The 7 Best Roche Bobois Furniture Ideas for a More Luxurious Home

Get inspired by these 7 Roche Bobois furniture ideas!

Roche Bobois furniture is an iconic brand in the world of luxury home décor. The company deftly mixes modern sensibility with timeless design and customization to suit your personal style. Considering many homeowners are planning home improvements, I stopped by the Roche Bobois showroom (Costa Mesa, CA)  for furniture ideas. So with this in mind, I am excited to share the 7 best furnishings for a more luxurious home.

Decorating or Home Décor Project Ahead?

Are you looking for new home décor or office furniture? If yes, then Roche Bobois has got you covered. In fact, this French company produces a wide range of modern furniture and accessories, many of which have become iconic. For generations now, Roche Bobois has been known for its innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship, producing stylish and unique furnishings. Their collections include dining tables, chairs, desks, sideboards, bookcases, storage solutions, lighting fixtures, mirrors, and much more. Read related article: Home Decorating | The Ultimate Guide to Get the Results You Want.

1. Roche Bobois Bar and Sideboard  – The LIFT Bar

Designer, Sacha Lakic designed the LIFT Roche Bobois bar, a sideboard and entertainment unit that is a true statement piece. The lifting mechanism works so smoothly that accessories placed on top remain stable. And the glossy façade along with the backlighting makes it very appealing. Obviously, the designer’s passion for fast, luxurious automobiles is evident in this piece lending it a cool and stylish edge.

A glossy bar called the LIFT, designed to look like a sideboard, rests against Roche Bobois' showroom wall. It's a sleek Mediterranean blue.
The LIFT sideboard is available in over 30 colors. The façade is also available in Krion, which is a stone-like material that’s warm to the touch. Read DIY Room Planner article here.

2. The Iconic Bubble Sofa – Cozy and Comfortable

The Roche Bobois Bubble sofa by Sacha Lakic is not only aesthetically pleasing but also exceptionally comfortable. That’s because it is made from Roche Bobois’ exclusive fabric, Orsetto Flex. Another benefit is its soothing Zen-like aesthetic. With its timeless and whimsical design, it is a favorite of celebrities, designers, and TV shows.

Two ultra-soft and curvy sofas with a playful design are named Bubble. They are pleasing to the eye and encourage a light-hearted mindset.
By designing bespoke, made-to-order pieces, Roche Bobois allows you to express your unique style in your home. Bubble’s iconic design is a fusion of retro form and futuristic fabrication, crafted in ultra-soft, stretchy jersey, so it’s just as comfortable as it is playful. The Roche Bobois decorative pillows (cushions) add just the right touch.

3. Roche Bobois Sofa | Temps Calme Roche Bobois

Did we mention comfort is gaining momentum and is big news these days? Sofas and beds with smooth curves are in style, the kind you want to curl up in. In fact, the Bubbles sofa with its soft curves is on-trend (but still timeless), as is the Temps Calme. It’s seating that is more than inviting, it’s comfortable!

2.A simple yet elegant Temps Calme Roche Bobois sofa is known for its timeless elegance and simplicity. It's a cozy setting with a bookcase backdrop.
Roche Bobois furniture is known for its timeless elegance and simplicity. After all, these classic pieces are perfect for anyone looking for stylish home décor. The Temps Calme Sofa by Roche Bobois is shown in the image above.

4. Roche Bobois Bookcase – Trinta (shown in photo above)

The Trinta bookcase designed by Fabrice Berrux has off-set horizontal modules that alternate right and left. The arrangement works beautifully with the interior bookcase lighting. You can also see the warm light casting intriguing shadows. Imagine the relaxing at home by the glow of the soft lighting – it’s positively mood-enhancing. Oh, and it has lots of storage for your accessories and picture frames.

5. Lady B. Armchair

These classic pieces are perfect for anyone looking for stylish home décor. In Cécile Maia Pujol’s Lady B Armchair, plywood construction extends into a split back, which resembles a butterfly’s wings. This seat’s curved back encourages users to sit side-on so that they’re more likely to communicate with other people in the room. This chair combines form and function to explore how design influences human interaction.

The stylish Lady B Armchair is all aflutter in a butterfly print by Christian Lacroix whom is known for his unique designs and luxurious fabrics. This timeless fabric shown in both a black or white background is no exception. Roche Bobois and Christian Lacroix continue to collaborate after almost 20 years of working together. Together they create fabrics that bridge the fashion and furniture worlds with fashion brands.

6. Roche Bobois Dining Table – Voiles

The Voiles dining table is a rectangular glass and steel console table with a clean, minimalist look. Available finishes include black nickel, a vibrant chrome plated finish (shown below), gold, and copper.

Roche Bobois offers a wide range of furniture pieces that you can use in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, and even playrooms. The black chrome Voiles Dining Table is the brainchild of designer Maurice Barilone.

7. Roche Bobois Dining Chair – Longitude (shown above)

The Longitude chair offers maximum comfort with its inclining piston relax mechanism despite its modern aesthetic. It’s a unique and functional chair perfect for elaborate dinners and late-night munchies!

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More to come in the next installment!

We will share more photos taken at So Co Collection in the next post. See you again soon!


What is Roche Bobois’ origin story?

As a matter of fact, the Roche Bobois brand was founded in 1960 by two families, the Roches, and the Chouchans. Jacques Roche bought the Alexandre Dumas theater in Paris in 1950 and transformed it into a Bauhaus-inspired furniture store. His sons, Francoise and Philippe, joined the company and developed strategies to grow their distribution. During this time, the Chouchans sold furniture in Paris at Au Beau Bois (later Bobois). In an important turn of events, the brothers Roche attended an expo. There they met Patrick and Jean-Claude Chouchan. Within a year, Roche and Chouchan brothers published their first catalog and ran their first national campaign in Elle. This led to far greater sales than either Roches or Chouchans ever managed on their own. As a result, the two families solidified their partnership and became the first dealers to sell Scandinavian furniture in Paris.

What is Orsetto Flex Fabric?

Orsetto is a popular wool fabric with a curly pile surface. Stylish and durable, it’s the perfect fabric for the home or office.

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