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What to BuyBaby5 Baby Closet Organization Tips to Create a Sweet Space!

5 Baby Closet Organization Tips to Create a Sweet Space!

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Baby Closet Organization for a New Beginning

When you bring home your new baby, you officially start a new chapter in your life. A fresh start filled with love, joy, growth, and laundry! Getting ready for a baby means putting together the nursery, choosing the safest and most ideal furniture and beautifully decorating the room. However, have you thought about baby closet organization?

Eva Longoria did just that when she brought in Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit to organize her son’s closet. During a Season One episode of the globally popular Netflix show, Get Organized with The Home Edit, Eva was amazed at the closet transformation that gave her so much more space! Now, parents can have their version of a celebrity-styled closet with these tips from The Mod Daily!

But first, take this simple quiz to get started!

Organizing your home makes life easier and gives you the motivation to lead a happy and passionate life. Gigi Day

Take Mod Daily’s Baby Closet Organization Quiz


What Best Describes the Type of Closet in Your Baby’s Room?

A reach-in closet is typically a smaller “nook” space behind closed doors. It has one back wall to install closet organizers. A walk-in closet is a larger space that you can walk into! These closets typically have closet organizers on up to three walls and sometimes an island in the middle!


Assess: What are Baby’s Storage Needs?

Is the closet big enough for toy storage, or will it just hold baby clothes and accessories? Will the closet be where you store baby supplies like diapers and wipes? Do you prefer to fold clothes or hang clothes? The answers will help you know if you need more shelving, hanging rods, or both!


Can Storage be Tailored as Your Baby Grows?

A tiny baby can require much less stuff than a toddler. When preparing your nursery, keep in mind how long you’ll have your baby there. You may need to make adjustments to your storage plans. So consider what a closet needs to offer as a baby grows into a toddler and then a teenager. Don’t worry. We’ve got the advice you need to plan ahead!

Take Mod Daily's Baby Closet Organization Quiz.

5 Baby Closet Organization Must-Have Items

It’s no surprise that babies come with a lot of stuff. So, having a system in place to keep everything organized and easily accessible will make the more challenging times just a little bit easier. For instance, if you don’t have to waste precious minutes looking for socks, you can spend this extra time cuddling your baby. So, here are some of those must-haves to help you save invaluable time.

Triple Hang Shelving Maximizes Space

Parents will find baby closet organization helps them create space for kids with room to grow.

Baby closet organization and The Little Seeds Grow with me Closet is designed to grow as your child does.
The image on the left, (right side of the photo) is an example of triple hanging rods – Little Seeds Grow With Me Closet. If you’re currently living with your newborn’s clothing scattered all over his nursery or playroom floor, consider a baby closet organization to make your day a little brighter.


Room to Grow

It sounds a little strange, but triple hang means three rows of closet rods in the closet organizer industry. Three closet rods and shelving spaced closer together maximize your space to store clothes and other items. Because baby clothes are so small, they don’t need as much room to hang. Check out how this baby room closet optimizes three rows of hanging rods for extra storage.

Most parents want their babies’ closets organized because it’s not only convenient, but also helps save time and money by keeping everything tidy and easy to find. If you’re currently living with your newborn’s clothing scattered all over his nursery or playroom floor, it’s time to get some closet organizers installed.

Velvet Baby Hangers Keep Clothes in Place

Velvet hangers and closet organization for the baby room.


Baby Hangers

In our opinion, velvet baby hangers should be on every new parent’s baby registry. They are the perfect solution to maximizing hanging space in smaller closets. And they do a great job of keeping baby clothes from slipping off the hanger. It’s a win-win! More room to hang clothes, and fewer clothes fall to the floor haphazardly. Plus, velvet hangers come in adorable colors and patterns, like this 3 Sprouts Owl Flocked Children’s Hanger 10-pack in Ivory from Buy Buy Baby.

Baby clothes are hung on a closet rod using velvet hangers to prevent slipping. This helps with baby closet organization.
Bonpoint Baby Printed Taffeta Formal Dress Ivory Flower and Cuddle + Kind Baby duckling with 1 baby animal providing 5 meals to children in North America and around the world.

