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11 Kids Room Toy Storage Ideas for Greater Peace of Mind

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Kids Room Toy Storage = Peace of Mind

Kids room toy storage is one of the hottest topics of conversation among parents and caregivers. And influencers specializing in organizing have created rooms and looks designed for their youngest clients. Shops like Buy Buy Baby and Pottery Barn Kids continue to sell toy organizers that add style to kids’ rooms and design in the safest way possible. With so many products available in the marketplace today, many parents customize their child’s bedroom for greater peace of mind. Furthermore, parents will likely sleep better knowing their child is safe in their bedroom. Ultimately, the goal is to balance superb functionality and design in the safest way possible.

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We invite you to visit our blog frequently as we build up our collection of design ideas and practical advice for organizing kids’ rooms. Equally important, we’re here to help by providing the latest information and trends to help you stay informed. Our design-related articles, including DIY Decorating Planning and DIY Room Planner Guide, will interest to you.

TikTok Sensation & Home Organizer – Catherine Benson

With nearly 10 million Tik Tok followers, home organizer Catherine Benson shows the real-life effort it takes to keep a home neat and maintained. Her clean-up and organizing videos are satisfying and motivational all at once. Cat’s TikTok videos go beyond cleaning her son’s room to show followers what consistency and diligence can do to keep a home feeling Zen. Sometimes kids’ rooms are anything but Zen, but it’s nice to know it’s possible to reach that peace of mind with a bit of organization by using kids room toy storage. [Related article: Mod Daily has recorded a 15-minute children’s story to encourage sleepiness. Children love to listen to A Bedtime Story | An Enchanting Day by the Sea.]

Kids Room Toy Storage and Siblings

Toys left on the floor may have small pieces or parts that a younger sibling may place into their mouths and become a choking hazard. Those same toys could  potentially be ingested by a family pet. Both of these scenarios can be avoided with kids room toy storage that makes cleanup easy.

Let Kids Be Kids – Safely

Being a kid means learning what’s safe and what’s not. And despite our best efforts, we can’t always be with our children. As you may have already discovered, your child will frequently choose the most challenging time to do something adventurous. In a nanosecond, your child may take matters into their own hands. They climb to reach something high. They carry big or heavy things to other rooms, or even scarier, downstairs. Parents can do their best to teach and enforce safety rules, but children are impulsive, so toy storage needs to be thought through carefully to ensure safety.

American Academy of Pediatrics + Childproofing Your Home

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, all tall furniture in a child’s room should be secured. That includes anywhere children might have a tendency to climb. A parent can not supervise their child every moment of the day. That’s why it’s essential to make your home as safe as possible.

As you observe your child playing with toys, you can brainstorm storage ideas for their room. As you do that, you can unleash your creativity. Think about whether a furniture storage system or a separate closet would be a better solution. Kids room toy storage needs to change as they grow, so whatever storage system is used in their rooms should be adaptable.

Here are 11 Kids Room Storage Ideas For Your Child

Kids’ room toy storage starts with furniture pieces like dressers and bookshelves but continues with toy organizers like storage cubbies and bins. Here are our strategies to keep kids’ toys organized, safe and secure. Don’t miss the Ultimate Guide on Home Decorating to make your rooms safe and beautiful.

Secure Kids Room Toy Storage Furniture 

Children will undoubtedly explore their surroundings because childhood is filled with natural curiosity. And so, the chances are excellent that your little one will climb on the furniture and kids room toy storage. Therefore, planning for the worst-case scenario is the best way to be prepared. Fortunately, all reputable furniture brands offer anti-tip kits for wall mounting. More importantly, according to the manufacturer’s directions, the furniture should not fall when the anti-tip kit is installed.

