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Home ImprovementRoche Bobois Furniture: How to Transform Your Home with Inviting Functional Art

Roche Bobois Furniture: How to Transform Your Home with Inviting Functional Art

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Roche Bobois Creative Unique and Creative Pieces

In this post, we’ll introduce you to Roche Bobois’ latest collections (plus a few classics) and show how they can transform your home. With its creative and artful designs, Roche Bobois furniture is tailored to those with an adventurous spirit, providing unique pieces that reflect your vibe. Join us on this journey to discover all the possibilities that await you and incorporate these exquisite pieces to achieve a captivating and unique look with Roche Bobois furniture.[Read: 5 Design Tips to Make Your Small Room Feel Larger]

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). A collection of whimsical and adventurous furniture and lighting pieces, designed by Marcel Wanders in collaboration with Roche Bobois. The grouping features lighting, a Montgolfiere Large Ottoman, Chess Occasional Table in Gold, Montgolfiere Lit Bed in Tissu Ricochet Ecru, and Wonder Cabinet.

Discover the Latest Artful Furniture Collections

The company has re-imagined past favorites, including the Sense sofa and Rio Ipanema table and various dining chairs. Adding to this collection is the Iroise dining table, with its deep blue top boasting a grainy, shimmering texture that conjures up the water’s surface. In this post, we’ll introduce you to Roche Bobois’ latest collections and how they can transform your home. With its creative and artful designs, Roche Bobois furniture is tailored to those with an adventurous spirit, providing unique pieces that add character to your home. Join us on this journey to discover all the possibilities that await you and incorporate these exquisite pieces to achieve a captivating and unique look with Roche Bobois furniture. [Tour a Breathtaking Custom Home with Irresistible Lifestyle Trends]

“Le Film Publicitaire Roche Bobois.” www.youtube.com, youtu.be/JRzi-5CnRcQ. Accessed 23 Apr. 2023.

Roche Bobois Collaborates with Visionary Artists

The brand collaborates with Visionary Artists Looking to the future, Roche Bobois has exciting new collaborations with visionary artists in the works. These partnerships promise to infuse their collections with innovative designs that inspire artistic expression in the home. But, let’s be real, decorating can be overwhelming. With so many options and decisions, it’s easy to get bogged down in the process. That’s why I write blog posts to help keep the Mod Daily community motivated and inspired. [Read: 3 Tips to Choose Tile Like the Pros]

Roche Bobois’s Costa Mesa Showroom

Roche Bobois’ Costa Mesa Showroom Through my research, I offer a fresh perspective on the latest furniture trends and why they’re worth considering for your home. Art has the power to set the mood and create a vibrant ambiance in any space, and it’s no secret that our readers loved our 2022 post on this topic. Adding new elements and refreshing the look of a room is always exciting. With Roche Bobois’ latest offerings, I am thrilled to share a few ultra-cool options that will transform your home into an uplifting adventure. Stay tuned for new photos and information on the latest designs.

Roche Bobois Sofas

Roche Bobois x Joana Vasconcelos: Outdoor Collection.


Artful Outdoor Living

Let’s take a seat and delve into the exciting collaboration between Roche Bobois and Joana Vasconcelos. The furniture company has once again collaborated with the talented Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos to create an outdoor collection called BomBom. This collection includes a range of sofas, rugs, and cushions with fluid and organic shapes designed for outdoor living. And her Valkyries’ inspired the soft silhouettes that offer customizable comfort.

Bombom Sofa

The color palette of BomBom Outdoor references the pastel facades of old Lisbon houses and shops, shades that blend with the sunset. The collection’s curves and winding lines are a series of shapes meant for interiors. Still, Joana Vasconcelos welcomes customers to compose their choice of colors. She designed these pieces with the hope that people would make them theirs while preserving the importance of comfort and a sense of flavor and joie de vivre.

Roche Bobois Sofa

In 2019, Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos visited Roche Bobois’ showroom in Lisbon to shop for a lamp. A woman working there recognized the artist and expressed the company’s desire to work with her. The result was the Bombom sofa, a compact sofa in bright, layered colors related to the artist’s paintings, with backrests that pivot to allow people to sit in different directions. The playful and unpredictable personality of the sculptor masterfully reinterprets the savoir-faire of the French Maison.

The Roche Bobois BomBom blends beautifully into the mountain backdrop with ocean views.
Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). Unwind in sophistication with the Bombom sofa in four delightful hues, showcased in this photo of a breathtaking coastal abode.

BomBom Sofa: Artful Functionality by Joana Vasconcelos

Joana Vasconcelos’s work is made from everyday elements and materials. Her Portuguese heritage influences her art, incorporating azulejos and crocheted doilies into her designs and accessories. For Ms. Vasconcelos, the BomBom sofa is a statement piece that commands attention and brings a sense of whimsy and artistic flair to any space. It is a masterpiece that will captivate and inspire, reminding us that magic happens when art and functionality come together.

