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Home ImprovementBlake Lively Style Guide: Project Management Meets Home Decorating (5 Pro Tips)

Blake Lively Style Guide: Project Management Meets Home Decorating (5 Pro Tips)

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Blake Lively Style and Her Red Carpet Premiere

Are you tired of bland, cookie-cutter interiors? Do you want to create a unique and stylish space that fits you as well as your well-loved capsule wardrobe? Then, take inspiration and learn how to reverse engineer what it takes to create the Blake Lively style, as seen in her iconic Met Gala 2022 look. Blake Lively is not just a fashion icon but a master of project management. She knows how to set goals, create a timeline and execute her ideas! [Read: Want a Gorgeous (and Daring) Home?]

Her meticulous planning and attention to detail are the secrets to her success, and you can apply these same principles to your interior decorating projects. Meanwhile, Blake Lively’s virtual attendance at Met Gala 2023 while parenting four children with husband Ryan Reynolds showcases her organizational skills. (Her quirky post shared on Good Morning America is delivered in true Lively fashion.) So, let’s dive deeper into how you can use her goal-setting acumen to transform your home. [Tour a Breathtaking Custom Home]

American Actress: Lively Dazzled

Blake Lively Met Gala 2022

Blake Lively Style
“Metropolitan Museum of Art.” Unsplash, 16 Jul. 2022, unsplash.com/photos/wrJW1VStvog. Accessed 5 May 2023. Blake Lively found inspiration in the Statue of Liberty for her iconic Met Gala 2022 look.

Over the last decade, Blake Lively has made a name for herself as a style icon, especially at the Met Gala. However, her stunning Lady Liberty (Versace) transformation stole the show and is likely to be remembered for years to come. What’s her secret? Well, besides her infallible fashion sense, she’s also an expert project manager. Every detail is methodically planned to ensure that the final reveal is flawless and unforgettable.

The Actress Wore Louboutin Heels and Lorraine Schwartz Jewels

Interestingly enough, planning for the Met Gala has a great deal in common with decorating a stylish home. It’s all about the creative process, and that’s where you can draw inspiration. Let’s look at the similarities between the actor’s planning skillset and interior design. By incorporating pro tips from the Blake Lively style guide, you can create a home that reflects your unique personality, making it decidedly you.

Understands the Met Gala Theme = Programming Phase, Defining Goals

The Met Gala 2022 was themed “Gilded Glamour and White Tie” with a contemporary twist. Celebrities and designers attended in full force, but star Blake Lively stood out with her unique and meaningful gown, showcasing her signature style. The actress captivates the crowd by conjuring up an exquisite dress so unexpected that it performs for her. Blake Lively style, that’s for sure. Watch E! Insider’s video to view the metamorphosis.

[E! Insider]. (2022, May 2). Blake Lively Lady Liberty Gown Transforms at Met Gala 2022 (Exclusive) | E! [Video]. The actress and husband Ryan Reynolds slay the Met Gala once again.

Blake Dives Into Her Looks – From Gossip Girl to the Met Gala

In an engaging Vogue interview, Blake Lively discusses her iconic fashion moments, including her looks from Gossip Girl, the Adam Project premiere, and even enjoying eclairs with Karl Lagerfeld in Paris. The Simple Favor actress wore an ethereal gown revealing her baby bump while walking the red carpet with husband Ryan Reynolds. The Green Lantern star also shares insights into her collaboration process with designers on the set of Age of Adaline. I highly recommend it for fans and aspiring fashionistas alike. As we make our way to showcasing the five pro tips, I recommend taking time to jot down things that evoke positive emotions. This important step will take your home to the next level by following a repeatable process (Blake Lively style).

Planning. Planning and a Little More Planning

A decorating plan is essential to your project’s success!


What’s in Blake’s Bag?

Before you begin your decorating project, consider your workflow. Even if you prefer storing information online, you will still need a way to collect paint, wallpaper, finish samples, tear sheets, and more. With so many details to keep track of, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why starting with a project binder and a large tote is essential. These two resources will help you stay organized and on track throughout the process. A decorating planner, or project binder, is a great way to track your budget, communicate with vendors, and schedule.

The Actress Wore Statement Earrings & Tote with Silver Accessories

It’s a central location where you can store all the essential information related to your project. Plus, having everything in one place makes it easy to reference and update as needed. As for the large tote, it’s the perfect accessory for your project binder. Choose a large tote to store the binder and any product samples or swatches you need for your project. It is practical and can also serve as a stylish inspiration for your design choices.