So dear parents and caregivers, please do not skip this all-important step. If you’d like more information, please visit The Consumer Product Safety Commission runs a public awareness campaign named Anchor It! Ultimately, anchoring furniture in homes with children saves lives. The good news is that there has been a 55% decrease in tip-over-related injuries. “Most anti-tip-over kits cost less than $20 and can be installed in fewer than 20 minutes. We urge parents and caregivers to protect their children and families and make the time to secure heavy items in their homes,” said CPSC Chair Alex Hoehn-Saric.

Invest in Well-Constructed Furniture

Raising a child is both a wonderful and terrifying experience. And so, we perform impressive balancing acts to keep them strong and healthy each and every day. The challenge is that most children are naturally curious, so it is not uncommon to find them climbing dressers, bookshelves, and cube organizers. Therefore, all areas of your home, including bedrooms, playrooms, and garages, should have secure and well-constructed furniture.

Check Safety Ratings and Features Before Purchasing

Websites such as Pottery Barn Kids are great resources to learn about storage safety features and construction materials. Thankfully, furniture retailers must comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines before releasing any product. So if you’re looking for kid-safe furniture, check out their policies. According to CPSC, a “children’s product” is designed or developed primarily for children under 12.

Soft and Lightweight Kids Room Toy Storage

Choose toy organizers that are small and soft over large bins made of more rigid materials. Also, containers and bins should be easy to handle and not hazardous if dropped since kids will want to carry them.

Accordingly, organizer bins should be easy to carry when full so that kids do not struggle to play. As an example, the Taylor Madison Designs® Safari Oval Storage Bin is an ideal choice. It’s available at Buy Buy Baby and features a stylish design, soft material, and side handles that make it easy to carry.

The adorable Safari Oval Storage Bin by Taylor Madison Designs is in the center of the room. We love the style and versatility.

Safeguard Your Child with Chemical-free Materials

As with children’s cups, plates, and other food storage containers, children’s toy storage organizers should be free of chemicals like BPA. Even more ideal are those products made from recyclable materials. Pottery Barn Kids Cameron Wall 2 Drawer Base Set is part of a modular storage furniture system that is UL Greenguard Gold Certified.

kids room toy storage furniture with 4 cubbies and a drawer
Store kids room toys in small, lightweight bins. Perfect for furniture organizers like this.

Kids Room Toy Storage – Out of Sight

Some toys are better to be played with on special occasions or under parental supervision. Ideally, toys that require the most supervision are placed on a higher shelf away from your little one’s reach. However, the toys should also be out of the child’s direct line of sight so they will not climb to reach them. 

Make the Safest Toys Easily Accessible

Toys that are safest for your little one are those they can reach without climbing. As a result, your child will feel like they have control over what they play with and how they experience each day. Now, your parenting dreams can be realized as your child plays happily and independently. Among the items that can be placed in a basket on the floor or on lower shelves are small books, soft toys, and stuffed plush toys.


Rotate Toys to Keep Playtime Fresh and Fun

An excellent idea for storing toys is to hide them from sight. Often, parents hear their child say: ‘I don’t like any of my toys!’ Rotate toys in and out of the kid’s room so that playtime feels fresh and fun. Keep toys hidden if they are not used to ensure the rotating cycle continues.

Teach Children How to Keep Their Room Organized

Having kids room toy storage is great, but only if it’s put to good use and secured well. Plus, kids who help keep their rooms safe have parents with more confidence and greater peace of mind.

The question is, what do you do if you want to show your child how to organize their room or make sure that they establish good habits for keeping them orderly and organized? The answer is  there are several things you can do. As they grow, they need guidance on respecting personal space, sharing responsibilities, and taking ownership of their possessions. In time, you can help them identify clutter, to determine for themselves what they actually need. These skills will benefit your child throughout their lifetime, as discipline is synonymous with freedom.

Download this free chore chart for kids for your happy home.

Set a Regular Time Each Day to Organize Toys

Every night before bedtime or before meals, teach your child the routine of picking up toys. Getting a schedule in place is essential to encouraging your children to do chores. Also, there’s no doubt that chore charts bring structure to families. Additionally, it is a beautiful way to make your child aware of what is expected of them.