Rio Ipanema Dining Tables

What is the most hard wearing dining table?

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). The Roche Bobois dining table, made of defibrated oak and named Rio Ipanema, features an organic and solid wood base that beautifully complements Brazil’s “natural city” philosophy. The table is elegantly presented and paired with Jonathan Adler’s Versailles and Please vases.


Roche Bobois Dining

The Rio Ipanema dining table, crafted from defibrated oak, is a harmonious addition to Roche Bobois’ collection. Bruno Moinard designed this curvaceous table with an organic, solid wood base that complements its sleek, modern tabletop. Its simplicity allows it to blend seamlessly with various aesthetics, while its high-quality materials ensure it will last for years to come. [How to Turn Your Dining Room into a Coastal Retreat]

The Art of Dining

Roche Bobois celebrates the art of dining with the functional and stylish Rio Ipanema table. In the words of Roche Bobois, “French gastronomy is viewed as an intriguing, seductive, and passionate art form throughout the world. While honoring this culture, the dining room must incorporate new creative functionalities and intelligent design features.” The Rio Ipanema table reflects this philosophy making it a lovely addition to most modern dining spaces.

Roche Bobois Temps Calme Outdoor Sunbed

How to make the most of your outdoor space?


Patio Furniture Ideas

Are you craving a bit of sun, relaxation, and outdoor living? Roche Bobois has just the solution for you. Their new outdoor collection features the Temps Calme Outdoor Sunbed. It’s a modular sofa that will transform your outdoor space into a paradise. Upholstered in Meridien matelassé and Meridien uni outdoor fabrics, the sunbed is both luxurious and durable. The collection is designed with the beauty of nature in mind, using shades of azure, gold, and zesty tones that will transport you to a tropical oasis. The innovative combination of shapes and materials creates a new level of comfort and design for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Living

The Temps Calme Sunbed features seat and back cushions made from Dryfeel foam and polyester fibers for the ultimate relaxation. The solid Okoume plywood structure ensures durability and sturdiness. The sunbed is versatile, with other dimensions and elements available to fit your unique outdoor space. You can also add optional decorative cushions to elevate the aesthetic.

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023) featuring Roche Bobois’ Temps Calme Outdoor Sunbed and ottoman.

The Roche Bobois Celebrated Mah Jong Sofa

What is a Mahjong sofa?

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). The MAH JONG outdoor sofa dressed by Jean Paul Gaultier is stylish, comfortable seating for your outdoor area.


Roche Bobois Style

Looking for an outdoor lounge sofa that combines style and comfort? Discover the Roche Bobois Mah Jong Lounge Sofa, now available in an outdoor version that allows you to enjoy the outdoors almost at ground level. This fully modular low seating system is a best-seller with endless modular combinations, making it the perfect choice for relaxing in style. Jean Paul Gaultier fabrics are used to reimagine the collection.

Stylish Home Furnishings

The Mah Jong Lounge Sofa with its metal base that supports cushions covered in refreshing colors, adding a welcome aesthetic to your outdoor space. With trays on the sides and behind the seats, you can easily hold glasses, towels, or sunscreen while you enjoy the sun.

Originally developed by designer Hans Hopfer in the 1970s, the Mah Jong Lounge Sofa broke the design mold and encouraged a new way of organizing living spaces. Today, the MAH JONG outdoor sofa is designed by some of the world’s most talented fashion designers, turning it into a stunning statement piece that will enhance most outdoor spaces. With its sculptural design, this sofa is perfect for families that appreciate bold and comfortable furniture.

Roche Bobois Aqua Round Dining Table

How to make the most of your outdoor space with furniture design?


Timeless Marble Dining Table

There is something striking about Roche Bobois’ Aqua Dining Room Table that makes it an ideal consideration to add to your dining space. Designed by Fabrice Berrux, this table offers an intriguing curvy silhouette that is contemporary yet timeless. The table base is crafted from white Carrara or black Marquina marble and resembles a drop of liquid. The shape showcases the designer’s incredible craftsmanship.

Designer Tip

Design tip – anchor your room’s focal point with the Aqua table and Steeple dining chairs. When combined with equally engaging seating the combination becomes a subtle focal point. In the image shown here, the Aqua table and Steeple dining chair combination perfectly complements the surrounding scenery. The table’s shape echoes the natural curves of the mountains and sky, creating a sense of harmony in the space created.

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). Roche Bobois Aqua Round Dining Table in collaboration with designer Fabrice Berrux. And, the Steeple dining chair designed by Enrico Franzolini.

Ultimately, the Roche Bobois Aqua Dining Room Table blends beauty and functionality seamlessly. As we continue, I’d like to review another exceptional piece from the collection – the Lift Sideboard. This versatile and functional storage solution seamlessly blends form and function. The sideboard can be customized as a sideboard or bar with open shelving and low-profile. [Read: 5 Modern Coffee Station Ideas for a Healthy Morning Routine]

Roche Bobois Icons

Roche Bobo Lift Sideboard

What is a versatile sidebar?

