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FamilyA Bedtime Story | An Enchanting Day by the Sea

A Bedtime Story | An Enchanting Day by the Sea

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A Bedtime Story & Child’s Meditation | A Fun-Filled Adventure at the Beach

Mod Kids – Happy at Home. This story is dedicated to Gigi’s cherubs – I love you always.



A Fun-filled Adventure by the Sea

Mod Kids is an integral part of The Mod Daily and is deeply rooted in an appreciation for every child’s exquisiteness and unique creative expression. 

In this adventure, you and I will immerse ourselves in an exciting journey to an enjoyable and refreshing place. Today you will discover how powerful your imagination is and what you can do using the power of your wonderful and gifted mind. You can fly with it without leaving your room, you can paint gray moments in colors, and you are even capable of creating fantastic worlds if you put your mind to it.

The good news is that you will not be making this trip alone: four very, very special people will be accompanying you. But I won’t tell you more straight away. At this moment, let us relax and focus on your breathing.

(Short pause)

We will find a quiet and pleasant space where you can relax your mind to focus on this journey. While there, rest on a mattress or a comfortable sofa if you wish, place your favorite pillow under your neck and then wrap yourself in your favorite blanket. You are about to embark on a journey full of positive feelings, and the best way to do it is by gently closing your eyes. Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale. Everything that will come from now on will happen inside your mind.


Everything that will come from now on will happen inside your mind.

You breathe in slowly, appreciating how your chest swells when you take in the air, and then breathe out calmly. You begin to let yourself go to places that are beyond your room. You are moving around the world to a place where your friends are waiting for you. And you do this in your mind without having to get out of bed. Your mind is clearing, and your thoughts are becoming lighter and softer. You feel calm; you fill your mind with incredible and fantastic adventures.

Just focus on your breath, your inhalation, and exhalation. You are in a safe space, and everything around you is positive, harmonious, and bright.


You are in a safe space, and everything around you is positive, harmonious, and bright.

You begin to observe, little by little, how a soft light appears in the center of your mind. Inhale slowly, appreciating how your arms, legs, and neck are completely relaxed, and then softly exhale. You are immersing yourself in that light, my dear. You are allowing yourself to be guided by the light to a place where your friends wait for you. If you feel tired and want to sleep at any time, just rest. We will continue with this adventure another time.

If you would like to continue with our adventure at this moment, let your mind fill with a magnificent glow that catches everything in front of you. Then, at last, you begin your journey.


Let your mind fill with a magnificent glow…

Imagine sitting on a comfy sofa in front of a large television hung on the wall. You are watching your favorite movie: the one where the heroes that fascinate you show up. You are in the living room of a peaceful home, and around you are children who have been your friends for a long time.

Alexander, a little boy with huge blue eyes, likes to tell stories that make his sisters laugh. He is sitting next to you, watching TV while holding his cuddly stuffed animal, which he named Ryan. His older sister, Grace, is sitting next to her younger sister, Rose, on the sofa, and they are both playing an exciting card game.

A kind-faced woman with a big smile comes to you with delicious snacks. Her name is Gigi, and she is your friends’ grandmother. The five of you are there, enjoying a peaceful moment until Alexander comes up with an exciting idea: he wants to go to a warm beach in California.

Enjoying a peaceful moment

Everyone jumps up with excitement when hearing the proposal. You seem to be very excited to imagine the refreshing blue ocean, the delicious sea breeze, and the crystal clear water. Grandma Gigi smiles and says that, of course, you may go to the beach. Let’s finish our delicious and healthy snack and get ready for a fun day at the beach.

Rose takes her stuffed animal, named Emma, and keeps it in her backpack, ready to take to the beach. Rose also searches the backyard for her beloved puppy, Teddy, and places his leash on him: he will join you on your excursion.

Grace searches her large, white bookcase filled with many books and spots her recent favorite: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy. She loves to read every day, and especially while enjoying a day at the beach.

You watch Alexander run to the attic to find the family’s boogie boards; he has an extra board just for you. Grandma Gigi then prepares everything necessary to make that day extraordinary. Together, you climb into the family’s SUV with plenty of room for everyone.

The time has come to travel to Newport Beach. The stage is set for a lovely day; you can feel the anticipation swirling around you. Your stomach vibrates with excitement, and your heart pounds as you are thrilled to imagine the soft sand between your toes. Inhale slowly, exhale calmly. You let yourself take this journey that will soon begin. Your favorite song plays on the radio as you look out of the window.

The soft sand between your toes

Gigi is driving with a big smile. Grace is singing so well and so peacefully that her sister, Rose, leaning on her shoulder, fell asleep. Meanwhile, Alexander imagines all of the fun activities he plans to do when they arrive at the beach. Little puppy Teddy is in the passenger seat, partially sticking his head out the window and enjoying the warm breeze on his face.