An organized chore chart can strengthen family ties if implemented with unwavering positivity. It is well documented that children who develop good habits at an early age will reap the benefits as adults. To begin with, it is generally a good idea to teach your child to complete one task before starting another. Next, plan to make cleaning fun by framing it as a game. For example, divide the job into smaller tasks that are easier to focus on. Kids could start by picking up all green toys first and then move on to another color. Or, your child could pick up all of the stuffed animals first and then move on to the blocks.

Wall Shelves and Under-Bed Storage

Another option is to hang shelves on your walls. Hang them high enough so that your child cannot reach them but low enough to provide easy access to toys. Additionally, a sound under-bed storage system might be the best option if you do not want to purchase another piece of furniture. Store soft plush toys and other child-safe products here, knowing that your child will have easy access to them. Finally, consider using a soft-sided system if your child is still very young. In that way, your child will avoid catching their fingers between the rigid plastic top and bottom components. 

A Child’s Natural Curiosity

Being a parent is both beautiful and terrifying. So, we must perform a complex balancing act to keep our young ones safe and healthy every day. In general, children have a natural curiosity, so climbing dressers and other furnishings are not unusual. Sadly, this natural curiosity can lead to accidents that occur in an instant. And I am speaking from personal experience. 

Our Family’s Lucky Break

As a young child, my daughter had the habit of climbing; she didn’t seem afraid of much. Once, she climbed to the second drawer of a four-drawer dresser (horrifying). I had been changing my son’s diaper in an adjoining room and noticed that my daughter was unusually quiet. I made my way to her room quickly, and just as I did, her dresser began to fall to the ground. My daughter was in one of the dresser drawers. Thankfully, I caught her and the dresser just in time. 

Over the years, I have imagined a different outcome hundreds of times. Our family had a lucky break all of those years ago. And that is why I am sharing this article with you to promote the use of anti-tip kits and other safety tips. 

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Children Changed Her World

Thank you for spending time with us today and reading all about kids room toy storage. Please share our site with your friends and family if you find this article helpful. Also, if you are looking for related stories, we invite you to read Michelle Pfeiffer’s Daring Role As Trailblazer in the Clean Beauty World. In this post, Ms. Pfeiffer speaks about how motherhood has changed her world. It’s a lovely tribute to her family.  

FAQs – Kids Room Toy Storage 

How will I know if my existing toy storage is safe?

First and foremost, anchor any storage furniture securely to the wall to prevent tip-over accidents. Check to see if the storage piece is stable and solid and poses no risk to kids in the event they try to climb or reach something on a high shelf or surface.

How do I make toy storage easy for my child to maintain?

Think about what’s age-appropriate for your child and what is easy for you to maintain. Kids won’t always get it right so parents need to be comfortable and adaptable should the kids room toy storage need to change. For starters, follow the ideas posed in this article. Make the safest toys easiest to access and the toys that require adult supervision out of sight until a parent can give permission.

Which kids organizer bins are the safest?

Select organizer bins that are soft, lightweight, and made from safe, sustainable materials. As kids get older, parents can decide if more traditional containers are appropriate for their height and lifting capability. 

I’m overwhelmed; how do I get started?

Just purchase one single organizer bin for one specific purpose. It’s a significant first step for controlling kids room toy storage. Next time you see a small container that meets the criteria for your home, buy it and use it immediately. The satisfaction of that one task might be just the momentum you need to repeat it several times over. Here’s our Decorating Project Planner for more design advice. 

Make Your Kids Room Toy Storage as Safe as Possible

To give parents peace of mind, these eleven kids’ room storage ideas focused on the most important thing, the safety of their child. Keep reading the Mod Daily for more ways to optimize your life at home. Next, read all about organizing your refrigerator for freshness.

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