% of the usable storage in the existing layout. The new kitchen design visually expands the kitchen and makes it more enjoyable to spend time in. [Read: 5 Top Rated Air Fryers – Which One is Right For You?]

Kitchen Peninsula

The Wolf Speed Oven at the peninsula is a multitasking wonder. It functions as both microwave and convection oven, withstanding up to some serious baking duty in between. In addition to serving as a dedicated baking station, the kitchen peninsula makes an excellent dough kneading surface. Also, the Oceano quartzite contrasts so well with the white kitchen cabinets that it steals the show.

Open floor plan ideas. The homeowners were excited to have an open kitchen and dining room. The couple love that they can entertain friends, cook their favorite meals easily, and enjoy stunning views from both their kitchen and dining room. Discussions centered around lifestyle choices, including the frequency of entertaining, cooking and cleaning styles, and ideal settings when in the kitchen. The homeowners agreed that they had plenty of additional rooms for privacy. The main concern centered on incorporating storage that would be lost with the wall removal. The solution, which includes a peninsula and a pantry (see below), is far more lovely than what was removed. Because of the material’s darker hues, the Oceano quartzite grounds the sea of white finishes. We specified a waterfall edge installation to reduce the visual clutter that would otherwise be visible from the living and dining room. The waterfall edge also serves as a visual queue, subtly calling out the kitchen zone in the home’s open floor plan.

Because of the material’s darker hues, the Oceano quartzite grounds the sea of white finishes. We specified a waterfall edge installation to reduce the visual clutter that would otherwise be visible from the living and dining room. The waterfall edge also serves as a visual queue, subtly calling out the kitchen zone in the home’s open floor plan.

Beach House Kitchens – Open Floor Plan Ideas

An open floor plan can provide several benefits for a home. First, it can create the illusion of more space by opening up the area and making it feel less cluttered. Second, an open floor plan can also help improve traffic flow and create a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Finally, an open floor plan can be ideal for entertaining guests or hosting large gatherings.

Open Floor Plan Challenges to Consider

An open floor plan does, however, have some potential drawbacks to consider. First, think about whether privacy is a concern. Second, an open floor plan can make it difficult to control noise levels and ensure sound does not travel between rooms. Third, an open floor plan can sometimes make furniture placement difficult, as there may not be enough walls to anchor large pieces. Overall, an open floor plan can be a great way to create more space and improve traffic flow in a home, but it is crucial to consider both the pros and cons before making a decision.

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

We turned one kitchen opening into a well-lit storage pantry to resolve two high-impact problems.


Kitchen Storage Ideas

We recommend rerouting traffic flow to and from the bathroom away from the kitchen whenever possible to increase ambiance and privacy.

As the half bath is situated directly off the kitchen, we opted to use the kitchen opening (visible from the home’s entry) as a floor-to-ceiling pantry (white cabinets) with plenty of storage. The kitchen pantry cabinet and white cabinetry in the peninsula will replace the storage eliminated by removing the load-bearing wall. Two high-impact problems were resolved with a low-cost fix. [Read related article: Coastal Living Room].

We turned one hall opening into a well-lit storage pantry to resolve two high-impact problems. The new wall adjacent is bathed in light and accents a beautiful piece of art while maintaining privacy from kitchen traffic at all times!

How to Add Height to a Low Kitchen Ceiling?

Remodeling Woes: How to remodel a kitchen with a heavy drop soffit.

Kitchen design is often more complicated and expensive than other rooms in the house, so it’s a good idea to get expert advice at the start of the project. You can benefit from professional advice from an experienced kitchen designer to ensure your design choices fit your style and requirements, even if you know what you want. In the image above, “A” highlights the new ceiling without a low drop soffit. And “B” shows the new backsplash with tile from the countertop to the wall cabinet, adjusting the height from 16-1/2″ to 18″.


Remove a Kitchen Drop Soffit

Low drop soffits and an awkward backsplash height of 16-1/2″ contribute to the kitchen’s weightiness – the combination minimizes the feeling of spaciousness most people crave.

Drop Soffit Conceals Plumbing

Before removing the soffit, the homeowner’s licensed contractor cut a hole into the soffit to check inside. Generally speaking, soffits can be removed easily if they simply design elements. Unfortunately, this kitchen’s soffit conceals plumbing that had to be rerouted by a licensed plumber. The importance of working with licensed professionals cannot be overstated.

Kitchen Backsplash Height

Choosing the right height for a kitchen backsplash is crucial because it affects both the aesthetics and the function of the kitchen. The existing size between the countertop and wall cabinetry in this kitchen is 16-1/2″, which makes it feel cramped, and the 4″ granite backsplash makes the area look even more stout. Functionally speaking, the 16-1/2″ clearance will not allow for some small appliances such as a Vitamix 7500. The light rail contributes to the challenges the existing design poses.

