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How to decorate your home with less stress today!

Home ImprovementHome DécorHome Decorating | The Ultimate Guide to Get the Results You Want

Home Decorating | The Ultimate Guide to Get the Results You Want

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The Ultimate Home Decorating Guide to Get the Results You Want

The home decorating process can be challenging, no matter what your goals are. You may need ideas to design a single room, or you may want to remodel an entire house. Either way, we’re here to help you simplify the process using 9 essential tips to get the results you want. 

The Power of Home Decorating & Design

But before we begin, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the power of design.

Isn’t it fascinating to walk into a well-designed room and discover that it aligns so well with your style that it can impact you and change you

The interplay of textures, scale, and hue stimulates your senses to create a lasting memory…and a desire. This “feeling” eventually pushes its way to the forefront of your daily routine and will ultimately become your next home decorating project

Home Decorating = The Shortcut to Your Future

Curating your environment to suit your style and cater to your needs elevates your life. That is a fact. 

Throughout my design career, I learned that I could expect a certain phenomenon to emerge with my clients at the end of each project. So much so that the term “big reveal” has a very different meaning. 

Infused with the success of their home improvement, each of my clients appears lighter, happier, and ready to enjoy their life to its fullest. Quite literally, their home decorating project becomes the shortcut to the future they have envisioned.

Researching Your Way to Success

As someone who loves to optimize your home, you extend an open invitation to everything meaningful to you.

You’re taking your time to research before tackling that big project, so you can get it right. That’s why I am confident you’ll find your own style when you follow these 9 tips and proven strategies.

Well-designed rooms captivate you, and in a sense, they change you. Let's get started with your home decorating journey today. Enjoy!

9 Essential Home Decorating Tips to Design Your NEW Favorite Room

  1. Decorating planning: how to organize a useful project planner
  2. How to evaluate a room
  3. Setting decorating goals: What is my decorating style?
  4. How do you set up a budget for decorating?
  5. Select your color palette
  6. Space planning
  7. Create a list of furnishings, finishes, fixtures, and accessories
  8. Finalize your vision board + place your orders
  9. Prepare your space / decorate Create a Decorating Plan

1. Decorating Planning: How to Organize a Useful Project Planner 

When someone asks, “How do I start decorating a room?” the most helpful answer is “decorating planning.” A decorating plan is the best way to create a room that fits your style.

And planning is the key to creating gorgeous spaces like those you pin to your Pinterest board and visualize in your mind.

Decorating a Room is like Planning a Vacation

Whenever I work with design clients, I often explain that planning a room is like planning a vacation. A well-planned holiday helps you stay within your budget and create memories you’ll cherish long after your trip has ended.

The same principle applies to a space that is well decorated.

Set Up Your Project Planner 

You’ve made the decision to be your own decorator. Now it’s time to lay the groundwork for your successful project by organizing your useful project planner. 

As it turns out, I was surprised when I realized that this section deserved its own blog post (Decorating Planning | How to Organize a Useful Project Planner). I had initially included it in this article but due to it’s length I realized it is better suited as a separate post. Please take the time to go through each of the six steps in the article. I promise your time will be well spent. 

DIY Decorating Planning | How to Organize a Useful Project Planner


Print Your Room Design Planner or Save it to Your Folder

Room planners are also known as project management tools. Take the time to research the project management system you will use throughout the entire project.

You will find several room planners to choose from. Or, simply download one of the free planners I designed for you. My greatest wish is that the years that I have spent helping clients achieve their goals will also benefit you.

Below is a list of Decorating Planning Room Guides and Room Decorating Ideas we have developed for you. Click here to download your free copy

  • Living Room
  • Master Bedroom
  • Child’s Bedroom
  • Baby Nursery
  • Meditation Room Decorating Ideas

Print This Article

Print this article and save it in your binder for reference as you go along. I recommend reading this blog post in its entirety before beginning your project. It is essentially a companion guide to the free room planners I have created for you.