Blake Lively Style – a Chloe bag can be a great choice for those looking to infuse their project with a touch of luxury and sophistication. Chloe bags are known for their timeless elegance, high-quality craftsmanship, and iconic designs that have captured the hearts of fashion lovers around the world. Left: Chloe Woody Tote Bag in linen canvas. Center: Woody Tote Bag in Deep Denim. Right: Large Woody basket calfskin and webbing with Chloe logo yellow and beige.

Blake Lively Style: Make a List

Make a list of your project requirements so you’ll be thrilled with the result!

Blake Lively Style – Whether it’s at your favorite café or in nature, find a space that inspires you to jot down everything you want to accomplish. As you update your needs and preferences, your list will naturally evolve, so embrace the process and make it enjoyable.


Safeguard Your Project List

Creating a home decor project list is an essential step to ensure your project’s success. It can help you stay on track and achieve your decorating goals. As an example, the Met Gala 2022 directive included the Gilded Glamour theme. Here’s your opportunity to curate your project theme (it really helps to streamline your efforts!):

  • Room function: Determine how you want to use the space and list specific needs to achieve your desired outcome.
  • Aesthetic goals: Consider the overall look and feel you want to create in the space. Think about colors, textures, patterns, and lighting.
  • Furniture and decor: Take stock of the items you already have and list what you need to purchase or replace. Consider style, functionality, and budget.
  • Safety and practicality: Consider any safety features or practical concerns you may have, such as childproofing, accessibility, or storage solutions.
  • Timeline: Set a realistic timeline for your project, including deadlines you need to meet. Developing a home decor project list gives you a straightforward interior design roadmap that will maximize your time and investment. Read our related article, Home Decorating | The Ultimate Guide to Get the Results You Want.

Design Inspiration

Step outside of your comfort zone to find creative inspiration for your home decor.


Blake Lively Style

Let’s just jump right into it. Let’s break the monotony and ignite your creativity with some fresh and innovative ideas to kickstart your design project. Sometimes all it takes to awaken your inner designer is a simple stroll in nature, where you can fully immerse yourself in the sensory experience of colors, textures, and scents. The beach, a forest, or even your backyard can provide many creative possibilities. Add a touch of French flair by visiting local museums or art galleries to view exhibits that pique your interest. You may find inspiration in the shapes and forms of sculptures or the delicate brushstrokes of a painting.

Red Carpet Versace Gowns or Coastal Grandmother?

For a more modern twist, browse design magazines, Pinterest and Instagram for innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. Remember to infuse your style and interests into your design. And if you need a little extra inspiration, take a tip from Blake Lively style and draw inspiration from unexpected sources.
For example, let’s compare the opulent Gilded Glamour theme with the relaxed Coastal Grandmother style. Instead of relying on traditional cityscape inspiration, the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic invites you to bring the outdoors in and connect with what brings you joy. Combine beachy charm, warm neutrals, textured fabrics, exciting art, and quirky details to create a space that feels like home, reminiscent of a Nancy Meyers movie set. Add your own je ne sais quoi to make your design unique – just like you.

The image on the left is the Empire State Building in NYC. The center photograph includes the Statue of Liberty and the image on the right highlights the vaulted ceiling mural of constellations that were embroidered onto Blake Lively’s gown.
Pro tip: Always print photos of the room you plan to remodel, including vistas from windows and doors. They can surprise you and influence your selections.
The photo on the left is the prolific scene from “Somethings Gotta Give.” Diane Keaton plays Erica Barry, a playwright living in the Hamptons. The Image on the right includes actress Meryl Streep in the Nancy Meyers movie, “Its Complicated.” Both settings are ideal examples of coastal grandmother style. Source (Image left): Alamy LTD., 31 December 2002, Something’s Gotta Give, digital image, Diane Keaton. Source (Image right): Universal Pictures / Alamy LTD., 25 December 2009, It’s Complicated, digital image, Meryl Streep.

Gossip Girl’s Elegant Actor – Blake Lively

Have you ever asked yourself, What’s my style?

Source Left: Day, Gigi. Statue of Liberty Museum. 2023. Photograph/Copper Replica. Mod Daily, May 5, 2023. Source right: Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds arrive at the In America: An Anthology of Fashion themed Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York, U.S., May 2, 2022, REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/Alamy LTD.


