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MeditationMeditation Room9 Easy Meditation Room Ideas for a Relaxing Head Space at Home

9 Easy Meditation Room Ideas for a Relaxing Head Space at Home

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Your Serene Meditation Room at Home

Dear meditators, can’t seem to find the right peaceful place to meditate at home? Maybe you’re in need of some new inspiration, look no further! Check out these nine relaxing meditation room ideas that will help create a Zen head space in your home. From minimalist spaces to nature-inspired rooms, there’s sure to be an idea here that speaks to you! So get inspired and start creating your very own oasis for refreshment and inner peace. Trust us; your mind will thank you. [Read: 5 Tips for Creating a Meditation Garden at Home]

Inspired Meditation Spaces

Invest in a haven of relaxation and reap the powerful benefits! From reducing stress to increasing mindfulness, meditation can offer much more than just improved mental health. By dedicating time each day to quietly sitting while focusing on your breath, you will achieve states of deep peace & tranquility which have lasting effects on both your physical and emotional well-being. Take care of yourself with this life-changing experience today.

Namaste, Gigi

Stepping into a perfectly tailored room is like taking in an energizing breath of fresh air! 
You'll find that the colors, textures, and patterns become your personal reflection - it's so good!
Enhance your daily life with a luxurious and sophisticated meditation space in the comfort of your home. There are countless ways to design your meditation room, whether a chic bedroom meditation corner, a Boho morning meditation zone, or a DIY meditation room makeover.
Crafting a space to perfection certainly requires decorating planning, but it's so worth it! 

How Do I Set Up A Meditation Room?

  • Begin with cherished memories + 5 senses
  • Choose a space that suits your personality
  • Declutter and organize
  • Develop a furniture & decorating plan
  • Select an irresistible color palette
  • Choose Accessories
  • Natural light & connection to the outdoors
  • Soothing sound therapy
  • Aromatherapy & tea meditation

Meditation Room Ideas Begin with a Memory

How can I make a meditation room at home?


Sacred Spaces

Imagine your three most cherished memories. Which of your senses are most heightened? What time of day? What are the color palettes that come to mind? Are the days sun-kissed or snow-filled? What natural elements surround you? Which scents surround you? Envelope you?

Happy Energy

By and large, we associate special memories with sights, smells, textures, and sounds that bring joy and comfort. Also, happy memories can be as simple as feeling the warm sun rays on your face or as complex as a pleasant hike.

In other words, we invite you to decorate your home with things that remind you of the memories evoked. Here again, look for colors, fabrics, and scents that trigger these moments as you envision them in your mind’s eye. [Read: Your Morning Routine is Making You Healthier]

meditation room at home collage includes beautiful scenes around southern california
When designing your dedicated meditation space, consider both comfort and aesthetics. A comfortable meditation cushion can add to your room’s overall look and feel and provide support for more extended periods of sitting.
You'll appreciate the research process more if you give yourself a deadline.

A Home Meditation Room that Aligns with Your Personality

How do you decorate a meditation room for instant destressing?

For added effect, use statement pieces such as abstract panels or oversized photographs that feature natural elements like trees and flowers, which evoke feelings akin to being outside in nature.


Natural Light

Create your own sanctuary – a space that reflects and nourishes who you are. When it comes to finding solace in our increasingly chaotic lives, nothing beats designing an area of serenity with natural lighting streaming through windows and breezes flowing indoors.

Too Few or No Windows?

However, not all rooms are equipped with windows. In this case, consider a large-scale painting depicting a distant horizon. By applying this designer tip, you can give the appearance of a windowless room having an opening. Couple this idea with a decorating tip to enhance your room’s horizontal or vertical features. We recommend including wall decor like Alchemy Fine Home’s, Eichholtz Print EC 366 Belmond Hotel Splendido to draw the upward.

Wood & Walls

Alternatively, invite a taste of Slim Aaron’s Italy into your home with Four Hands’ Giacomo Montegazza. Here again, note that the horizontal art / wall decor will visually expand your meditation room.

This design tool is especially effective when using landscapes, lush tropical greenery, and nature-inspired murals. Without fail, biophilic design can inspire a feeling of calmness and serenity in the room. To hint at an opening, choose artwork with neutral tones, blues, and greens that will make you feel peaceful.

Meditation Room at Home

By the same token, wallpapers with detailed prints of rolling hillsides, mountain ranges, or beach scenes incorporating pastel colors can add texture and depth. Fold in muted pops of color on furniture or furnishings for a custom look.

Prefer a Room with Less Natural Light?

That said, you may prefer a room without much natural light, if any at all. While some people prefer to meditate in a room with lots of natural light, others find that too much light is distracting. If you fall into the latter camp with your practice, consider experiencing the ultimate in meditating with a dark, quiet meditation space.