2. How to Evaluate a Room

You may be asking yourself, “How do I evaluate my room when I am so used to it?” It’s often the case that people would like to update or improve their space, but they don’t know where to begin. It can be overwhelming to start from scratch, so use these tips to get you going.

Take Photographs

Photographs will help you see your space and surroundings with “fresh eyes.” The objective is to evaluate your home objectively, even though you may have lived there for a while.

  • Stand in every corner of the room and take photos.
  • After that, stand in the middle of each wall and take photos.
  • Snap close-ups and full-scale pictures of your flooring, rugs, ceiling, windows, and doors. The same goes for furniture, cabinetry, countertops, lighting, and accessories.
  • Do include photos of adjacent spaces, especially if you will not be updating the room décor anytime soon.
  • Add close-ups of finishes, built-ins and, furniture you plan to keep.
  • When you start a large redesign project, it’s a good idea to talk to a trusted real estate agent, so you’re increasing your home’s value while enjoying the life improvements it brings.

Measure Your Room

  • You’ll need to take measurements of the length and width of your room, as well as the ceiling height, windows, and doors. Draw elevations with outlets, switches, openings, columns, heating, cooling, etc.
    • Consider hiring a professional to take on this important task if you have not done this type of work.
  • This way, you can avoid expensive mistakes like buying the wrong-size furniture. Additionally, be sure that everything will fit through the doors and up the stairs. You may be surprised to learn how frequently projects are stalled due to forgetting this step.

3. Setting Decorating Goals: What is My Decorating Style?

Next, let’s talk about how you’ll use your space. What activities are you planning on doing there? Will it influence your lifestyle? Who else will be there with you? Will there be children or pets? Do you need a flex office?

Good rooms balance yin and yang energy with lifestyle needs.

Gigi Day
Flexible Room Settings Allow Optimize How Well Your Home Will Serve You

What Is My Decorating Style – Design Tips

Pin photos of your home’s exterior to your Pinterest board. Add a vacation photo and a treasured wardrobe item. Pin 5 favorite rooms + take 3 décor quizzes.

These five design tips may help you better understand your style. Read on for more information.  Important: Give yourself a time limit. 
  • Pin photos of your home’s exterior to your private Pinterest board.

    • Here’s what Sherwin-Williams says about the importance of coordinating with your home’s exterior:
      • “Just as homeowners should coordinate the home’s exterior with the surrounding environment, they should also consider the color of the first room guests will visit when entering the house. The interior color doesn’t have to match the exterior, but a similar tone will provide a smoother, more harmonious transition.”
  • Pin photos of your favorite vacation

    • Do you have a favorite vacation memory that lingers in your mind? Chances are, this experience has helped shape your decorating style. Take a moment to add a picture to your board.
  • Pin your wardrobe

    • How would you describe your favorite wardrobe pieces? Post a few photos on your board.
  • Pin shelter magazine photos

    • Add your treasured shelter magazine photographs to your board.
  • Take 1-3 decorating style quizzes

    • The Designer Society of America (DSA) quiz is one of my favorites. Visit their page here to take their interior design style quiz. Along with an in-depth style assessment, DSA provides shelter magazine recommendations tailored to your style.
Calculate the minimum ceiling height requirement to move a tall cabinet to an upright position.

What is the Focal Point of a Room?

Think of your focal point as the main character. It draws your attention when you enter a room and serves as the starting point for your design.

Choose Your Focal Point to Start Decorating Your Room

You have endless possibilities when decorating a room entirely from scratch. Designers often use a piece of art as a starting point, and that’s because decorating a room without an inspiration point can be intimidating.

When you start a new project, you want to reduce decision overwhelm by choosing a focal point. Here’s a shortlist of focal point options to help you get started: artwork (read How to Choose Art that Will Transform Your Home), a rug, a piece of furniture, wallcoverings, or spectacular lighting.

Confirm that furnishing will fit through doors, hallways and stairwells.

4. How to Set Up a Budget for Decorating?

Decorating a room from scratch can be expensive. Setting up a budget following our 3-step guide may help to earn the greatest return on your investment.