Theme & Style Elements

In the world of design, there are endless possibilities for creating a unique and cohesive space. From striking shapes to bold colors and textures, every element plays a crucial role. When decorating your home, it’s all about mixing your inspirations with the right style elements to create “the” look. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to take risks – after all, design is about connecting with your innovative self.

Red Carpet & the Met Gala Steps

Whether you’re going for a minimalist look or an eclectic mix of patterns and textures, the key is to find the right balance. Do you prefer the opulence and extravagance of the Gilded Age, with corsets, bustles, and vibrant colors? Or do you gravitate towards the sophisticated yet relaxed Coastal Grandmother Style, with elements like hydrangeas, ginger jars, and beach references? Or somewhere in between?

Embracing your ever-evolving style will be oh-so-appealing in your home tomorrow. So take the time to explore a range of aesthetics mixing and matching pieces to capture your style in home decor. And remember, just like on the red carpet, your home should reflect your unique personal style and make you feel confident and comfortable.

Blake Lively Style: Materials and Color Palette

You will find that it is easier to choose home decor and your color palette with careful planning.


Gilded Glamour – A Material World

When planning your home decor project, carefully considering materials and color palettes will help you achieve the desired aesthetic. The Gilded Glamour style is characterized by elaborate fabrics and bright, exuberant colors. The LA Times shares a great article, How ‘The Gilded Age’ chases the details of 1880s American fashion extravagance. The post sheds light on the challenges costume designers face while creating the show’s wardrobe.

The designers estimate that it takes about 600 people working in various crews to search the globe for inventory. That’s because a period-authentic dress typically requires “10 to 20 yards of elaborate fabric.” Interestingly, fluorescent yellow and bright colors were not uncommon, bringing us full-circle to Blake Lively’s 2022 Met Gala gown. In contrast, Coastal Grandmother Style is characterized by nature-inspired textures and light colors. Getting pro tips 1-4 on the right track will help create a vibe filled with wellness and positive energy.

Mother, Star and Films

Take inspiration from Blake Lively’s Met Gala gown, which captures the opulent elements of the Statue of Liberty with materials like metallic leather, sequins, and a custom-made crown. Or embrace the effortless and timelessly chic Coastal Grandmother Style with natural textures like linen and seagrass and a soft color palette of neutrals and whites. Whatever your preference, it’s your time to shine.

Clearly, Ms. Lively and her design team captured many of the Statue of Liberty’s elements. Source: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds arrive at the In America: An Anthology of Fashion themed Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York, U.S., May 2, 2022, REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/Alamy LTD.

Blake Lively Style Full of Exuberant Colors and Materials

A prominent feature of Blake’s first ensemble is an oversized rose gold bow, one of the dress’ most extravagant details. That is until she patinaes as she ascends the red carpet to gala steps. In Ms. Lively’s own words, she turns it out with the vibrant hues straight from Gilded Age fashion. Other materials like metallic leather and sequins adorn the gown.

Lorraine Schwartz created Blake’s crown featuring the Statue of Liberty’s seven rays, representing the seven seas and continents. Additionally, there are 25 stones representing the monument’s windows. You might be a bit like me and adore diving into all of the details, in which case, here is one more fabulous article. The Insider post describes Blake’s custom handmade Judith Lieber clutch with the Brooklyn Bridge and her family’s initials inscribed on it. It includes photographs of her Christian Louboutin shoes and her nails, painted bronze and green to match her gown.

Blake Lively Style: Sequins and Tiaras

Thank you for joining us today to explore Blake Lively’s style and how it can inspire your home decor projects. From strappy sandals paired with a black dress at the NYC premiere, Blake Lively has consistently shown her unique personality and style. And who could forget the long train actress wore at the Met Gala, which serves as a reminder that careful planning and attention to detail can result in a stunning final product. We encourage you to take inspiration from Blake’s five pro steps and incorporate them into your home decor projects. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below, and remember to share this article with your friends. Happy decorating! [We invite you to read: How to Create the Just-Right Boho Bathroom]

Blake Lively Style at the Met Gala 2022. Blake is in a shiny copper gown with Ryan Reynolds in a dark espresso brown suit.
Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds arrive at the In America: An Anthology of Fashion themed Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York, U.S., May 2, 2022, REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/Alamy LTD.
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