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House toursModern House Interior Design: Where Classic Meets Enchanting

Modern House Interior Design: Where Classic Meets Enchanting

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Modern House Interior Design

We invite you to celebrate the 50th CDM Home Tour, showcasing modern house interior concepts. The principles and essential characteristics of modern house interior design, such as simplicity, functionality, and a minimalist aesthetic, are vividly brought to life in the CDM Home Tour. Our first destination is a remarkable home in Newport Beach, part of the One Ford Road community. This residence is one of the eight unique showcases featured in the CDM Home Tour series.

Stunning and Stylish Clean Lines

The series showcases the diverse design expressions that define Orange County’s culture. This event supports CDM Middle and High School and combines classic design with Newport’s charm. You can virtually experience a home that combines timeless architecture with contemporary innovation, exploring the diverse aspects of modern interior design, including color choices, material selections, and furniture styles, all for a great cause. Explore a functional space that welcomes and inspires right in the heart of Orange County, California.

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This Custom Home Evokes Modern Organic Living

Dream House Renovation

One Ford Road is a picturesque neighborhood that perfectly blends old-world charm and modern luxury. In October 2021, the homeowners began a journey to transform their living space, drawing inspiration from their travels across the globe. By incorporating stylish design cues from their adventures, they have created a unique, personalized interior that exudes comfort and sophistication. The result is a stunning home that perfectly reflects the homeowners’ cosmopolitan tastes and worldly experiences.

European Couture-Inspired Modern Interior Design

The homeowners chose a European couture vibe by incorporating bold designs and state-of-the-art hospitality, evoking a rich blend of sensory memories. To bring these modern house interior concepts to fruition, they enlisted the expertise of Kristyn Mark, Principal Designer at Mark Design Co., known for her ability to translate inspiration into luxurious living spaces. This collaboration allowed the homeowners to experiment with different design elements, creating a space reflecting their style and preferences. Together, they turned a remodeled home into an effortlessly flowing masterpiece that feels inviting and sumptuous. Every space feels lived-in yet profoundly inspired, showcasing their shared vision.

Coastal grandmother home remodel

Lifestyle: Preserving Daily Rituals

A Focus on Personal Style 

The house appears incredibly inviting from the curb in this Newport Beach enclave. The vintage-inspired light fixtures, romantic balconies, and prominent porte-cochere create a distinguished, welcoming, inviting atmosphere. The exterior color palette of dove gray siding and creamy white trim sets a serene backdrop, further adding to the property’s charm. The foyer and stairway perfectly exemplify exceptional architectural and design execution. 

Entryway – Modern Interior Design

The grandeur of the foyer and the view from the second floor showcase the brilliant talent of the design and architectural team. The “foyer experience” is captivating and creates a moment of pause to appreciate the craftsmanship. This stunning residence features exquisite design elements that pay tribute to the homeowners’ life together. From carefully sourced artisanal lighting fixtures to custom rugs and thoughtful use of colors, every aspect has been carefully curated to create a functional and beautiful space.

Incorporate Stylish Flooring and Lighting

The sconces and chandeliers, sourced from talented artisans worldwide, provide a warm and serene atmosphere, making guests feel welcome and comfortable. The hardwood floors pay homage to the renowned floors of the Hotel de Crillon, adding to the home’s grandeur and elegant underpinnings.

Designer Touches

In addition to the beautiful lighting fixtures, this home boasts styles that add a touch of sophistication to the modern house interior. The stunning architecture of the space is complemented by rich textures, lifestyle-enhancing fixtures, and a solid connection to Zenful moments infused with the natural beauty of stone.

Overall, every element in this residence has been thoughtfully designed to create a cohesive and luxurious aesthetic that perfectly reflects the homeowners’ vibrant narrative. So, let’s begin the anticipated tour!

A Custom Office with Room for Versatility

Moving towards the private office on the right side of the entryway, you’ll notice that it is decorated in sailor blue and enclosed by synchronized pocketing doors with reeded glass. This space offers the perfect depth of privacy and connectivity. Its layout is meticulously designed to create a harmonious environment that fosters productivity while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. The built-in shelves with wool tweed backing add to the space’s aesthetic appeal, while the view of the entry enhances the overall ambiance.

Custom Stone Features in the Powder Room

Adjacent to the office, a powder room showcases the first of many custom stone features. Its integrated sink basin with a channeled apron conceals functional drawers, harmonizing with deep bronze geometric wallpaper and brass fixtures—a dance of geometry and function. The thoughtful design of this office and powder room sets the tone for the rest of the house, making it an exceptional and personalized space.

As we continue to the left of the foyer, the sunken living room invites with its warm contemporary look, incorporating key pieces that showcase personal style while maintaining functionality. The furniture in this space does not adhere strictly to clean lines or a minimalist philosophy. Instead, it creates a sense of warmth and versatility. The natural light streaming through the windows adds depth to the room, while negative space is used to create a focal point. 

Day, Gigi. (March 2024). Sunken Living Room, Gleneagles, Newport Beach, California, CDM Home Tour [Photograph]. Mod Daily LLC.

