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Home ImprovementHow a Home Improvement Project Radically Improved My Life!

How a Home Improvement Project Radically Improved My Life!

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Welcome our Blog Guest, Dr. Alan Penzias

Get ready for an entertaining and informative video featuring a home improvement project that plays the lead role in a client’s life. The video interview reveals how Dr. Alan Penzias’ home improvement project radically changes his life.

Image of Dr. Alan Penzias in a conversation with Gigi Day's team
Dr. Alan Penzias photographed in his new home overlooking the ocean and a sprawling and active airport.

Dr. Penzias is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology/Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, specializing in all aspects of infertility treatment. Alan candidly describes how he condensed his five-year plan into one month by answering our ten interior design and lifestyle questions (A Conversation with Dr. Alan Penzias).

It was like diving into the deep end of the pool, but it was necessary, and it has been life-changing.

Dr. Alan Penzias, Interior Design Client

A Planned Home Décor and Decorating Project

When I met Alan, we discussed his goals and plans for his sprawling home. The more he shared with me, the more I realized that we were likely heading in the wrong direction with a home décor and decorating project. Dr. Penzias was a world traveler with a love of planes and airports, and I had a strong inclination that what he really needed was a reset. He agreed. We got underway with what felt like round-the-clock preparation of his home.

The Pace of the Home Improvement Created New Opportunities

Buoyed by the pace of his home improvement, Alan shared his vision to expand his business. It was a two-part path and a 5-year plan contingent upon selling his home. With the sale of the property, we successfully reduced his 5-year life plan to a single month. This is the power of interior design in sync with a client’s short and long term goals. But the catch is that great strides are only achievable when a client is open to new opportunities presented by their designer.

A photo of Dr. Alan Penzias talking about how his home décor project that radically improved his life
Dr. Alan Penzias talks about how his home décor project radically improved his life
A Conversation with Dr. Alan Penzias
  1. Question: Please tell us a little about yourself and why you chose to work with a designer?
    • Answer (Dr. Alan Penzias): My name is Alan Penzias; I’m a fertility specialist in the Boston area and a partner in one of the largest fertility medical practices in the United States. Six months ago – what I found was – that because I felt kind of out of touch with the life that I was leading, I tended to withdraw. 
    • I wasn’t doing the types of activities that I like; at a time when I found my professional success was at its peak, my personal life really was nothing to smile about. I knew there was something I needed to do; I wasn’t sure exactly what yet, but I knew if I made that phone call (Andi Day), something would be different, and so I did. It was like diving into the deep end of the pool, but it was necessary, and it has been life-changing.
  2. Question: How did the interior design interview unfold?
    • Answer: When Andi/Gigi came into my house, and we stood in my living room and looked around, and started to discuss exactly what it was that I wanted to do, she asked me something very straightforwardly. She said, “how honest with you shall I be?” And I said I want you to be completely and authentically honest with me. She said, “We shouldn’t be putting any money into this house so that you may live in it for 3 to 5 years; we should be staging it to sell.”
  3. Question: What type of work was done in the first four weeks?
    • Answer: Gigi was able to bring in a contractor who did all the necessary restorations and renovations, from painting to plumbing to carpentry to plasterwork, and the house looks spotless and spectacular. She accomplished all of those things in under a month. It was truly stunning.
  4. Question: What did you find most valuable through the home renovation process?
    • Answer: For me, one of the most important elements of working with Gigi is that I could make this a total turnkey operation.
  5. Question: Turnkey services extend a wonderful opportunity for clients to keep stress to a minimum while maintaining typical day-to-day activities. However, many homeowners share that they have difficulty letting go of the project reins. Will you give us a few details about partnering with a designer for your project?
    • Answer: I didn’t need to focus on the details because Gigi was able to take care of them for me. She kept me well informed, so I felt confident that the things that needed to get done, were. But also, I didn’t have that worry about how am I going to do Piece A or Piece B or Piece C because I knew it that it was all getting done. And being able to trust that Gigi was going to accomplish all the things that I needed to have accomplished was a great relief for me.
  6. Question: When homeowners live in a home that makes them feel great, they enjoy numerous lifestyle benefits. And statistics show that homes with a cohesive design and decorating plan sell far more quickly and for a higher price than their neighbors. Alan, how long did it take to sell your newly renovated home?
    • Answer: The first day the house was on the market, and two hours after the Open House, I got a call with a full price offer. I said to the realtor, “I know how to work with that. I accept!”
  7. Question: Will you please share what clients can expect when working with a designer?
    • Answer: I think that what clients can expect when they meet with Gigi is that she is the consummate professional. She knows her stuff. She’s very direct. And very professional and organized. One of the things in working with previous designers was that while their creativity was perhaps good, their business sense and business savvy were not. 
    • As a person who operates a business as a medical practice, I really understand what it takes to get things done – to have timelines established and actually to have clear-cut plans. Gigi gave me every confidence in our meetings that she really knew what she was going to do and she was going to be able to execute the project in a very professional manner. 
  8. Question: What did you find liberating about the design process?
    • Answer: Recognizing that I could be free sooner than I ever expected to be, that my 3 to 5 year Plan could now be condensed to a month was incredibly liberating. All of a sudden creative ideas that I have had with my business were sort of in the background, and I thought, well, I will eventually figure out how to explore those business ideas. I’ll take those opportunities sometime down the road.
  9. Question: How has the lifestyle alignment changed your life?
    • Answer: Suddenly, feeling liberated now that being in a different place, being in a different mindset, really creatively freed me to start working on these plans and developing these business opportunities that truly I don’t think I ever would have accomplished.
  10. Question: What changes are you experiencing in your life now that you have optimized your life at home?
    • Answer: I am now well on my way to establishing some of these new programs and new projects because I have renewed energy; because of my new lifestyle, it’s really all about being able to be free, untethered, and knowing that everything is possible.
Photograph of a modern penthouse home overlooking the city and airport
Dr. Penzias moved to a home with views of the ocean and a sprawling airport
Thank You for Sharing Your Personal Story Dr. Penzias

Thank you, Dr. Penzias, for sharing your personal story with the readers of #theModDailyHome. I hope that your experience will inspire people to make the life changes they want (Download your complimentary room planner in the Freebies section) in the same way you did.

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"Suddenly, feeling liberated now that being in a different place, being in a different mindset, really creatively, freed me to start working on these plans and developing these business opportunities that truly I don't think I ever would have accomplished." Dr. Alan Penzias
Photo of modern dining room that opens up to an outdoor living space
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