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Kelly Wearstler and Ann Sacks Tile: 3 Tips to Choose Tile Like the Pros

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Choose Ann Sacks Tile Like the Pros

We’re excited to share the Kelly Wearstler and Ann Sacks tile collaboration. This pairing is a masterclass in classic-meets-contemporary design that seamlessly blends timeless and modern elements. And so, I had the pleasure of visiting the SOCO showroom in Orange County, which was like being a kid in a candy store (or Vosges Haut Chocolat Boutique)! The lovely Julie Banker, a talented design consultant, took me through the newest collections from @kellywearstler. Believe me; you won’t be able to resist the incredible range of products and design options. And when you do visit, please give them a shout-out from me!

As I explore the collection’s mix of raw and refined textures, patterns, and hues, I can’t help but feel inspired and confident that you will choose something amazing for your space. There are endless possibilities to elevate any living area, and we’re excited to share a few ideas to help you through the process. [Read: Experts Dish on Kitchen Trends 2023]

MADE Senso by Kelly Wearstler Field tile, available in 4″ x 4″ shown in Kuo Lake in Gloss. Suitable for indoor wall applications.

With Mod Daily’s mission to help you create living spaces that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle, we’re here to guide you in using this exceptional collection to create a space that’s as distinct as your personal style.

Tile Design Ideas

In this article, we’ll share design tips like the pros using three Kelly Wearstler and Ann Sacks tile strategies. We’ll provide you with tools and resources to choose the ideal tiles for you, mix and match different patterns and textures, and create a space that’s both cozy and beautiful. So if you’re ready to take your living space to the next level, let’s dive in and explore the endless possibilities.

Scout by Kelly Wearstler and Ann Sacks Tile

Kelly Wearstler and Ann Sacks tile, two iconic names in the design world, recently infused stunning new additions to their expansive tile line. And I have no doubt you will appreciate the beauty and expertise needed to assemble the sensory aesthetic. Kelly Wearstler is a powerhouse in the design industry, known for her signature bold and eclectic style. On the other hand, Ann Sacks Tile is an expert in luxury tile and stone.

Tile and Decor

The collab between these two powerhouses is a match made in design heaven. Kelly explains, “My style is mixing contemporary and classic, masculine and feminine, raw and refined.” The designs use many different materials and offer unique styles from the designer that are sure to surprise and delight.

Scout: A Tile Design Statement

Oh, you’re going to love the Scout collection! It’s a whimsical take on tile design that evokes a cozy vibe, yet it’s sophisticated enough to make a statement. The curvy and ornamental shapes in various colors and sizes make for a playful yet stylish addition in your home. What really sets it apart is the collection’s multi-dimensional storytelling and originality. Each tile has a custom-glazed surface that creates a sense of movement and brings your living space to life.

Design Focal Point

You can use it as a border or a focal point to make a design statement. And the best part is that the colors and patterns work together seamlessly, giving you endless decorating possibilities to add that unique touch to your home.

Shown in photo above: Scout Field Tile in Ode A and Ode B. Please contact Ann Sacks Tile to select finish and color.

Liaison by Kelly Wearstler

In stock mosaics

Ann Sacks Tile – A Wow Moment

The Liaison collection from Ann Sacks Tile offers two new patterns that are sure to catch the eye. Tuxedo Check features crisp stripes and squares, while Linqs has serpentine curves that provide a polished stone-like look. Both patterns are available in various stone blends and can be customized from a palette of over 50 premium stones. Designer Laura Brophy of Newport Beach, California, praises Ann Sacks’ Mulholland tile for creating a “wow moment” in any room.

Designer Laura Brophy

A Corona del Mar home recently featured a large version of the pattern behind a bathroom vanity and a slight variation on a kitchen wall. “It energizes, but it’s a soothing energy—it’s not chaotic,” she says of the noteworthy tile she specified in the Charcoal blend. As distinctive as Kelly Wearstler’s creations may be, the substantive stone compositions and neutral colorways beautifully unify the spaces. It’s very transitional,” adds Brophy. The Liaison collection and Wearstler’s designs showcase how tile can add elegance and energy to a room without overwhelming it. [Read: A Stunning Home Office Remodel]

Ann Sacks Tile

Are ceramic tiles outdated?

The image above includes Maven Sunset by Kelly Wearstler and Ann Sacks Tile.

Maven Sunset by Kelly Wearstler

Let’s talk about the stunning Maven Collection by Kelly Wearstler for ANN SACKS. The embossed, textural designs of the Maven Collection reflect Wearstler’s affinity for repetition and geometric patterns. One of the most striking features of the Maven Collection is the incorporation of the dry line technique of cuerda seca. This centuries-old handcraft from Spain has been brought to life with modern design sensibilities, creating a tactile and visually stunning finished product. The Maven Collection offers a wide range of colors, with 30 options. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a bold design or prefer a more subdued color palette, there is something for every design aesthetic.

