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House toursTour a Breathtaking Custom Home That Embraces 5 Irresistible Lifestyle Trends

Tour a Breathtaking Custom Home That Embraces 5 Irresistible Lifestyle Trends

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This Custom Home Evokes Modern Organic Living

Step into this stunning custom home with distinctive indoor-outdoor living spaces and ‘La Dolce Vita’ wellness amenities. The talented team behind this masterpiece has curated every detail, focusing on five irresistible lifestyle trends infused throughout the home. From embracing natural materials to promoting health and wellness, each trend evokes a sense of appreciation for the surroundings. And what sets this collaboration apart? It’s the inclusion of a highly skilled residential development consulting company that adds an extra layer of expertise. [Read: Home Organization Ideas to Elevate Your Space]

Source: Photographer Hugo Landa/Valia Properties (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.

Dream Home – Living the Good Life

This newly constructed custom home embodies the quintessential Southern California lifestyle. With its contemporary elegance and attention to detail, every aspect reflects the talented team’s passion for creating beautiful living spaces. From the carefully chosen island pendants to the expertly crafted finishes, each feature adds to the overall allure. Join Mod Daily on a virtual tour and experience a genuine connection with this gorgeous home.

[Valia Properties]. (2023, January 17). 226 Jasmine Avenue, Corona Del Mar, California [Video]. Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuGdiT1o0O0&ab_channel=VALIAProperties

European Charm Captivates in Home Design

During my visit, I enjoyed meeting Laura Brophy, a gifted designer in Orange County (Read more about Laura here). Her discerning eye for detail brings a warm, captivating design that complements the surroundings. The outdoor spaces exude charm, thanks to the Italian porcelain and reclaimed parfeuille pavers from the southern France. This property truly celebrates the art of living. And we invite you to join us as we take a closer look at the incredible collaboration behind this awe-inspiring custom home.

49th Annual CDM Home Tour benefits CDM Middle & High School. Presented by Valia Properties and Barclay Butera Interiors. Event Chair, CDM Home Tour – Gina Jaha.

Building Beauty: Meet the Talented Experts

Getting the right team together is crucial to building a custom home that hits all the high notes. From concept and design to finishing touches, it takes an entire group of professionals to realize a vision. This section introduces you to the key players behind this beautiful home. And thank you, Gina Jaha, Event Chair of the CDM Home Tour, for inviting Mod Daily to participate in this unforgettable event!

Source: Photographer Hugo Landa/Valia Properties (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.

Now let’s take a closer look at this custom home’s five irresistible lifestyle and home decor features. From indoor outdoor living spaces to water and fire features, each element evokes a sense of luxury, indulgence, and practicality. Discover how these elements combine to create a space that embodies the organic lifestyle. [Read: Meditation Room Ideas]

"Design your life, one space at a time. Gigi Day" 
Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.

Custom Home – California Coastal Style

How do you blend indoor outdoor spaces?


Water Feature Exudes Harmony

As you enter the virtual tour, you’ll be drawn in by the warm and inviting atmosphere that greets you. The indoor and outdoor rooms blend seamlessly, creating an artful balance that exudes harmony and a Zenful lifestyle. Each room in this cozy home has been thoughtfully designed with comfort and functionality in mind. The water and fire features add to the overall ambiance, while the meditation space offers a tranquil respite for mindfulness and relaxation. Reflecting the joys of daily life, this home exudes a welcoming aura.

Indoor Outdoor Living Spaces

The marine-grade cedar exterior is expertly stained in a delicate pale bisque color, complementing the interior’s stunning white oak flooring and the exterior’s grand Italian porcelain tiles. The sleek black steel and glass sliding doors provide an elegant contrast, offering effortless indoor-outdoor living perfect for savoring the moment. Whether lounging, meditating, or entertaining, this custom home embraces the pleasures of modern organic living. [Read: 5 Tips for Creating a Meditation Garden]

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.
Source: Photographer Hugo Landa/Valia Properties (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.

What I wish I knew before remodeling my kitchen.

