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What to BuyBabyYour Smart Nursery Guide for Sweet Dreams and A Good Nights Sleep

Your Smart Nursery Guide for Sweet Dreams and A Good Nights Sleep

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Sweet Dreams and a Good Night’s Sleep: Your Smart Nursery Guide

Our smart nursery guide can help parents enjoy quality time with their children while getting a good night’s sleep. Until recently, parents raised their children without the advantages of the latest smart devices in the home. But the good news is that modern technology and electronics for babies help make parenting a bit easier today. And as a result, parenting can be less stressful. For example, smart cribs calm restless infants while crib monitors let parents observe their babies while they’re away. Despite parents’ worry about their child’s safety, some baby gadgets can soothe some of the concerns. The result is less stress for parents, and they can feel more relaxed.

Wouldn’t it Be Nice To Reduce Some of Your Stress Today?

Parenting a newborn is both incredibly rewarding and challenging at the same time. For example, new parents find it difficult to sleep because of the frequent crying or worrying about the baby. However, the good news is that you will not have sleepless nights forever, regardless of how stressed you may be. This is especially true for your child as they grow older and begin to sleep through the night. Although, wouldn’t it be nice if you could reduce some of your stress today?

What is Smart Home Technology?

The term smart home technology refers to “home automation.” It is a system that controls everything from your lighting and climate to your appliances and home security. Also, these devices connect to the internet to communicate with you and each other. Just about any device that uses electricity can be part of your home network and controlled by voice, remote control, tablet, or smartphone. Best of all, you can use it almost anywhere in your house, including your baby’s nursery.

The Best Smart Nursery Technology for Your Nursery

We recommend some of the best smart nursery technology for a good night’s sleep through our research and conversations with new parents. You will find baby gadgets that are affordable, practical, stylish, and, most importantly, help ease the stress of caring for a child. Hopefully, these tips will reduce your stress and keep your baby comfortable and safe during the process. You will even find that modern technology can solve a few of your parenting concerns.

Baby Monitors for Peace of Mind and a Good Nights Sleep

The ideal smart nursery would not be complete without a baby monitor for peace of mind and a good nights sleep. Why? Because this smart home product uses a radio system that lets parents listen to their newborn’s sounds remotely.

Mod Daily’s Smart Nursery Guide – The Gold Standard of Baby Monitors 

Similarly, connecting a camera to a baby monitor in a smart nursery will turn it into a baby cam. With this innovative device, you can monitor and listen to your baby anywhere in the house. But thanks to smart technology, today’s baby monitors can now do so much more! For example, military engineers designed the omnipresent Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor. It is the gold standard of baby monitors, with its SensorFusion technology tracks your baby’s vitals, including breathing, heartbeat, and movement, in real-time. The monitor’s app collects and stores all the data, makes health recommendations, and alerts you when the baby’s sleep patterns change. It even keeps track of the nursery’s room temperature and humidity. $399.

In the photo on the left, you will see a Miku Baby Monitor. SensorFusion technology tracks your baby’s vital signs, including breathing, heartbeat, and movement for a good nights sleep. In the smart nursery on the right, you will see a highly sought-after brand called Infant Optics. The image on the right features a parent favorite called Infant Optics video baby monitor with active noise reduction.

Smart Sleepers for Bassinets for a Good Nights Sleep and Sweet Dreams

A bassinet or cradle is an infant’s bed from birth to four months old, after which they are put into a crib in a smart nursery. They provide rocking motions to soothe the baby. But in today’s high-tech world, they have evolved into “smart sleepers.” Some are clever enough to detect when a baby is crying and automatically soothe them with gentle movements and sounds.

Let’s take a look at the SNOO Smart Sleeper. Created by the well-known pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, author of Happiest Baby on the Block, SNOO is smart and safe. It boosts sleep with gentle rocking and, with its quick response, can calm a baby in less than a minute. Its five levels of sound and motion promote sleep, and its advanced algorithm can distinguish between the baby’s cries from room noise. As smart sleepers usually work so well, you might find that you will be able to get a little more sleep. 

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Smart Nursery Lights for A Great Nights Sleep

As the name suggests, the Hatch Rest Baby Night Light Sound Machine is a sound machine, night light, and time-to-rise sleep trainer all in one. It offers 11 sounds, 10 colors, and light intensity to create the perfect environment for your baby to stay asleep. Like the TaoTronics Smart Nursery Light, it connects to Alexa and Google Home in a smart nursery. It also lets you talk to your child through an audio monitor. $69.99. Baby Shusher is an award-winning device designed to put your child to sleep by imitating sounds it hears in the womb. It consists of an authentic human voice that you can play continuously for up to 30 minutes at a time. A removable wrist strap lets you carry your baby while you put your child to sleep. $34.99.

Smart Baby Bottle Warmer for Breast Milk

The Baby Brezza Electric Baby Bottle and Food Warmer can warm breast milk and formula while preserving nutrients in baby food jars. Its Smart Control app informs you when the bottle is ready. The Nanbebe breastmilk baby bottle is the only baby bottle designed for breast milk. It encourages the baby to instinctively connect to the bottle’s breast shape, encouraging a smooth transition between breast and bottle. The starter set includes a breast pump adaptor, anti-colic bottle, and warmer. It may not offer smart technology, but it certainly is intelligent. 

Is Nanobebe only for breast milk?

Nanobebe is the only line to include a bottle for both breastmilk and formula. The award-winning Breastmilk Bottle preserves nutrients, while the Flexy Bottle is the most advanced silicone baby bottle available. Feeding your baby in a smart nursery may now be more enjoyable. 

Smart Changing Pads

Yes, even a changing pad can be smart. Meet the Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale. In addition to serving as the traditional diaper-changing station, it has a built-in scale, so you can watch your baby develop practically before your eyes. It tracks the little one’s weight and measures how much your baby drinks at every feeding. Its wireless smart scale transmits data to its app, keeping a record as your baby grows. $149.99. 

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Smart Thermometers

The newest generation of baby thermometers has come a long way. Many models contain chips that allow no-touch temperature taking. The Koogeek Wearable Baby Thermometer takes it one step further by being wearable. It features a wireless connection, allowing you to monitor your baby’s temperature on your phone and get alerts when his temperature changes. More precise than a conventional medical thermometer, it gives a highly accurate reading of the baby’s temperature within 2 minutes. It stores 7 days of information, which can be exported to the Apple Health app. $11.99.

Wow – baby clothes are getting smart too! Okay, it’s not really a sock, but a high-tech baby monitor. The Owlet Smart Sock Plus monitor slips onto babies’ feet to track heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep habits, including time awake and sleep quality as they grow. You can read your baby’s data in real-time on the Owlet App, receive notifications and sync it with the Owl Cam for better baby viewing in a smart nursery. The Sock uses pulse-oximetry that is safe for babies and provides secure and encrypted data. $299.

Sweet Dreams and a Good Night’s Sleep with Your Smart Nursery Guide

New parents have hundreds of technological options to make parenting more manageable, less stressful, and more rewarding. In the past, a parent did not have the luxury of a smart nursery for a good night’s sleep, but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, baby gadgets may help parents free up a little extra time to enjoy their newborn even more. Just make sure you consult with your pediatrician before purchasing any of these products. And who knows? Maybe a good night’s sleep is in the forecast! Listen to Mod Daily’s, A Bedtime Story | An Enchanting Day By the Sea for a soothing tale of childhood adventures. And if you are planning a kitchen remodel soon, you may be interested in reading How to Turn Your Kitchen into a Coastal Retreat You Will Love.

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