Closet Tags Sort Clothes by Size

Baby Closet Organization

The closet tags by Little Haven are part of an overall baby closet organization plan to improve storage space and life at home.
The closet tags by Little Haven are part of an overall baby closet organization plan to improve storage space and life at home.


They Grow So Fast

You likely need baby closet organization because you have so many baby clothes to organize! Friends, family, and especially grandmothers gift clothes in many infant sizes, so babies have a complete wardrobe for future months. They grow so fast!

Closet tags slip over the closet rod to mark where clothes of another size hang – like clothing store size markers. Therefore, it’s easy to know where to hang clothes as they are gifted, and easy to sort out and donate clothes when they become too small. Sigh.

An Over the Door Closet Organizer Holds the Little Things

This keeps items in one place so they are always easily found when you need them.


Effortless Storage

We recently read a great tip on The Home Edit’s Instagram Stories. A mom asked in a Q&A how to store all of her daughter’s tiny hair bows, headbands, and other sweet accessories. The answer is this Elfa Over the Door Rack Solution from The Container Store.

The adjustable baskets sort and organize these littler items so they don’t get lost and are easy to grab and go. In addition, this closet organizer effortlessly corrals things like socks, hats, and mittens for more general needs.

An adorable Over the Door Boho inspired storage option for effortless baby closet organization.
An adorable Over the Door Boho inspired storage option for effortless baby closet organization.

Drawer Dividers Control the Clutter

Having drawer dividers can help you keep your baby clothes neat and tidy.

Honeycomb drawer dividers in sage green will improve baby closet organization.
Honeycomb drawer dividers in sage green will improve baby closet organization.


Visual Organization

If your baby’s room closet includes a drawer organizer, drawer dividers make finding things so much easier. Rather than pushing and shuffling items around to find what you’re looking for, drawers stay tidy by creating a smaller, designated space for things to stay in, like onesies, little tees, and socks.

Honeycomb drawer organizers for your baby’s room add style and sensibility. The visual organization gained from each “comb” makes it a breath of fresh air every time you open the drawer.

Buy Adjustable Closet Organizer Systems for Baby’s Room

An adjustable closet organizer system lets you move shelves, add organizer accessories, and reconfigure the closet as your baby’s room becomes an older kid’s room. Many brands sell systems like this. Look for ClosetMaid systems at Home Depot or Lowes and Elfa systems at The Container Store. You can install these as DIY projects and customize the closet to meet your specific storage requirements.

For Baby’s Room, The Mod Daily recommends closet organizers with triple hang shelving for clothes, a drawer organizer for hidden storage, and vertical shelving to hold blankets, linens, toy storage bins, etc. As kids get older, the triple-hang transforms into double-hang. Shelving stores bulkier items like folded jeans and sweaters. Maybe the drawer organizer switches out for a shoe rack. However you configure your baby closet, know that an adjustable system gives you options as needs change and grow.

We’ll be here for you when it’s time to transform the baby closet to a kid closet, or a baby closet to a toy closet.

Learn How to Install Baby Closet Organization in a Few Basic Steps

If do-it-yourself projects are not your thing, hire a professional closet installer. You’ll get great results. However, if you are happy to tackle a home improvement project on your own, read these basic steps to get started.

Measure the Baby Closet

Measure the height, width, and depth of the walls in the baby’s room. Don’t include the baseboards or crown molding in those measurements because you won’t be able to install over them. While you are measuring, mark the wall studs. You’ll need to know where they are when it’s time to install.

Plan a Custom Closet System

Many brands offer pre-planned systems, so all you have to do is download the shopping list and head to the store. Or, add the bundled components to your online shopping cart. With a custom baby closet, you decide where organization features should be. There are plenty of inspiration photos online! Home improvement stores often have online planning tools, too. Enter your closet wall measurements, then let the tool help you plan!