Source: CDM Home Tour 2023., March 2023, digital image, Jasmine Corona Del Mar, California.


Contemporary Kitchen Lighting

Above the kitchen’s Taj Mahal quartzite island, twin hand-formed wicker pendants take center stage, commanding attention and addressing the senses. The use of uber-textural statement lighting to create a cozy atmosphere is an increasingly popular trend in modern kitchen spaces. The large-scale tumbleweed-shaped island fixtures create a striking juxtaposition against the dining room’s elegant chandelier, adding a dynamic mix of whimsical lighting to the home. Shimmering light creates a playful and feminine flourish in the space. [Read: 2023 Kitchen Trends According to Designers]

Kitchen Cabinet Natural Wood

Custom home design trends are moving away from the starkness of white finishes and embracing the warm, inviting tones of natural woods. (7 Home Decor Trends to Look For According to Designers, Washingtonian) This approach creates a cozier atmosphere that welcomes you in with open arms. In addition to the shift in color, designers are now opting for single, carefully curated displays instead of multiple shelves. This approach adds interest to the space but also helps prevent the overwhelming feeling of visual clutter.

Source (Photograph to left-right, bottom right: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S. Source (bottom left): Photographer Hugo Landa/Valia Properties (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

But it’s not just about color and display. Glossy finishes on backsplashes have become increasingly popular as they create a reflective effect that brightens the room and adds a touch of sophistication. And when it comes to open kitchen storage, simplicity is key. Using a restrained color palette and design can help prevent the space from feeling overcrowded and allow the beauty of the pieces on display to shine through (Homes and Gardens Kitchen Trends).

The kitchen features a formal bar bejeweled with shimmering hand-formed Moroccan zellige tiles and a bar sink and faucet. It seamlessly blends in with the home’s overall design, providing luxury and functionality. Additionally, the beverage bar trend has been growing in popularity for elevating the overall home experience. It offers versatility in serving coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages for entertaining guests.

Custom Home: Butler’s Pantry

What is the difference between a pantry and a butler’s pantry?


Butler’s Pantry Ideas

As we transition from the luxurious beverage bar, we step into the stylish butler’s pantry with its perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality. It’s more than just a useful space; it’s a hub for nourishing meals. Plus, this is a working pantry designed for storage, meal preparation, and cleanup.

Working Pantry

Its spacious design includes modern appliances and a large working sink, ideal for catering to various dietary needs and hosting intimate gatherings or larger events.

In this beautifully designed custom home, the butler’s pantry is a testament to conscious living, promoting balance and well-being. It’s not just a trend but a lifestyle that fosters an unforgettable experience, supporting the home’s living experience. And as we move to the primary bedroom, a similar approach to design awaits, creating an inviting space for rest and relaxation.

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.
Source: Photographer Hugo Landa/Valia Properties (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.

Custom Home: Master Bedroom

How do you style a large primary bedroom?

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.


Bedroom Inspiration

Now, let’s explore the captivating primary bedroom and ensuite bathroom, a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. As an added bonus, a water feature on the lower level creates soothing sounds throughout the space. Stepping into the bedroom, you’ll find a glass-enclosed private deck, perfect for enjoying ocean views just down the road.

Master Bedroom Ideas

One of the benefits of a large pocketed glass wall in a custom home is that it promotes a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. Further enhancing the connection with nature (biophilic design), windows showcase lush trees and greenery, emphasizing the room’s nature-inspired design. [Read: White Tropical Bedroom Ideas]

Bathroom Spa

Next on the must-have trend list: is a bold floor-to-ceiling black steel fireplace that creates a cozy atmosphere near the bed. You’ll find a textured black vanity top in the ensuite and an indulgent Victoria and Albert soaking tub. Separate water closets and walk-in wardrobes provide extra comfort and privacy.

Bedroom Lighting

In this space, lighting makes a statement as the mid-century modern-inspired AERIN two-tier chandelier commands attention. Its eight stylish black shades cast a warm, inviting glow throughout the room. Emphasizing quality over quantity, designers have carefully curated unique, thoughtful home decor to create a truly personal atmosphere in the primary bedroom.

