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Kitchen and BathKitchen Decorating IdeasExperts Dish Kitchen Trends 2023 for a Stunning Kitchen Remodel

Experts Dish Kitchen Trends 2023 for a Stunning Kitchen Remodel

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In today’s post, three industry experts and thought leaders’ dish on kitchen trends 2023 and interior design. Technology and European design sensibility are helping to infuse excitement into our homes and improve the way we experience each day. Stylish modular kitchen appliances take center stage.

And multifunctional utility rooms, garages, and outdoor living spaces are thoughtfully planned with global challenges in mind. But there is so much more to discover! Keep reading to find out about the kitchen trends for 2023 that will bring enjoyment to almost any living space! [Read: The Cozy Charm of 1 Hotel and How to Bring it Home)

Invaluable Home Remodel Tips from Kitchen Design Experts

"If kitchens were an article of clothing, they would be khakis! Todd Huschka"

Annette Reeves

Appliance & fixture Advisor at Pirch SOCO and the OC Mix, where she is an appliance, fixture, and surfaces specialist who helps homeowners, designers, architects, and builders tailor kitchen and bath spaces to look stunning without compromising functionality and livability.

Josiah Lilly

Co-founder Famosa – The Surface Studio, focuses on helping clients create amazing environments in their homes using the elements of tile and stone. Josiah possesses more than 25 years of experience in sourcing and installing the world’s most exquisite interior spaces.

Todd Huschka

Chief Creator at House of Huschka, a luxury kitchen, bath, closet and furniture dealer based out of Newport Beach, California, where he leverages 25+ years of custom cabinet craftsmanship, European cabinetry design, technical knowledge and project management.


In a cocktail-style setting at Famosa, the panel opines on a series of kitchen design and home remodel questions. Listen to the video and read the post to Get the inside scoop. The experts dive deep into the latest with kitchen cabinets, appliances, kitchen surfaces, and interior design trends that will help you with your home improvement project! [Read: All About Jennifer Farrell’s Stunning Showhome and Vineyard]


How to Plan for a Kitchen Renovation?

What is the most challenging part about helping clients design their kitchen space?


Collaborate with Vendors Before Making Decisions

Annette Reeves: When clients are starting out, it’s important to talk about their investment plans and make those decisions early. It’s tough if it’s going to a builder and they just send plans without any thoughtful planning or education. If someone throws a number at the budget and determines a kitchen should cost about $25,000 you’re already in a challenging position.

It’s not a realistic figure if you’re trying to get some of the new and cool appliances. We’re not even talking high-end, rather a fresh and new kitchen. Appliance selection trends include Bosch, Sub Zero Wolf, and Gaggenau. [Read: 10 Coastal Kitchen Ideas that Will Make You Want to move to the Beach]

Research Kitchen Remodel Cost

Todd Huschka: So, it’s important to get down to the budget. And I would say, probably one of the challenges is to work with a home owner that finds it difficult to make a decision. Or the homeowner needs to check with five other people before they get back to you. So that makes it difficult to fine tune something when one day it’s a white lacquer kitchen and the next day it’s a raised panel, oak kitchen.

Source (Images left, Center and Right): Todd Huschka, House of Huschka, Orange County, California.

Pinterest Kitchen Ideas

Josiah Lilly: And I would say for us, one of the biggest challenges we experience is the decision-making process related to a kitchen remodel. This is where technology is a blessing and a curse. For example, we’ll have kitchen design and we’re ready to pull the trigger and all of a sudden the client’s like, well, I was on Pinterest last night and now I want to do this and that. After three or four iterations of that, it can get frustrating. That’s probably one of the of the biggest challenges for us.


Design a kitchen you will love to cook in for years to come with thoughtful planning.


Kitchen Appliances and Cabinets

Annette Reeves: Covid has changed kitchen design 100%. Yeah, a 1,000%, let me change my answer! The industry is going through a tremendous dynamic change. Due to Covid’s impact on manufacturing, designers send homeowners in early to make appliance decisions and purchases.

That way, they can get their order in the queue. Unfortunately, we do not see the lead times improving anytime soon. It can take 12 months and in some cases 18 months to get appliances.

