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Living WellGift Ideas23 Exceptional Fathers Day Gift ideas for the Dad Who Has Everything

23 Exceptional Fathers Day Gift ideas for the Dad Who Has Everything

Designer recommended, Outdoor Furniture and Kitchen Ideas for a Perfect Father’s Day Backyard Celebration

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With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to honor the important father figures in your life. This year is special because it marks the beginning of Summer Solstice, kicking off the season when the days are long and ideal for outdoor dining. To help you celebrate the rare convergence of Father’s Day and the first day of summer, we have come up with a few outdoor kitchen ideas to make this year’s Fathers Day gifts memorable.

Father and son bonding outdoors
Time to honor the important father figures in your life

Whether he’s an expert bedtime story, kind of Dad, fluffy, just-right pancake maker, or somewhere in between, you may be looking for the perfect expression of appreciation for the guidance and mentorship he is known for. With each year, poignant memories of my grandfather gain momentum, especially around Father’s Day. 

My cousins and I knew we were really fortunate to have our grandfather in our life. And as the years go by, his devotion to his grandchildren continues to stand the test of time. His superpower? Grandpa listened. He gave us his undivided attention, accolades for accomplishments and unconditional love that inspires my interior design & lifestyle work today. 

I know that the term “lifestyle” is often overused, but it can not be overstated when talking about the life we design for ourselves at home. The concept of outdoor living continues to evolve and with good reason, connecting to nature is just so good for us. That, coupled with good food and conversation, builds family ties and lasting memories. So, if you are contemplating creating or updating your outdoor space, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Outdoor Furniture 

You’ll want Dad comfortable to kick off your Father’s Day celebration. So take a look at Seasonal Living’s Archipelago Collection and Laura Muller’s Provenance Signature Collection for a variety of seating, outdoor lounge chairs, and dining tables.

Beautiful outdoor living area
Seasonal Living’s Archipelago Collection
Beautiful close up of Seasonal Living Outdoor Chair
Seasonal Living’s Archipelago Collection – Close up

With a sea of choices for your outdoor furniture, it can be overwhelming to make a selection. I suggest Seasonal Living to homeowners who wish to purchase investment pieces, especially homes with large opening sliding door systems that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Outdoor furnishings that emphasize the concept of wellness
Laura Muller’s Provenance Signature Collection for Seasonal Living

Outdoor Fire Pit

And consider the advantages of an outdoor fire pit that may light the path to your next enchanted evening. I find Seasonal Living’s Ingot Collection a bit mesmerizing. Each piece is handcrafted from welded copper with hand-hammered patterns that look like artwork. They burn an efficient, non-flammable super biofuel without smoke or unpleasant odors. 

This is a close up of Seasonal Living's Ingot Byzantine Super.Bio.Fuel™ Fire Table
Ingot pieces begin with flat copper sheets that are fired for malleability, pounded flat, washed, and then hand-hammered into designs or patterns.

Outdoor Umbrella

There is an endless array of Outdoor Umbrella Options. We highlight Frontgate’s Altura Cantilever Umbrella because it is elegant in design and quality, and its dimensions define outdoor dining spaces beautifully. With three size options, this oversized aluminum-framed outdoor umbrella can protect the entire party from the elements. It features 360-degree swivel rotation and an easy-open crank system. It’s important to note that it requires twelve 16″ x 16″ pavers to stabilize. Be sure to specify pavers that blend well with the umbrella stand location. We recommend having two or three strong people assist in the assembly and installation. And placement is essential as it is designed to be stationary.

This is an oversized aluminum-framed outdoor umbrella can protect the entire party
Frontgate’s Altura Cantilever Umbrella

Outdoor Cooking

Real estate agent, Melissa Cummings has come up with some great outdoor kitchen ideas. For this Father’s Day, she suggests a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven. Did you know that Fontana Forni, pioneers of the outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, makes a residential version? The Margherita Pizza Oven is compact and portable, at just 34″ deep and 31″ wide. It heats up to 750 degrees in just 30 minutes and can also be used for meats, bread, and vegetables. It is perfect for outdoor entertaining and makes a great gift. 

The Margherita Pizza Oven is compact and portable
Fontana Forni‘s Margherita Pizza Oven

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

For sure, Dad has all the utensils he needs (you got them for him last year, remember?), so this year, try a stainless steel Steam Cleaning Grill Brush from Sharper Image. It uses heat from your grill to make cleanup easy, so Dad has more time to spend with friends and family.

stainless steel Steam Cleaning Grill Brush
Stainless steel Steam Cleaning Grill Brush from Sharper Image

Outdoor Bar Cart

William Sonoma’s Fermob Luxemburg Outdoor Bar Cart is made specifically for outdoor entertaining. Dad will appreciate this wheeled bar cart, inspired by the iconic metal furniture used in Paris’ Luxembourg Gardens 100 years ago. It is constructed from lightweight aluminum with smooth-gliding wheels and features a removable tray and a shelf with bottle holders. 

Modern, streamlined, Outdoor bar cart
William Sonoma’s Fermob Luxemburg Outdoor Bar Cart is made specifically for outdoor entertaining.

Summer House

With reopening plans throughout the United States, enjoying your outdoor kitchen and entertaining at home will feel like a long-awaited luxury. You can kick it off with a celebration of Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice, with a couple of fun Fathers Day Gifts Ideas From Kids. 

Artwork Keepsake Mug

Uplevel the memory-making with two gift ideas children really enjoy making. Give dad a unique kids artwork keepsake mug. This is a great way to display your child’s artistic side for years to come. Check out Splendid Street Press for a quick turnaround and product satisfaction. 

Unique Kids Artwork Keepsake Mug
Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas Recipe

And our final recommendation comes with a warning – if undertaking this recipe with young children, prepare it outdoors and have plenty of paper towels handy. We got the idea from our local treat shop located on Balboa Island, California, Sugar n Spice. Here’s the link to our quick and easy recipe. Your chef-in-the-making will feel a sense of pride as dad enjoys a culinary work of art.

Children enjoying the process of culinary exploration – Our Chocolate Covered Bananas Are Yummy and Kids Love to Make Them

Wishing you and your family a very special Father’s Day. Enjoy!

Check out our post, Welcoming Front Door Ideas that Will Inspire A Beautiful Entrance or drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!


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