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Stunning Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor (Urban Boho) | How to Get the Look

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Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor – Infusion of Luxe

Modern Bohemian bedroom decor combines the easy-going aesthetic of Boho chic with an infusion of luxe and the unexpected. The style is more polished and pulled together than in pre-pandemic days, yet there is still an underlying element of freedom in the setting. The aesthetic is cheerful, energetic, and very much rooted in nature. For example, our feature image’s stunning and exotic wallpaper is sourced from Mind the Gap Design & Supply. The pretty wallcovering is steeped in biophilic design with a strong undercurrent of Bohemian flair and glam. Consider setting aside a bit of time to absorb all of the creativity and loveliness of this alluring site! Trending on their home page, “Woodstock ’69. Bold floral motifs and psychedelic patterns encapsulating the spirit of these three days of music and love (Mind The Gap).” [Read: Boho Bathroom Goals | How to Achieve the Perfect Free-Spirited Oasis]

Boho Chic is Slightly More Polished than Pre-Pandemic Aesthetic


A recent trip to my favorite Anthropologie shop at Fashion Island confirms the notable Boho evolution. The store is filled with natural elements like wood, stone, and wicker with eclectic prints and global-inspired textiles – as expected.

Aphrodite-Inspired Decor

However, the overall vibe is slightly more luxe and the shop is filled with interesting modern bohemian bedroom decor including Grecian-inspired accessories. Can you spot the Aphrodite-inspired bust statues in the far right photo? A bright and cheerful palette predominates in tandem with arched silhouettes in their Fern Storage Cabinet and Fern Bar Cabinet, as seen in the images below. [Read: Home Decorating | The Ultimate Guide to Get the Results You Want]

Boho decor includes five photos take at Anthropologie with bright colors, planters and bedding
Top left: Anthropologie’s Antique-inspired Quill Feather Chandelier. Bottom left: blue lanterns part of an Anthropologie Pop-Up! with Terrain (owned by URBN). Bottom / middle photo: Marna Petite Accent Chair. Bottom right: Grecian Bust Candle filled with Eucalyptus Thyme.

What is Bohemian Design?

Unconventional Lifestyle

Free-Spirited Aesthetic

The Bohemian aesthetic is more than just an idea; it’s a way of life. The early 1800s saw this trend emerge in France as artists moved into lower-rent Romani areas. They desired alternatives to traditional success, and became known as “Bohemians.”

Happiness and Beauty

As cultures came together, a vagabond lifestyle developed, in which wealth was abandoned in search of happiness and a definition of beauty in alignment with the way they experienced life. They embraced culture-blending and artistic sensibility and replaced rule books with a free-spirited aesthetic (Wikipedia). [Read: You’ll Love These 5 Tips for Creating a Meditation Garden at Home]

Features of Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor

The art of layering patterns, colors and furnishings to align with your style freeing.

Elle Decor & Bohemian Decor

Eclectic palettes, velvets, and antiques can infuse a room with vibrancy and mystery. In a must-read related article by Elle Decor describing the nuances of Bohemian Decor they wrote:

“When it’s done right, a space with bright bohemian decor exudes creativity in a tasteful way. The art of layering patterns, mixing colors, and combining furniture styles can give a room a fun, free-spirited vibe.

From a crowded room bursting with color and pattern to a more toned-down exotic feel, there’s a boho room out there for you. So if you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with this casual-chic aesthetic, look no further than this collection of gorgeous bohemian rooms – link here. (Elle Decor).”

Cozy boho bedroom includes photos taken at Anthropologie of velvet furnishings in bold green.
Left: Anthropologie’s Fern Storage Cabinet. Right: The Brunette from Wall Street, Veronika Lipar, fashion trend analyst, and fashion stylist explains that “velvet is coming back on trend for fall winter 2022/23.” And look for the vibrant pairing of green and yellow.

Planning is Essential!

Design rulebook is key to get the results you are envisioning.

In almost all of our design and decorating posts, I talk about project planning. And, that is because we are on a mission to help you save time, money and disappointment. I’ve seen it first hand for many years now where design clients attempt to take on a room project without proper planning. Nine times out of ten, they become disillusioned, frustrated, and spend more than necessary. I have spent a great deal of time developing FREE project planners for you. Download one or more here!

Project Planner

The “throw your design rulebook out the window mindset” gives way to a more formal approach today. Modern Bohemian bedroom decor features finishes and furnishings that double as art, and art continues to be an integral part of the style. [Read: Boho Dorm Room | 9 Design Tips to Happiness]

How Do I Plan My Decorating?

The typical question people ask at the start of a DIY design project is, “How do I plan my decorating?” And most pros would respond with, “create a plan.”

Organize a project planner and project management system to make decorating easier and more enjoyable. In order to create a space that is uniquely you, you need to be organized and have the right tools at your disposal.

What are the Features of Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor?

Do make your fifth wall (ceiling) a focal point!

Pops of Color

  1. Pops of color and bold tones contrasted with antiques and cleaner aesthetic items.
  2. Don’t forget the fifth wall – your ceiling! Whether adding mirrors to visually expand your room or wall paper for added interest, use your creativity to decorate in a way unlike anything you have ever done before. Be adventurous and you will design a room that you can’t wait to spend time in.
  3. Velvet, global treasures, and fewer focal points help give a modern bohemian look to a room.
  4. Do introduce a polished surface along with a strong contrast of textures. Consider decorative hardware for your dresser or wall sconces.
  5. Modern Bohemian bedrooms are frequently leverage geometric patterns, Moroccan rugs, and textured pillows.
Serena and Lily wallpaper, Art work and light fixtures are great examples of summer decorating ideas.
The use of natural materials including plants and bamboo can help create a nurturing biophilic design that you will appreciate.

Thank you for stopping by!

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you found this post helpful and inspiring. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you! Did you know that Mind the Gap Design & Supply is a trendsetter in the world of Modern Bohemian design? Follow them on Instagram @mindtgap.

Modern Bohemian bedroom decor begins with a woman looking at herself in the mirror. She is surrounded by nature-inspired wallpaper.
Notice that the reflection in the mirror is a stark white, contemporary setting. Instead, she is envisioning a more optimistic outlook that is immersive an experience. Additionally, her modern bohemian bedroom decor project binder is in her backpack and she is ready to begin placing her furniture order. We highly recommend creating a Pinterest board. Simply make it a secret board and start pinning your way through your next room makeover! The stunning wallpaper is a Mind the Gap Design & Supply product called Beverly Hills (in pink). The Futura Circles Vase can be found at Jonathan Adler.

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