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). The image features the LIFT | Sideboard By Roche Bobois. The bar’s glossy finish is Daquacryl: Violine.


Roche Bobois Dining

The Roche Bobois Lift Sideboard or bar is not an ordinary sideboard or entertainment unit. This piece was designed by Sacha Lakic and is a testament to his passion for fast, luxurious cars. The smooth lifting mechanism of the sideboard is unexpected. It glides up and down easily with an electronic mechanism. The glossy façade and backlighting add to its appeal, making it an irresistible addition to your home.

Stylish and Bold Sideboard

One of the standout features of the Lift bar is its thermoformed PMMA façade, available in over 30 colors. In addition, it is available in Krion, a stone-like material that feels warm to the touch. The interior of the storage unit can be customized to suit your needs, with different options to choose from, including a bar version. The Roche Bobois Lift Sideboard Bar is stylish and bold choice for your artful home.

Roche Bobois Bubble Sofa – Icon Status

Who designed the bubble couch?


Comfort & Artistry

The Roche Bobois Bubble Sofa, designed by Sacha Lakic, is a harmonious blend of comfort and artistry. The sofa’s functional design and Orsetto Flex ensure a truly comfortable seating experience. With its serene Zen-like aesthetic, the Bubble Sofa adds a touch of tranquility to any living space, making it a sought-after choice for those who appreciate a timeless and whimsical design. It’s no wonder this exceptional piece has captured the attention of celebrities, designers, and TV shows alike.

Bubble Sofa = Focal Point

The Bubble Sofa’s unique and playful design has made it a favorite of celebrities, designers, and TV shows. The sofa is available in various neutral tones, seamlessly integrating with many decor styles. The sofa’s soft, rounded curves are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Whether you’re looking to update your living room or add a cozy touch to your reading nook, the Roche Bobois Bubble Sofa is an excellent choice.

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). Mod Daily’s Pier Story showcases the Roche Bobois Bubble Sofa, a fusion of retro-futuristic design for a distinct look. The sofa on the left features Techno 2D fabric in Giada. The sofa on the right is shown in Cedro.

Join the Conversation: Roche Bobois Furniture Inspiration

Roche Bobois’ Spring/Summer 2023 Collection is a captivating tribute to the voluptuous and curvy shapes that defined the 1970s. The collection’s earthy mineral tones and jewel-toned blues bring a touch of sophistication. At the same time, the expert wood craftsmanship and new glass finishes add fresh mediums that showcase the brand’s artistry. With its beautiful blend of retro and contemporary styles, the collection offers endless possibilities to elevate your living space.

We hope this post has inspired you to explore Roche Bobois’s latest collection and discover the beauty and artistry of the brand. Don’t forget to check out our other posts for more inspiration and design ideas. We would love to hear from you, so please share photos of your own home with Roche Bobois. And we would love to know what you would like to read about in future posts. Comment, share, and let’s continue the conversation about the art of interior design.

This image features Roche Bobois sideboard called Snow.
Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). The photograph features Roche Bobois’s SNOW: The Krion® sideboard, designed by Erwan Peron with the Paris, France brand illuminated sign at the showroom entrance.

Roche Bobois FAQs

Roche Bobois History: Innovative Furniture Collaboration with Fashion Icons

Roche Bobois prides itself on innovative furniture design. It’s no surprise that the company has collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned fashion designers and architects. In 2010, Roche Bobois partnered with Jean Paul Gaultier to create a collection of avant-garde furniture pieces, including a sofa that resembled a giant quilted jacket. The collaboration was a hit and showcased Roche Bobois’ versatility and willingness to push furniture boundaries.

The company’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship is evident in the range of accessories and side tables available, such as the Au Beau Bois side table. Roche Bobois also offers a wide selection of bedroom furniture, including their vintage Roche Bobois sectional and sofas. Their Scandinavian furniture is world renowned for its clean lines and minimalist design.

Home Decor & Design Publications
Roche Bobois was founded in Paris in 1960 by brothers Jean-Claude and Patrick Chouchan and François Roche. In addition to collaborating in Europe with renowned fashion designers, Roche Bobois had also launched the world leader first national advertising campaign. They presented their innovative furniture design including chairs, sofas, tables, and office furnishings. The French company has since become a global leader in luxury furniture and decor, with showrooms in over 50 countries. Roche Bobois’ pieces are frequently featured in design publications like Elle Magazine and sought after by interior designers and homeowners.

The Roche Bobois Mah Jong made for outdoor use is placed on a patio deck with with trim.
Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). The MAH JONG outdoor sofa dressed by Jean Paul Gaultier is stylish, comfortable seating for your outdoor area.
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