After traveling on many beautiful roads, you reach your destination. Rose wakes up, squealing with excitement, “we’re in Newport Beach!” And that means hours of fun are ahead.

Waves Rush Against the Shore
Enjoying the warm breeze

You sit on the sand and let yourself be carried away by the perfect place in front of you. Waves rush against the shore, then gently return to the sea. Giant palm trees protect you with shade from the sun and sway in the soft breeze that abounds on the beach. Alexander pulls out the boogie boards as each of you dive into the ocean. You and Alexander laugh so hard as you catch a wave and ride it to the beach.

Rose swims calmly and lets herself be carried away by the waves. And Grace loves diving with her special glasses to observe small fish, turtles, and crabs. Teddy splashes on the shore. As waves roll back into the ocean, he runs toward it and just as quickly runs back to the sand as the waves rush about. You think to yourself that Teddy is playing a challenging game of tag.

Meanwhile, Grandma Gigi set up a tall umbrella over the sand to enjoy the idyllic view. She sips a glass of water and watches as diamonds of sun glitter dance across the ocean in the distance. It reminds her of the first time she visited a beach when she was about your age.

Diamonds of sun glitter dance across the ocean in the distance

After swimming for quite a while, you decide to go ashore. At that moment, Alexander and Rose smile at each other. They had an idea to build a sandcastle, not just any sandcastle, but the biggest and most fabulous of all. Each of you finds your sand shovels and pails. Meanwhile, Grace begins to walk the beach playing with her twin dolls, Luke and Lucy. She picks up beautiful seashells and pebbles that she will later place back onto the beach. You help your friends build mighty castle walls. You suggest that a moat is needed and your friends heartily agree.

The castle is taking shape, and you feel happy. Rose runs a few feet away to pick up sea kelp to adorn the sand sculpture. You are delighted with what you managed to build.

You help your friends build mighty castle walls.

Grandma Gigi gets up from the sand and proposes a game that everyone loves: tag on the beach. Each of you begins to run in different directions. Even Teddy is playing. Alexander is fast and rarely caught, and Rose is so quick that she usually finds a way to escape. Grace is almost always tagged because she enjoys the role of leader. And Gigi laughs youthfully, running even faster than you. You feel happy and loved.

As the sun sets, you and Grace make sand angels, and Alexander has fun burying Rose up to her neck. Everyone is calm and happy. Teddy and Gigi are sitting in a beach chair, both exhausted from running. Things seem to be going pretty well, but when Rose digs herself up, she says she doesn’t like how the sand feels on her body. Grace and Alexander agree; they don’t like it either because it scratches and itches them. Gigi laughs gently and reminds you of something essential: the sand is part of the beach; without it, we would not have had such a wonderful day.


You all hug each other warmly. You begin to realize that the thought of sand on your skin now brings you peace. You keep walking and find the tall open-air warm water fountains that gently wash away all the sand. As you make your way through, a large air dryer quickly dries your clothes as you stand by the sea.

Then everyone climbs into the family’s SUV, refreshed and ready for a relaxing ride home. Grace shares delicious confetti cupcakes that she made at home, and you enjoy one as you watch the beautiful sunset and talk about the things you have done that day. You feel happy and grateful to be there.

Shortly after, Gigi said that it is time to go home. She places Teddy in the passenger seat while you look at the beach in the distance and raise your hands to say goodbye. You inhale the delicious salty air and then exhale, feeling more and more relaxed.

Gigi explains that it will be a long trip home. She gives everyone a cozy blanket and a comfy pillow; she even reclines the seats just a little so that you may rest or sleep.

You Seem to Float

You inhale the delicious salty air and then exhale, feeling more and more relaxed

You feel yourself become so light that you seem to float, and you arrive home in a blink of an eye. You say goodbye to all your friends, and they promise that they will take you with them on their next adventures. Teddy licks your face, and Gigi wishes you good night.

You feel yourself become so light that you seem to float

You take the blanket with you, and as you climb into your own bed, you realize that you are in the best place in the world, surrounded by people who love you.
Today you traveled to a magical and memorable place, and this is just the beginning. From this moment on, other adventures will be waiting for you at bedtime. But for now, just rest, my friend. Adventures and good friends will always be there for you to fill your life with joy and sharing.



For now, just rest my friend.

Wishing you many zenful moments.



Mod Kids is an integral part of The Mod Daily and is deeply rooted in an appreciation for every child’s exquisiteness and unique creative expression.

Be sure to read or listen to the next Mod Kid’s bedtime story. Join our growing community. Say, “hi” at hello@TheModDaily.com.


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