And so, homeowners are having to make quick decisions about how they’re going to design their home or kitchen. At Pirch, we have tried to look at the market and look at the most popular appliance models and pre-purchase those so we can try to bridge the gap.

Sources (Images left): Todd Huschka, House of Huschka, Orange County, California. (Images center and right) Annette Reeves, Pirch, SOCO Collection, Costa Mesa, CA.

Kitchen Cabinets

Todd Huschka: As an importer of Italian cabinets, it was difficult because Covid hit Italy early. So, when we were in that fog of the first two or three months when Italy was shut down, things were delayed. And once we got onto job sites, we were running into questions about whether we were allowed.

But I will say from a kitchen design standpoint, working with clients, and even now the factories in Italy, deliveries have really stayed pretty much true to roughly three to four months max lead time.

And the one challenge I’m seeing now is scarcity of materials with marine grade stainless shortages affecting outdoor kitchen appliances. We put together a quote for an outdoor kitchen here in Newport Beach, CA over the summer and that price went up by 25%.

Our Homes Are More Important To Us

Josiah Lilly: And I think for us at Famosa, we are finding that home has become more important to our clients. They spend more time enjoying their spaces. The trend we’re seeing is that tile, stone and flooring decisions are a priority, which can lead to indecision. Because they’re spending more time in the kitchen, they often want to ensure things will last.

They cook and entertain more often, so they want to make sure their materials, including tile kitchen backsplashes are easy to maintain. For me, that’s the most significant change.

Sources (Images left): Josiah Lilly, Famosa – The Surface Studio located at the SOCO Collection, Costa Mesa, CA.


What are the lifestyle changes and interior design trends are you planning for in 2023?


Modern Kitchen Design, Organic Shapes & Natural Materials

What is the most challenging part about helping clients design their dream kitchen?

Todd Huschka: Kitchen trends 2023 include embracing modern kitchens in SoCal. Changes include darker finishes and woods, and bold colors, which is much different than what we currently see here in OC. For example, a quick look at Instagram, you’re not seeing the dark Nordic woods, the eucalyptus, the dark lacquers.

European Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes

A second trend on the horizon is carbon kitchens. Carbon is not black but more like anthracite or charcoal and is combined with wood and natural materials. The third kitchen trend is all about cabinet drawers and doors materials. A company called Laminam Superior Natural Surfaces, where entire cabinet doors, drawers are upper cabinets are made with porcelain! The beauty of this trend is that we can match the doors with a kitchen island and countertops that are found locally.

Sources (Images left): Todd Huschka, House of Huschka, Orange County, California. (Images center and right) Josiah Lilly, Famosa – The Surface Studio, SOCO Collection, Costa Mesa, CA.

There’s always something new and unique from Italian designers and manufacturers. They are constantly evolving and stretch the boundary of distinctive finishes and design ideas. And, although European aesthetics influence trends globally, it takes a little bit longer to influence the trends in US. For example, with modern kitchens becoming more standard here in Orange County – it is refreshing.

Annette Reeves: Yes, I’ve definitely viewed twists in kitchen trends, people are appreciating their homes much more (than pre-Covid). They are spending much more time at home – there’s a renewed focus in optimizing life at home. Homeowners are asking important questions related to the future and what if there where another Covid-like lockdown? What type of remodeling would best serve my family and me?

So, I see a little more customization in appliance decisions. Homeowners are incorporating more modular appliances like a Gaggenau oven or Gaggenau appliances. Some luxury brands offer a variety of cooktops and induction, some with a dual burner and wok (Gaggenau Vario Induction Wok) options for avid cooks. So that they have multi-functionality within their actual cooking surface, which has been really cool.

Choosing Kitchen Appliances

Annette Reeves: Some homeowners choose appliances by brand. Their appliance package must be all Sub Zero, Wolf, and Cove. Alternatively, they prefer to align with their lifestyle. For example, I want my cooktop to be this because this is how I live, but I like a Miele dishwasher, and I want a Sub-Zero refrigerator. Because many appliances are panel-ready, mixing kitchen appliance brands is not a problem. So, a lot more customization in appliances.

Another important kitchen trend is the addition of large refrigerators being installed throughout the home. Refrigerators are now installed in the back kitchen, laundry room, utility spaces, and even in the garage in response to the months long lockdown – it was a huge shock. People were buying lots of frozen food and could not get freezers, not even the small garage freezers – they were sold out.