The kitchen backsplash height was raised to 18″ from the countertop to the bottom of the wall cabinets. In this project, wall cabinet height was not affected by increasing the size of the backsplash. View the before and after pictures above and notice how the wall cabinet height increased after removing the drop soffit. Clean lines enhance a Zen aesthetic with backsplash tile installed from countertop to wall cabinet. Design Tip: Eliminate the need for a light rail with lower profile LED kitchen lighting.

Form vs. Function

Ideally, we would have eliminated the wall cabinets on either side of the window to create a stronger focal point. No doubt, the cabinetry modification would result in less storage space. However, the large pantry storage cabinet we added into the mix provides plenty of additional space.

Kitchen Focal Point

Appliances are creating awkward focal points.


Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Challenge: This kitchen has too many unwanted focal points from an aesthetic standpoint. Every appliance creates a visual bottleneck in this kitchen layout, and the lone window looks awkward along the same wall with the off-centered sink base. The dishwasher to the left of the sink interferes with the ideal alignment of the windows and sink.

Kitchen Design

Solution: To infuse more symmetry in the kitchen, we’ll start with the obvious focal point: the casement 45° angle bay window. With a new window (without grids) and coastal white trim paint that frames the garden greenery, we can make it stand out even more. We will move the dishwasher and center the sink base on the window.

A focal point is any element that grabs your attention, whether desirable or not, such as the varying heights of the backsplash and low wall cabinets. The 4″ granite backsplash adds yet another horizontal eye that draws attention. Even the decorative window treatment is detrimental in this setting because it reduces the overall height of the wall – it’s a focal point.

Your focal point should be the star of the show, so make sure everything else in the room supports it. This might mean using similar colors or materials in the other design elements, or simply placing them in a way that doesn’t compete with the focal point.

What is the Best Dishwasher?

By relocating the dishwasher, we can create a more cohesive focal point: the window and sink wall.

Coastal kitchen ideas include eliminating a wide array of unwanted focal points. The dishwasher upgrade to dish drawers and matching panel make a world of difference!


Kitchen Ideas

Design Challenge: Relocate the dishwasher; not an easy task with clearance and access challenges.

Double Drawer Dishwasher

We specified a Fisher Paykel Double DishDrawer that is panel-ready. Had we selected a standard, single panel DW, placing and removing dishes while standing at the sink would be difficult. The custom drawer panels match adjacent cabinetry and blend seamlessly, eliminating an undesirable focal point.

FAQ: Panel-ready appliances let you attach a custom panel to the front that matches your cabinetry. They’re usually used for refrigerators and dishwashers so that the appliances blend in with cabinetry and not to be viewed as a focal point.

What is the best dishwasher brand? The best dishwasher is the brand and model loaded with features that are well-suited to your lifestyle and allows for proper clearances. In this kitchen project, dishwasher drawers addressed each of the homeowners’ needs and clearance requirements. By relocating the dishwasher, we can create a more cohesive focal point: the window and sink wall.

Wolf Gas Range & Zephyr Hood

Gleaming stainless steel appliances often steal the spotlight in a new kitchen remodel.


Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

Challenge: The over-the-range microwave and black slide-in gas range contradict the dreamy Coastal Grandmother aesthetic the homeowners planned for. Stainless steel gas ranges and large range hoods are often used as focal points, but the narrow range wall was not an ideal consideration. However, this kitchen’s inconvenient dimensions factored into the decision to highlight the window’s picturesque view instead.

Coastal Kitchen Ideas – Appliances Solution

We specified the minimalist Zephyr Pisa Hood that tucks neatly out of sight within the cabinetry. It is built with a stainless steel retractable glass visor that, when pulled out, increases the capture area. Next, we specified a Wolf Gas Range, a must-have on our clients’ wish list. The creamy white coastal kitchen cabinet finishes complement the stainless steel appliances beautifully.

Built-In Fridge – Is it Worth It?

What Makes a Built In Fridge Different? They seamlessly match the cabinetry by design.

 Our clients (who are avid cooks) chose a Sub Zero 42″ built-in side-by-side refrigerator to meet their lifestyle needs. The custom panel overlay works to meld with surrounding cabinetry. And, the subtle shaker door keeps lines that contribute to visual clutter to a minimum.


Built In Refrigerator

Design Challenge: the 30″ deep free-standing refrigerator makes the kitchen feel cramped.

Coastal Kitchen Ideas Solution

Unlike free-standing refrigerators with a depth more significant than a countertop, built-in refrigerators seamlessly blend into the surrounding cabinetry. The appeal of the integrated Sub Zero refrigerator is well worth the additional investment. With the addition of refrigerator door panels to coordinate with the kitchen cabinetry, we eliminated an unwanted focal point and visually expanded the kitchen.

Coastal Kitchen Ideas – Counter

Homeowners plan for entertaining with elegant yet durable countertop slabs.


