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Michelle Pfeiffer’s Daring role as Trailblazer in the Clean Beauty World

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Michelle Pfeiffer is the recipient of Gigi’s Guide 2021 Clean Beauty Trailblazer Award | Creating a Healthy Home

Having a child changes everything. This tiny, little being will upend and alter a lifetime of habits, and for screen legend and founder of Henry Rose, Michelle Pfeiffer, “that journey started right after the birth of her children.” The phrase “safety first” became a mission statement of sorts, as Michelle learned all that she could about creating a healthy home for her young family.

As much as Michelle loved her favorite fine fragrances, she stopped wearing them. She searched for safer options but was disappointed to learn that the alternatives were plant-based, essential-oil-based perfumes, so she just stopped wearing any at all for about ten years.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Uncharted Territory in the Clean Beauty World

The allure of the perfume Michelle felt connected to began to spark an idea, and she considered the possibility of creating a fragrance line. She soon discovered that she was entering uncharted territory in the clean beauty world.

Award-winning Clean Beauty Trailblazer Recipient – Michelle Pfeiffer

First-Ever Collaboration Between EWG, Cradle to Cradle, and IFF

Henry Rose (a combination of her children’s middle names) debuted in 2019, with five 100% transparent, fine fragrances. The idea borne out of a wish to protect her family from harmful toxins resulted in the first-ever collaboration between EWG | Environmental Working Group, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, and IFF | International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. Today, the product line includes body creams, home fragrances and seven luscious scents.

Vogue gives high praise to the Henry Rose Brand for “Elevating the art of fragrance while committing to better health standards,” and EWG’s Ken Cook declares that “This (100% transparency) is unheard of in the world of personal care.”

Child safety is michelle pfeiffer’s muse

Our Legacy

An Enterprising Blend of Passion, Vision, and Perseverance

Gucci Westman, one of the world’s most influential makeup artists, interviewed the iconic actress about her foray into the clean beauty world. The conversation is a testament to perseverance, passion, and vision as Michelle and Gucci share the behind-the-scenes challenges encountered in building their industry-breakthrough brands. It’s a short video highlighting their parallel journeys and definitely worth a listen. Michelle Pfeiffer is on a Mission That’s Changing the Cosmetics Industry | Westman Atelier.

The Henry Rose Website

The Henry Rose website indulges the senses with captivating experiential imagery. I purchased the Discovery Set (which includes seven fragrances) and sampled a new scent every day for a week to find my favorite perfume. I found it, and it is kind of intoxicating. Queens and Monsters is all at once mysterious and an alluring reminder of my favorite place by the sea. I apply it as the sun begins to set in what has become a beautiful evening ritual. 

My morning ritual starts with layering Jake’s House and Smyth just before my daily mediation. It’s a harmonious combination of freshness and comfort, and it adds more dimension to my life. Thank you for your alluring (and clean) fragrances. I’m addicted! 

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