Outdoor Kitchen and Pizza Ovens!

And the last trend is all about outdoor living, especially in California. Outdoor kitchens are huge, huge, big outdoor kitchens, spaces for people to sit, pizza ovens side burners, refrigerators. I think we learned a lot and I think it’s changed the design element a bit and our pattern, which is nice.

Sources (Image left): Mod Daily LLC. (Image center) Pirch, SOCO Collection, Costa Mesa, CA. (Image Right) Todd Huschka, House of Huschka, Orange County, California.

Kitchen Porcelain Tile

Josiah Lilly: You know, the biggest thing we’ve seen in the tile and stone industry? It’s been evolving for probably the last seven or eight years -its that porcelain is becoming a huge, huge product that’s being used. You know, porcelain was typically a smaller type of floor tile used in commercial applications. And now you’ve got 10′ x 5′ slabs thanks to improved technology.

And the slabs coming out of Spain and Italy – they look beautiful! They look like a natural stone and are often textured. So, you can get the look of a Calcutta marble for a lot less money, and a lot less maintenance. I’ve been to all the tradeshows in Europe and domestically, and every year that segment of the industry grows.

Kitchen Trend – Quartzite Countertops & Textured Backsplashes

We are also seeing a lot more Quartzsite countertops and kitchen islands. People are over granite, which is now a dated look. Homeowners are using quartzite frequently because it is similar to the look of marble and it’s actually harder than granite. So, it’s a dense stone that wears really well with the benefit of the real natural stone look.

As for tile kitchen backsplashes, we continue to see textured materials trending. And a lot of the handcrafted materials now have really, really nice textures with rectangular tiles getting a refresh. So yeah, those are probably the three largest trends we’re seeing. Form and function are beautifully blended in each of the three categories, contributing to their trend-forward status. [Read: Home Improvement Ideas for a Fabulous Life]

Experts focus: kitchen cabinets, surfaces including tile and stone and kitchen appliances

  1. A renewed appreciation for home and products that align with a homeowner’s lifestyle
  2. More thoughtful planning for the future
  3. Movement toward kitchens with a unique look and more visual interest that reflects personal tastes
  4. Carbon kitchens: multi-surfaces including lighting
  5. Natural materials, organic shapes and handleless kitchens
  6. Movement away from traditional white kitchens
  7. Hard surfaces including large porcelain slabs and textured tile
  8. Multi-functional living spaces including the garage
  9. Large refrigerators are becoming more common in rooms beyond the kitchen
  10. Outdoor kitchens today are evolving to encourage even more living outside
Source (Images left and bottom right) Annette Reeves, Pirch, SOCO Collection, Costa Mesa, CA.

Upcoming Blog Posts

In another blog post we will cover new kitchen trends that including kitchen lighting, finishes, plumbing, and the concealed kitchen trend.

Thank you! for reading all about our kitchen trends 2023 post. Although we may not be able to predict the future with certainty, understanding current kitchen trends helps us anticipate what changes might come our way. These design professionals have given us a taste of what to expect in 2023 so that we can start making plans accordingly. And, when you visit Famosa tile, be sure to meet with Angela Shorr and tell her Gigi Day sent you! She is a wealth of information and has worked with my design clients really appreciate her expertise.

What do you think of these kitchen trends? From modular appliances to multifunctional living spaces, there are many exciting changes on the horizon. What trend are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this article, be sure to share it with your friends! What would you like to see us write about next? Let us know in the comments below!

What is a Handleless kitchen?

With a handleless kitchen design, there are no handles on the cabinets, cupboards or drawers, so it looks clean and uncluttered.

2023 Kitchen colors – European trendy colors

Elisabetta, founder of Italian Bark, predicts that orange ochre will be the interior color of the year. The overall color “palette combines a desert vibe (earthy shades like orange and browns) with soft greys and beiges inspired by nature and crafts materials such as clay and terra cotta. (Italian Bark)”

Home Decor Trends

“Abstract organic shapes resembling raw nature, strokes, seamless patterns and pairing western design with ethnic furniture including African chairs and Moroccan runners. (Italian Bark)”


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