Purchase All Necessary Parts & Pieces

Online closet planning tools give you a component list to use as a shopping list before you head to the store. Make sure you have every part and piece ready before installing. You don’t want to make multiple trips! Do a double check for minor things like wall anchors and drywall screws. These little details can derail progress quickly.

Ideas to install your baby closet organization include measuring, planning, purchasing and assembling.
Ideas to install your baby closet organization include measuring, planning, purchasing and assembling. Give yourself a time limit to complete the project to avoid overwhelm.

Install Your New Closet Organizer System!

Home improvement stores provide detailed instructions with their systems. As a general rule, you will mount a bar at the top of the wall and then attach shelf rails vertically toward the floor following the bar. Shelf brackets easily snap into the rail pieces. Afterward, attach shelves, hanging rods, and other accessories. This project will require tools such as a drill and a level.

A short baby quote - Our Tiny Miracle. The reason why we put so much effort into baby closet organization.
A short baby quote with so much meaning: Our Tiny Miracle.

4 Tips for Organizing a Baby’s Closet

Congratulations! A custom shelving solution really makes a baby’s closet look complete and aesthetically pleasing. Now it’s time to fill it up with all the clothes, supplies, and accessories to make it a sweet space. Before you pick up the first hanger, there are a few things to think about first.

Consider the various opportunities for baby closet organization that works best for you and your family. Far left, folded clothing may be placed on shelving, in baskets or drawers. Middle: image: a triple rod hanging system is a method used to optimize closet storage space. Another opportunity to create flow to the day: a wall-mounted rack with pegs to place clothing baby will wear today.

Tip #1: Decide what clothes to fold and which will be on hangers

Onesies fold easily, and dresses hang easily, but what about other clothing items like pants, shorts, or shirts? Before you start putting kids’ clothes away, decide what will go where. You’ll see long-term results if you keep up with the system you have from the start!

Tip #2: Place frequently-used items where they are easy to access

This tip rings true for most storage systems. In fact, we offered the same advice in our post on kids’ room toy storage. Items placed easy-to-see and easy-to-access means you don’t spend time searching for what your baby needs the most.

Tip #3: Store thing you need for the future up high, but still visible

It’s something that most parents struggle with – forgetting that they already purchased something they need because they can’t see it! If you use your baby’s closet to store things you’ll need in a few months – like the next size of diapers – keep them out of the way, but make sure you still know they are there.

Tip #4: Label everything!

Labels help bins, baskets, and even shelves stay organized. It’s the easiest way to keep track of where things need to go when you are in a hurry to put things away. Plus, it lets others know where to put things when helping out! Labels give a visual sense of order, personalize them by using your own handwriting or download a beautiful font to type and print.

Creating a baby’s closet space that is organized and sweet can be a bit overwhelming. Baby closet organization helps to optimize your life and the life of your family.

An Organized Baby Closet = An Organized Baby Room

Starting strong with baby closet organization means you’ll have a better time keeping the whole room organized. Staying organized takes work and consistent maintenance, but staying on top of it means you’ll never get overwhelmed with messy clutter. Organization is a system and it’s a state of mind – you only get out what you put into it. Good habits started early set a great example for little eyes watching. Start a habit of tidying up everyday at the same time everyday. Right before bedtime works wonderfully as a last activity to do ahead of the nightly routine.

Then, listen to this free bedtime story! An Enchanting Day by the Sea

An Organizing Idea for Kids: A Free Chore Chart

As babies get older, participating in the evening clean up lets them learn gross motor skills like sorting and putting things in bins. Make it a fun game and even the littlest kids will join in because its stimulating, and it builds independence and confidence in their new abilities! This free chore chart fosters positivity and a harmonious routine for your home.

Thank You for Spending a Little Time With Us Today

This blog post is all about 5 Baby Closet Organization Tips to Create a Sweet Space! There are many benefits when keeping your baby’s room organized including helping your child sleep longer and more peacefully at night. We hope you enjoy reading our tips and look forward to reading your comments and photographs of your baby’s new closet space!


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