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.

Master Bathroom

The nature-driven, organic aesthetic aligns with 2023 trends, immersing you in a world where greenery greets you from every vantage point. Catering to personal preferences, this room features spacious walk-in closets, separate water closets, a cozy fireplace, and eye-catching lighting. The custom home perfectly balances style and comfort, creating an exceptional living experience in a world where greenery greets you from every vantage point.

Home Office Ideas

A home office may hold the key to better health and happiness.


Custom Home Office

After exploring the nature-inspired primary bedroom in our custom home tour, let’s shift our focus to another essential living space: the home office. Dedicated home office spaces are becoming increasingly important for productivity and focus as more people embrace remote work. This year, home office trends are leaning towards functionality, adaptability, and personalized design elements that cater to individual preferences. [Read: Making the Most of Your Home Office Remodel]

Home Office Decor

One emerging trend in home office design is the adaptable use of space. As seen in this custom home, a steel and glass wall offers the flexibility to transform the room into a guest room, gym, or playroom. This versatile approach enables homeowners to tailor their living spaces to accommodate their changing requirements.

Custom home
Source: Photographer Hugo Landa/Valia Properties (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.

But a well-designed home office goes beyond just adaptability. Notably, many homeowners seek light, bright, and airy spaces for their workspace. Clean, minimal designs with ample natural light help create an environment that promotes focus and a positive mindset. Bright rooms can enhance alertness and encourage the flow of creative ideas, making your home office a sanctuary for productivity and inspiration.

Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.

Home Office Desk

To further enhance your home office, consider a statement desk that not only looks great but also provides functionality. A power desk like the Kaela desk in weathered blonde or the Lindy desk for larger spaces, may resonate. Check out Alchemy Fine Home, 2Modern or Lumens for focal-point-worthy desks. With these design tips in mind, you can transform your office into a space that dovetails beautifully with your lifestyle. Whether you’re drawn to a striking, eye-catching power desk or a peaceful, light-drenched workspace, this year’s home office trends cater to diverse preferences. As you explore these trends, envision a home office that truly resonates with you, inspiring productivity and striking the perfect work-life balance. (Source: The 15 Biggest Home Office Trends, Veranda.com)


California Coastal Living

As we wrap up our tour of this stunning custom home, we hope you’ve found inspiration in its beautiful blend of style, function, and nature-inspired design. These trends cater to diverse preferences, offering the chance to create spaces that truly reflect your lifestyle.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree with these trends? Have you encountered other trends you think we should cover? Your recommendations are welcome!

Custom Home Tour

Thank you for joining us on this journey through irresistible lifestyle and home decor trends. A perfect living space nurtures body, mind, and soul. Design a home that supports your unique lifestyle, helping you thrive and maintain balance. Let’s continue sharing ideas and experiences, learning and creating beautiful spaces together.

A delightful sitting room awaits beside the primary bedroom. Home decor by Lauren Brophy Interiors. Art available at SCAPE Gallery. Source: Gigi Day/Mod Daily LLC (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.
custom home
Source: Photographer Hugo Landa/Valia Properties (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.
Laura Brophy Interiors
A beautiful shot of the dining room with greens and dark wood in this Custom home.
Source: Photographer Hugo Landa/Valia Properties (2023). CDM Home Tour in Corona Del Mar, CA, U.S.

Thank You!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Adisen Little and Randy Kershaw from Valia Properties on this blog post. Their design and real estate expertise made this project a truly collaborative effort. I also had the pleasure of meeting Laura Brophy, whose passion for design and attention to detail is truly inspiring. A special thank you to Gina Jaha, Chair of CDM Home Tour, for bringing so many talented individuals together for such a wonderful cause. Your dedication to showcasing exceptional homes and design is truly admirable.

As we look forward to the 50th anniversary of the CDM Home Tour, I can’t help but feel excited for what’s to come. I have no doubt that the next event will be just as exceptional as this one, if not more so. Thank you again to everyone involved for making this such a memorable experience.

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