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Going to college? 5 Dorm Room Ideas for a Beautiful Boho Bedroom

No Rules - The Bohemian Aesthetic

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Good Vibes Only

Space is tight in your dorm room. Let’s add style and storage with dorm room ideas that will deliver only good vibes. College students are enticed by the free-spirited nature of a beautiful Boho bedroom, making the aesthetic one of the hottest trends in 2021.

Society6, Ocean, waves Wall Tapestry by The Miuus Studio (Good Vibes poster sold separately)

1. No Rules The Bohemian Aesthetic

The boho look is easy and inexpensive to create. It lends itself to the lifestyle of college students, who are just beginning their journey of independence and self-discovery. When thinking about what furniture and accessories to buy before you drive off to college, here are a few inspirations. Keep in mind, the great thing about creating a boho bedroom is that there are no rules. The words that come to mind are casual, artistic, colorful, inviting, and globally inspired.  

The bohemian design style fuels the unconventional soul.

Gigi Day

2. Color and Texture

The Bohemian color palette blends a neutral base with intense colors such as bright blues, greens, reds, and pinks. Warm earthy tones abound with pops of metallic and jewel tones. You can go crazy with mixing and layering texture and patterns without worrying about what goes together in a conventional way. Choose fabrics from around the world to create a sense of the fun and the exotic.

The Bohemian color palette blends a neutral base with intense colors such as bright blues, greens, reds, and pinks

3. Décor and Accessories

Handmade items prevail, including macramé wall hangings, crocheted textiles, and pottery – you can even throw in some family heirlooms. Vintage rugs in layers, pillows, throws, and baskets help create a “more is more” vibe. Nothing beats the local flea market or thrift shop for sourcing the perfect pieces. A worn look is so much part of the boho style. Look for pieces that don’t have that shiny new look, even second-hand items. And today, many companies specialize in new furnishings and accessories that look vintage. Layering in fringe magnifies the casual appeal.

4. Add Some Nature

Hanging plants lend a laid-back vibe. Any plants you use will help improve air quality as well. Natural elements such as burlap add to the boho style. Go out and get some botanicals, such as ferns, peace lilies, philodendrons, or succulents in a range of textures and colors. 

Postery.com, Blue Eyed Grass Two Poster & Ojai Meadow Poster
5. Lighting

Lots of table lamps, pendants, and candles will help create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. The lighting should be unstated, so ambient lighting works well and helps create a welcoming feel. Check out forest canopy lights, fairy lights, and a natural clear quartz set of string lights with a remote control, timer, dimmer, and lighting effects. 


Melissa Cummings, Realtor in Southern California

Popular Boho Bedroom Themes

The California Boho style connects with each of the senses to conjure our favorite memories. “Think gentle breezes, the golden sun-kissed sand between your toes, and the sound of waves crashing against the shore. Casual, bleached pastels mixed with natural elements are incredibly cozy.”

The Modern Coastal Boho bedroom is infused with contemporary Scandinavian influences and a beachy, relaxed vibe that melds natural tones and textures. 

The Urban Boho counterbalances the classic bohemian aesthetic with leather touches, a dabble of sparkle, a more unified color palette, and occasionally weaving in a dose of symmetry. 

The Mod Daily Concept Board for our Dorm Room Ideas Mini Series – Lotus Leaves

Brands shown include: Dormco.com, CosiNest, and Anthropologie.

We wish you lots of fun shopping as you create an AMAZING Boho bedroom to start your school year off right…. and don’t forget to bring the chunky knit blanket! Let us know if you any questions.

Stay sun-kissed

p.s. If you would like to read a little more about the origin of Bohemian Design, read on.

What is Bohemian Design?
Bohemian design has its roots in 19th century Paris, inspired by artists, writers, and actors who valued creativity over money and favored a nomadic lifestyle. They moved into the lower-rent neighborhoods of Paris to escape bourgeois culture. The original “bohemians” started a design trend that grew out of their values and ideals and their alternate concept of beauty. This design style was influenced by their free-spirited nature, refusal to conform, rule-breaking attitudes, and their embrace of the unconventional.
The term “Bohemian” refers to natives of Bohemia, a region in the Czech Republic, who are often of Romani descent. It is also applied to an itinerant or traveling from place to place, hence its global vibe. The “boho” style is personal, relaxed, and carefree. It mirrors the Bohemians’ ideals by combining eclectic objects, patterns, and colors from around the world. Furniture and accessories are selected for their comfort and personal appeal, not to impress the outside world.

It’s all about creating an atmosphere in which there are no limits and which exists solely for enjoyment and comfort.
The Mod Daily – What is Bohemian Design

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