Meditation Room Curtains, Cushions

For instance, you can block out any distractions from the outside by investing in blackout curtains or blinds. Ultimately, it’s best to choose a room or space that will align with what fills you with serenity. Of course, finishing decorating touches like a Bohemian rug, pillows, meditation cushions, and wood elements can infuse your space with your style stamp.

Incorporate neutral, calming tones such as soft whites, grays, and blues to promote relaxation and provide a blank canvas for pops of color and personality through decorative accents. Remember to keep the area clutter-free and well-organized to prevent distractions and allow for a more focused meditation practice.
"Meditation is a mind-body practice in which your attention is focused on being mindful of the present, your breath and your mind to promote awareness, cultivate wellbeing and reduce stress and anxiety." (Source: 10 Science-Backed Benefits of Meditation - Forbes)

Declutter to Clear Your Mind

What is the best way to organize a room?


Meditation Room Ideas

Meanwhile, it’s important to keep your room free from clutter so it feels spacious and organized. Take time each week to declutter the space so that it remains neat and tidy for those moments when you need complete focus.

Meditation Space Organization

Best of all, you’ll reap the benefits of lower cortisol levels (the body’s stress hormone), less housework, and better sleep by investing in home organization. Also, home organization may promote a healthier diet, increase productivity, and improve interpersonal relationships (Select Health).

Inspired Living Room Ideas

A well-organized home is a sign of a well-ordered life. It’s your personal cocoon where you can relax and feel at ease with all household items in their proper place.

In a Headspace post, “Does a Clear Space Really Mean a Clear Mind?” Laura Vrcek writes, The more clutter you can see, the more quickly you’ll find yourself distracted.” As part of your mindfulness journey, view decluttering as a cleansing ritual rather than a chore.

Meditation Room Ideas – Furniture Plan

What is the importance of a floor plan?


Design Focus

Meanwhile, to envision your personalized meditation area, use a floor planner app to map out the room’s dimensions. In fact, careful planning can ensure that all elements work together seamlessly. Also, think about yoga space requirements. Fortunately, many furnishings and storage solutions will accommodate yoga practice and storage needs (visit Gaiam for yoga supplies).

I can not stress this phase enough. Please take the time to plan. Measure twice! And pay for furnishings just once. The longer lead times for receiving home decor make it crucial to get your order right the first time.

Living Room Ideas

Next, determine whether you will opt for stylish and clean-lined furnishings in your meditation space. Or, break with tradition and welcome a sculptural sofa or chair into your practice. Balance this contemporary style by incorporating whimsical ceiling-mounted seating and cozy accents such as a rug, lights, blankets and pillows for ultimate comfort!

Successful meditation rooms address the 5 senses 100% of the time.

Decorate with a Meditative Color Scheme

Why is color so important in decorating?

For optimal results, it may be best to avoid bright colors or patterns that may be distracting or overwhelming in terms of your decor.


Canva Vision Board

Developing a calming, serene environment in your home can be easy with the right furnishings and decor choices. To help flesh out the room you envision, consider using Canva, a super easy-to-use design platform that lets you easily create vision boards.

Your Beautiful Meditation Room At Home

After carefully capturing a room’s dimensions, make four or five vision boards to get an idea of what color scheme, furnishings, and decor items will work well in the space. Also, you can upload an image of the room you are working on to jump-start your project.

Additionally, we recommend a soft, neutral color scheme when decorating a meditation room. As well as light blues, subtle yellows, and whites promote the feeling of serenity and tranquility.

Zen Meditation Room Art & Decor

What is the importance of a furniture plan?


Wall Decor & Mindfulness

Further, even the smallest touches can have a significant effect when it comes to achieving inner peace. Equally important, do add serene artwork or inspiring photos to your home decor. Therefore, you can focus on the power of mindfulness to deactivate those stressful moments! Love the idea of a hanging egg chair from 2Modern? It can be ceiling mounted or hang from a stand.

Home Meditation Room Vibe

Specifically, the décor in your home has a significant impact on your mood and overall wellbeing. As you begin to make your selections, think soft colors, gentle landscapes, or even abstract shapes and patterns. Enhance your calm with beautiful sculptures, wall decor and accessories in modern or bohemian styles.

Meditation Crystals

Finally, consider incorporating crystals into your space. Crystals have long been used in meditation practices as a way to deepen your connection to the earth and your higher self. And with the recent resurgence in popularity of all things crystals, it’s easier than ever to find beautiful, quality pieces to use in your meditation practice.

Whether you choose to display them on a bookshelf or keep them tucked away in a meditation corner, adding crystals to your space is a great way to create a sacred space that feels both grounding and uplifting.

Consider reading highly rated Inward, Lighter, or Clarity & Connection by Yung Pueblo.

Natural Light & Biophilic Design

What do you need in a meditation room?