  • Labor Costs and Design Project Support

    • To start, let’s talk about the cost many people overlook early on. You have to plan for the type of labor you will need. Will you have to take down a wall? Do you need new window treatments, new electrical work, or new upholstery?
    • Identify the tradespeople you’ll need and check the costs in your area. Ask your vendors about lead times so you have a better idea of how long your project will take.
  • Prioritize

    • Prioritize spending on your focal point and the things you notice first in a space. Think about investing in the areas you can’t change easily, like flooring, cabinets, and furniture.
    • Temporarily omit décor that can be easily changed and add it later.
  • Prepare for Unexpected Expenses

    • Set aside 10 – 15 percent of your budget for unexpected expenses. For instance, the supply chain crisis will likely cause freight and delivery fees to increase.

5. Select Color Palette for Your Room

  • Your Pinterest board makes selecting your color palette a lot easier than choosing one from a blank slate. And you’ll see how adding your focal point will make it even easier. The color story and theme in your favorite photographs is probably emerging. Now for the next step.
  • As you are assessing your board, what do you notice? Do you prefer neutral furnishings against a statement wall color? Or, do you like pops of color in furnishings or accessories?

6. Space Planning 

3D Software Will Help You Visualize Your Space

Using a desktop and/or mobile app will help take the guesswork out of room planning. Home Design 3D, Room Planner, Planner5D, Floorplanner, and Sketchup are popular options with mostly free versions.

7.  Creating Your Furnishings List 

Take a look at the Mod Daily’s free decorating planning room guides filled with ideas to make your life easier! We include a budget and furnishings list for your convenience. 

8. Finalize Your Vision Board + Place Your Orders

It’s not surprising that interior designers and stylists use mood boards a lot – and you can do the same for your DIY project.

How do you make a mood board for your room?

Ideally, you will include images of rooms you have been inspired by as well as fabrics for furnishings and window treatments from those rooms.

Your favorite colors will become obvious during this process. As you progress, architectural details, textures, ideas for rugs, and ideas about flooring will emerge.

Use specific pieces of art, lighting, and décor to evoke the mood you desire in a room and choose your focal point carefully.

9. Prepare Your Space Using Decorating Planning 

Creating an Inviting Room is a Gift to Your Future Self

Turn your room into a stunning space that you love to spend time in each day. Once you create a room that reflects your personality, you’ll soon realize how rewarding it it will be.

Invariably, my clients tell me that the lifestyle changes they made led them to the future they have imagined. And now, we are looking forward to hearing about yours!


Should I work with a professional?

Designers are trained to identify and resolve project challenges before becoming an expensive mistake. For this reason alone, I recommend hiring a professional. (Please note I am not taking clients at this time.)

Is it possible to work with a professional for a portion of the decorating project?

It is possible, and it is recommended. You can save time by going through the exercise of researching your style and exploring a realistic budget, and then bring in a professional. The process will go much quicker this way.

Will supply chain issues affect my decorating project?

Yes. Plan for lead time setbacks and have patience with vendors. Remind yourself that most delivery setbacks are beyond your vendor’s control.

Will this blog post and/or Mod Daily room planners provide me with everything I need to know about completing a successful room decorating project?

No. It is impossible to provide you with every detail you will need to complete your project successfully. Why? Because each decorating project is like a snowflake each is unique in its own way.

I have discussed a few design challenges you may experience; however, the list is endless. Please be sure to consult with your licensed general contractor, licensed electrician, licensed plumber, and other licensed tradespeople with your project questions and concerns for the best possible outcome. This is critical to the success of your project or renovation.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post  that highlights 9 Home Decorating Tips to Design Your NEW Favorite Room (A Mod Daily Guide)

Thank you for stopping by and supporting our blog. We love having you here and enjoy your thoughtful comments. 

If you haven’t already subscribed, we would like to welcome you to the Mod Daily community. Let us know about your decorating progress by leaving a comment below.

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