Infuse a Coastal Style

As passionate foodies, the homeowners are always looking for new ways to entertain their guests. To meet the demands of their entertaining lifestyle, they sought a countertop that was tough and durable. Also, they wanted something coastal-inspired in line with the new home remodel.

Coastal Kitchen Ideas – Perla Venata Quartzite

After ruling out marble, quartz, and granite, they gravitated to the beachy vibe found in Perla Venata. It is a luminous soft ivory quartzite similar to Taj Mahal; however, Perla Venata’s veining is lighter. Quartzite is an ideal choice for this couple because it is beautiful, durable, and easy to care for.

What is Perla Venata quartzite? A stone known as Perla Venata, quarried from Brazil, will often have the same creamy white background as the Taj Mahal quartzite stone. However, it will have fewer veins. Perla Venata is an ideal Coastal Kitchen.

Quartzite vs. Marble Countertops

Quartzite is a beautiful and unique stone that needs to be sealed annually in order maintain its beauty. The key thing about it, though? It’s 20% stronger than granite! Quartzite is perfect for those who want more durability without sacrificing the elegant look of marble.

Design Tip – How to Protect Your Kitchen Countertop?

Design Tip: Be sure to protect your counter surface with a trivet like the Cool Tool by Le Creuset. It’s heat-resistant up to 482°F. Please note: most products do not provide total heat insulation protection. 

Recreate the Coastal Glow of a Day at the Beach

Warm, inviting and breathtaking! The homeowner’s forever staycation.


How to Add a warm, coastal glow?

Homeowners wanted their kitchen lighting to not only evoke positive vibes but also increase comfort and productivity as well. The 4″ LED downlights to replace 5″ recessed fixtures. We specified kitchen pendant lighting with a metallic finish to add a little sparkle.

Glass Globes = Unobstructed Views

Views from the living room, backyard, and dining room are unobstructed by glass globes. Plus, the peninsula’s glass front cabinet has interior lighting that positively GLOWS in the evening. The homeowners fell in love with RH’s jewelry-inspired cabinet pulls with a gleaming lacquered finish that elongates the kitchen visually. And finally, a subtle glass tile with New England influences is installed from the counter to under the wall cabinet to enhance and elongate the wall visually.

Coastal Kitchen Lighting

Coastal kitchens are known for their elegant and unique elements, like coastal decor rattan pendant lights. These light fixtures add a touch of light and natural elements to the space, making it feel more coastal. Bar stools with shades are another great way to add a touch of coastal style, as well as white cabinets, which can help brighten up the space.

Mod Daily’s Coastal Kitchen Ideas Will Help You Create the Perfect Space!

You can bring your vision for your future to life in less time than you might think if you plan your coastal kitchen remodel well. It’s also important to remember that the coastal style goes well beyond aesthetics. By bringing the outdoors inside, nature engages your senses in a way that fills your life with positivity (biophilic design)!

Whether you live in Los Angeles or Alaska, Mod Daily’s ten coastal kitchen ideas will help you create the perfect space! You can use the ocean as your inspiration for all your kitchen decor choices, from potted succulents to white cupboards and nautical decorations. In fact, a beach house kitchen is possible no matter where you live; understandably, planning well is essential. So get inspired and start dreaming about your perfect coastal kitchen.

We can’t wait to see what you dream up for your perfect coastal kitchen! Share your photos with us in the comments section below or email them to hello@themoddaily.com for a chance to be featured on our website!

Coastal Kitchen Ideas – FAQs

What is a beach house kitchen?

Creating a beach house aesthetic can be simple and fun. Start by adding white kitchen cabinets, shiplap walls, and a subway tile backsplash. Opt for open shelving to display natural elements like shells and driftwood. Add light blue accents throughout the room, such as window dressings or bar stools. Stainless steel appliances complete the look and make this kitchen perfect for any coastal home. Finally, create a sign that reminds you of your happy place- the beach!

How to make my kitchen look beachy?

To give your kitchen a beachy feel, consider using an all-white theme with an accent color of blue. Coastal style decor ideas include weathered wood, subway tile backsplash, white cabinetry, and shiplap walls. Consider adding glass front cabinets and opting for light-colored bar stools to lighten and brighten the space. A fun sign or art can also help achieve the desired aesthetic.

What is modern coastal design?

Modern coastal design is all about taking elements of the sea and incorporating them into your home decor. You can get the look with light colors, elegant accents, stainless steel appliances, and a backsplash inspired by nature.

Is coastal decor tacky?

Coastal decor can be quite tacky if not done well. A few key pieces, like subway tile, can give your space a beach house feel without going overboard. Gigi Day

Read all about how this coastal remodel became a life-extending act of love: 41 Coastal Grandmother Home Improvement Ideas for a Fabulous Life

Coastal Grandmother before and after kitchen renovation

Coastal kitchen ideas for tile backsplash

A tile backsplash is a perfect way to add a touch of coastal style to your kitchen. Subway tiles in soft yellow, blue or green are perfect for this look and are easy to install. Gigi Day

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