Designers Stone Fireplace

Here, a custom-hewn black stone hearth draws the eye to the cozy sectional, in conversation with the kitchen’s white marble, matte brass, and bronze-tinted glass display cabinets, capturing the essence of modern house interior ideas. The layout emphasizes negative space, creating a sense of airiness and simplicity where every piece of furniture and decor serves a purpose, allowing plenty of room for the eye to rest.

Picture Perfect Dining Room

The adjoining dining room, seating eight, centers around a beautiful oblong table set on a sculptural base, exemplifying modern house interior decor that blends form with function. This table is the room’s focal point, drawing attention and creating a visually striking central feature. The great room has gained extra square footage by relocating an exterior wall on the lower level.

A modern home interior with white cabinets, marble countertops, and brass fixtures.
Gigi Day. (March 2024). Kitchen, Gleneagles, Newport Beach, California, CDM Home Tour [Photograph]. Mod Daily LLC.

Sleek Use of Furniture Creates a Cozy Space

Connecting seamlessly to this expansive area unites the kitchen, pantry, family room, and guest suite—all opening to the backyard. The kitchen’s sleek white marble countertops, matte brass accents, and bronze-tinted glass cabinets add a touch of modern elegance to the space. The room’s design perfectly captures the essence of contemporary home decor ideas.

Children’s Bedroom Suites

Step into a world of contemporary elegance and comfort as you ascend the grand staircase covered in cream and gray checks. The inviting ambiance of the house welcomes you at every turn, from the elegant suites to the charming loft. Moving on to the second level, it’s worth noting that the children’s bedrooms and guest room are equally impressive as the main level of the house.

Guest Room Suite 

The guest and children’s bedrooms offer contemporary and classic styles, ensuring sweet dreams and a great start to the day. Friends and family will feel at home in the guest suite, where a warm and welcoming atmosphere awaits them. With its impeccable design and attention to detail, this home is a true masterpiece creating lasting memories for all who stay.

Day, Gigi. (March 2024). Primary Bedroom, Gleneagles, Newport Beach, California, CDM Home Tour [Photograph]. Mod Daily LLC.

Primary Bedroom Suite

Let’s move on to the primary suite, a luxurious private retreat that offers a lounge area with comfortable seating. It also features a television that doubles as an art display and a cozy fireplace to keep you warm in the cooler months. The lounge area leads to a wine bar and a closet and bathroom complex, comparable to luxury boutiques, providing the ultimate in style, comfort, and convenience.

Natural light floods into the space, highlighting key pieces like the infinity pool -like marble bathtub and custom seating, which are examples of the homeowner’s exquisite taste and the room’s luxurious feel. The warmth and character of this room are evident in every detail.

Smart Home Features and Modern Conveniences

Modern conveniences are seamlessly integrated, offering voice-activated lights, window coverings, and heated bidet toilets. Cove and cabinetry lighting add layers of illumination and texture, underscoring the harmonious blend of modern home interior ideas with daily living. The primary suite is a crowning achievement, a testament to the notion that our most personal spaces should be sanctuaries of comfort and style.

Day, Gigi. (March 2024). Gleneagles, Newport Beach, California, CDM Home Tour [Photograph]. Mod Daily LLC.

A Homage to the Homeowners’ Life

As the home tour of this 1 Ford Rd property draws to a close and the voice-automated lights dim to a soft glow, the house settles into the quiet serenity filled with thoughtful interior design. It’s a sanctuary and inspirational —a space where design dreams become reality, and every space sings with the rhythm of the lives it envelops.

California Architecture & Interior Design

We hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of the One Ford Rd property by Mod Daily, which was filled with inspiration for modern home interior ideas. Imagine stepping into a gorgeous new home that takes your breath away. It’s a true work of art, with elegant details everywhere you look. The European-inspired design is modern and welcoming, making you feel at home. You can’t help but feel inspired as you explore all eight homes on the 50th-anniversary CDM House Tour. Each article is designed to help you find new ideas and ways to make your own home authentically and vibrantly you. Take advantage of this chance to discover your unique style and enjoy the beauty of modern living!

New Heights: 50th Annual CDM Home Tour

With its exquisite interiors and modern amenities, this tour promises to be an unforgettable experience for all those seeking inspiration for their dream home. The fact that the CDM Home Tour has been running for fifty years is a testament to the strong bond and connection between the community, designers, architects, builders, and homeowners. This annual event showcases some of the most impressive home renovations in the area, giving attendees a firsthand look at the incredible talent and creativity that exist within the community. From stunning architectural designs to innovative use of space and materials, the CDM Home Tour in California never fails to impress. It is a celebration of the hard work, dedication, and passion that goes into creating a beautiful and functional home.

About Mod Daily

Mod Daily celebrates homes that tell a story of lives well-lived and spaces deeply loved. This Newport home, now resplendent with modern home interior ideas, invites its occupants to create new memories while surrounded by the comfort and elegance of thoughtful design. It’s a place where every choice, from the wallpapers to the light fixtures, adds a line to the story of a family’s journey through life.

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