Ceramic Tiles

As Wearstler, herself notes, designing is about “falling in love over and over again.” With the Maven Collection, she has taken inspiration from her personal and professional experiences to create various ceramic tile designs that pay homage to her vast body of work. From Solstice to Sunset, each design in the Maven Collection reflects Wearstler’s commitment to exploring new techniques and materials in her work. With statement-making walls, backsplashes, and light-use flooring, the Maven Collection will elevate almost any room in your home. [Read: 11 Kids Bathroom Ideas]

Tile Installation Options

In the photo above, we have the stunning Maven Sunset. It’s ideal for indoor walls and light-duty residential flooring, these matte-finished tiles offer durability and style. Regarding flooring, it’s better to opt for matte finishes over gloss. Matte is less likely to scratch or show wear and tear. If you’re considering using these tiles for an outdoor application, it’s important to note that their suitability will depend on the climate and method of installation.

The graceful and fluid lines of Linqs (shown above), showcased in the stunning Travertino finish, can add a beautiful sense of movement and elegance to any space.

Ann Sacks Tile – 3 Tips to Choose Tile Like the Pros

1. Select Patterns Based on Scale

Kelly Wearstler has 3 invaluable tips on how to work with tile patterns to liven up your living space. As one of her key recommendations, she suggests selecting patterns based on their scale to create the desired effect. Small patterns can look refined and delicate, while a larger scale will make a dramatic statement. Kelly advises standing back and looking at patterns pinned on the wall to understand how they will look once installed. 

2. Change the Color Scheme

Changing the color scheme of a pattern can also have a significant impact on its appearance. Experiencing different color palettes and schemes is essential to finding the perfect match. Be sure to order samples of the tile you are considering in a few colorways for easy coordination with surrounding furnishings and finishes.

3. Pattern Combinations

Finally, testing out different pattern combinations before committing to a particular design is a good rule of thumb. Kelly recommends purchasing a small quantity of the material, testing it out, and experimenting with different prints and colors. Mixing patterns in vibe trays is an excellent way to find the perfect pattern combinations for your living space. These tips will help you create an eye-catching and unique design entirely personalized to your aesthetic.

What is a Vibe Tray?

A vibe tray, a mood board, or an inspiration board is a visual tool designers use to collect and organize different materials, fabrics, textures, and objects that inspire their design vision for a particular space. The materials on a vibe tray may include color swatches, paint chips, fabric samples, magazine cutouts, photographs, and other objects that help to convey a certain mood or feeling. Designers use vibe trays to conceptualize and communicate their design ideas.

MADE Senso by Kelly Wearstler

Ann Sacks Tile

Wearstler shares that, “there’s nothing like plasterwork for simplicity and sophistication.” Plaster’s natural richness adds a beautiful nuance to simple patterns. “I love the artisanal spirit of plaster and how it celebrates the handcrafted design’s beauty (Ann Sacks). With the textures and interaction with light, it stands out. That’s why the Senso Collection is so special to me,” and it’s a tribute to plasterwork and its endless design possibilities.

Translating Plasterwork into Stoneware

What’s even more exciting is how we could translate plasterwork into stoneware. In the Senso Collection, the linear and geometric silhouettes are elevated by an organic matte quality, creating a beautiful tension. The collection flawlessly captures the essence of plaster in a modern and innovative way. [Read: Natuzzi Furniture: 3 Reasons to LOVE the Art of Italian Design]

Ann Sacks Tile Orange Country Showroom

High-Quality Materials including Ceramic Tiles

Ann Sacks tile has been a leading name in the world of personalized and handmade tile, stone, plumbing, lighting, and accessories since 1981. Their showrooms offer various styles and designers, including collections from renowned names such as Kelly Wearstler, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, and Robert Kuo. You can find luxury products for your bathroom, kitchen, living spaces, and even outdoor areas, all crafted from various high-quality materials, including ceramic, glass, porcelain, mosaic, terra cotta, concrete, stone, and more.

A Kohler Company

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Ann Sacks is part of Kohler Co., along with sister brands KALLISTA Plumbing and Robern cabinetry and vanities. With the opening of a new SoCal showroom in Costa Mesa in 2022, Ann Sacks now has a presence in Los Angeles as well. The showroom offers a diverse range of creative designs, from traditional to modern, to suit various price points. Whether you want to revamp your existing space or starting from scratch, Ann Sacks has something for every style and budget.

On the left, we have Scout tiles installed vertically, showcasing the collection’s playful mix of curvy and linear shapes. Kelly Wearstler’s Gem Syntax collection infuses bold, graphic patterns with a sophisticated touch. On the right, we have Esker, featuring Kelly Wearstler’s signature striations in an elegant, textural design.

Thank you for spending time with us today!

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful in selecting the perfect Kelly Wearstler and Ann Sacks tile for your living space. Play with color, mix textures, and consider the overall aesthetic of your home when creating a cohesive and unique design. With the wide range of options available in the Kelly Wearstler and Ann Sacks tile collection, the possibilities are truly endless. ????

Ann Sacks Tile

If you have any questions or want to share your own tips on choosing a tile, feel free to comment below. ???? And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family who might be interested in creating their own one-of-a-kind living spaces. ????‍????‍????‍???? If you want to stay updated on the latest design trends and tips, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. ???? Thank you for reading and happy designing! ???? Suggested reading:2023 Home Organization Ideas.

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