Boost Your Mood

Meanwhile, we are constantly bombarded with stimulus, and it can be difficult to find a moment of peace. So one way to douse the noise is to layer in biophilic design. As an example, introduce bright florals (sparingly) and a variety of plants that will purify the air, and boost your mood.

Meditation Room Ideas

When it comes to energy balance in your meditation room at home, incorporating natural elements is key. Plants, fresh flowers, and even water features can help improve mental health and boost productivity.

Not sure where to start? Consider adding a few potted plants or hanging a plant from the ceiling. You can also create a vertical garden by mounting pots on a wall or installing shelves lined with plants. With a few strategically placed elements, you can transform any space into a tranquil oasis.

Investing in your wellness is essential - 
make your space a place for recharging from daily stressors.

Meditation Room Ideas & Bohemian Music

What is good music for meditation?



Transform your living space into a peaceful oasis with the right furniture, curtains, light and music. Let there be music! Soft melodies or ambient nature sounds can help you to relax after a long day. Consider custom audio systems, sound machines or meditation apps with soothing sounds that guide your meditation.

Meditating in Peace

From the soul-soothing sounds of classical music to tranquil nature recordings, adding serene melodies into your space can be an uplifting experience. Studies have shown a myriad of benefits from regularly listening to calming tunes.

Yoga Room

As a bonus, you may even be more productive during those long days! Not only is music incredibly soothing, you may find that engaging in a singing bowl meditation may be surprisingly enjoyable! It is said that the sound emitting from a singing bowl may impact brain waves in order to induce relaxation. (Very Well Mind – What is a Tibetan Singing Bowl?)

Singing Bowl Meditation

Choose singing bowls in different sizes to create an inviting atmosphere. Along with singing bowls, there are other items that can really enhance your meditation room. Bells, chimes, crystals, affirmation stones, beads and artwork can all breathe life into this special room.

Modern Meditation Room at Home

Why is aromatherapy good for anxiety?


Mindfulness Meditation

As for aromatherapy, it is a beautiful way to set the tone and mood of your space. Whether you opt for candles with mesmerizing fragrances or diffusers that provide an essence without open flames, there are many choices!

Essential Oil Therapy

Even more, you can use these tools to fill any room with calming scents – creating a peaceful sanctuary in moments. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy the sweet smell of scented candles (like ylang ylang) drifting through the air. Scents like lavender, chamomile, peppermint and Jasmine can help to reduce stress levels promoting relaxation in your meditation space. (Healthline: Aromatherapy Uses and Benefits)

Mod Daily Vision Board

Curious about gorgeous home decor on our vision board? First, take a look the Eichholtz Sofa York available at Alchemy Fine Home (1). The sofa boasts a timeless, glamorous silhouette with smooth curves that will instantly upgrade your meditation room. Next, the modern minimalist Etagere (2) is ideal for displaying crystals, candles, and reading material to uplevel your mindfulness practice.

Art for Your Meditation Space

And, moving on to the furnishings and accessories, is a sweet floral pastel (3) alongside a beautiful contemporary piece inspired by mid-century Spanish Surrealism (4). Now, let’s add in the the lamp that caught my attention since it resembles a beach view of the ocean (5). The gold-finished Eichholtz candle holder is perfect for a pillar candle and meditation (6).

The Art of Tea

I love adding a cup of tea to my daily routine for relaxation and mindfulness (7). Relax with your favorite brew from the Art of Tea Company while allowing the aroma to fill and calm your space (tea cart). In tandem with your favorite tea in the prettiest tea cup, cozy up with an oversized velvet throw or an Alpaca Wool Cream Stripe Throw (8) from Alchemy Fine Home.

Meditation Room Ideas – Thank you!

With a dedicated room in your home, you can indulge in the luxurious indulgence of creating your peaceful oasis. Make time for mindfulness and relaxation in your everyday life and enhance your overall well-being – your mind and body will thank you. You can find many elegant meditation room decor ideas and inspiration for creating a calming atmosphere at the Mod Daily.

Relaxation & Mindfulness

With careful consideration given towards color schemes, furniture selection, artwork, rugs, you can achieve your dream serene escape! If you’re looking for more ideas or tips on how to create your own calming oasis, be sure to check out our post, DIY Decorating Planning. And don’t forget to let us know how you created your own tranquil escape in the comments below! Keep calm and carry on! 🙂

Happy decorating!


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  1. A terrific comprehensive post, Gigi! Starting the day with tea is essential for me and I have rearranged my furniture to allow me a seat overlooking the back yard wildlife for the winter months when it’s too cold to start the day outside on my deck. Nature is my happy place!

    • What a beautiful mantra – nature is my happy place! Thank you for the lovely compliment about the post. I’ll be thinking of your tomorrow morning nestled in and looking at the wildlife with your tea in hand! ☕????????

  2. Gigi, you have truly created a comprehensive guide to designing a meditation room at home. I believe that your home needs to support your intentions, like meditating daily. I appreciate your great advice.


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